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December 21, 1967     The Ohio County Times News
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December 21, 1967

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THE OHIO COUNTY Your Pidm Mwsp@er HARTFORD, KENTUCKY, DE~EMBER 21, 1967 4 000000000000000000000000000000000000000 O O O O 0 O O O O O O O O O O THE OHIO COUNTY Yew Pimm Newslmpw 108 West Center Street HARTFORD, KENTUCKY 42347 PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY BY THE OHIO COUNTY TIMES ANDY ANDERSON EDITOR AND PUBLISHER Entered as Second Class Matter at the Post Office in Hartford. Kentucky Phone 298-7100 e e e e e O'X O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O YEARLY SUBSCRIPTION RATES Ohio and adjoining counties...$2.00 Commonwealth of Kentucky...$3.00 Elsewhere in USA ........... $4.00 Servicemen .$1.00 '''''''''''''' '' sees0 OOOOOOOOOO0OOOOOOOOOOOO0OOOOe NATIONAL NEWSPAPER MEMBER " KENTUCKY PRESS ASSOCIATION OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO00000000000OOO0 Editorials of the Week WHAT CAUSES IN N? Somerset (Pa.)American What causes inflation? On many occasions editorially in the past we have pointed out that infla- *The sum of $45,000 was spent for a flagpole, about $500 per foot. *Thirty insulated couplings were C--j e /la n i o n Z yo r l, m By Tom Anderson In the beauty of the lilies Christ was born across the sea, With a glory in His bosom that trans- figures you and me; As He died to make men holy. let us die to make men free. He was born in an obscure village 1,967 years ago. He grew up in an- other village, worked in a carpen- ter shop, was an itinerant preacher. He never made a business, profes- sional or "social" success. He never went to school, owned a house, held an office. He never had a family and never traveled more than 200 miles from the place where He was born. Yet, the world's calendar is dated backward and forward from His birth. He never wrote a thing, yet His teachings have influenced the world more than any person who ever lived. He is the most lovable, com- pelling, fascinating, and perfect char- acter of history. He was so gentle that little chil- dren climbed on His knee and so strong that fearless men ran from the temple when He accused them of making It a den of thieves. Officers sent to arrest Him returned saying: 'Never man spoke like this man," The night before His execution HIs Roman soldier captors took turns lashing His back with a whip called a scourge, made of leather stral weighted with pieces of metal. They knelt before Him in mock homage and then arose to spit in HIs fete. About 8 a.m. they took Him to cal- vary, stripped off all His clotlain$ + and set Him astride a wooden which jutted out from the uprl#t pole of the cross. Then they nalIed I 1: Him to the cross, between two thtevsi. I,JE Many victims of crucifixion becsme J~n raving madmen before they expired, ]SU and often their tongues were cut out 14 ursel. ~+ to stop their screams and c 141 But as This Silent Victim look ll 1 down upon His Jeering and sneerlss ]In tormentors, He said: "Father them for they know not what they If we believe Jesus was what He said He was and is, th~ we should live as though we believed it. May the lingering light of this sacred, season remain with you all. "By the glow of the Christmas Candl With its constant, lovely cheer, May you find your way through tiffs Season Into a bright New Yearl" By MariUyn Manion HOW ABOUT GETTING TOUGH WITH CRIMINALS? : Do you have a secret weapon under your bed? A gun? A siren? Is your home equipped with double locgs and do you have a noisy dog even though you aren't much of an animal lover? If your answer to any or all of the "Let there be jail sentences and hard labor for the deliberate vandals, without exception, and with ample publicity--minors included. "For those who deliberately Incite to riot and urge the use of force and By D. R. Segal THE "COMMON GOOD"--FOR WHOM? teen is caused primarily by excessivepurchased by the Pentagon for $2,025, above questions is "yes" thenyou are violence, let there be swift arrest, government spending, deficit budgets compared to the retail price of $82.50. a typical modern American. Like rail- certain prosecution and court lmpos- Like most Americans, I am a bear matter of forcing people to live up to and constantly growing Federal Gov- *The Pentagon paid $511 for 20 lions of others, you have just about ltion of maximum sentences in a fed- for expertise; and when a lady in Ne- your definition of "love," and 111~ ernment indebtedness, small rods which normally retail forgiven up hope that the government will eral penitentiary under the toughest braska wrote me that I did not have eyes narrowed and he asked 1~ W. Allen Wallls, president of the a total of $10. do anything about the astounding rise of !abor conditions... "the Christian viewpoint" of certainwere going to quote him by name In University of Rochester, recently put *Since 1962, 27,000 tons of free of crime and violence. And so you ' Those who preach and act anarchy economic affairs. I went right out to the newspaper. I said, hell no, and M it this way: Amerlcan food have been lost over- have concluded that you might as well in theUnitedStates must be confronted hunt up a card-carrying Christian looked happier. "Inflation can be generated only by seas. The estimated loss was $4.3 do something yourself--to protect and dealt wlthswiftly, firmly and wlth- to get the straight poop--the party Well, he said, there Is that hang" the government. Business firms, lab- million. This loss alone would con- your life and property. ~ out vacillation by every segment of a line, you might say. (Parenthetically, up to be reckoned with, but the tM~. or unions, or consumers with ex- sums the federal income taxes of Recent decisions of the Supreme law-abiding society, no matter how if you ever go out to find a self- is a reasonable" man knows (laSt cesslve market power can do many 3,859 families paying $1,114 each on a Court have given the criminal a 'go" unpleasant it may be for the moment, confessed Christian, take along a certain individual rights mils( objectionable things that are contrary 910,000 income for one year. These signal. His "rights" are protected, It should make no difference whether three-day supply of food. Askamanif give way to the "common good"..J to public interest; but one objection- families would make up a city of and he knows it. Indeed, his "rights" the anarchy is concerned with the he's a Christian, and you get a sos-could see we were not going to corn= able thing that they cannot do Is to about 10,000 persons, seem to have become more import- civil rights movement in the Deep p, icious glare and such answers as,away loving each other. _ cause inflation--or, for that matter, Obviously, you will have to agree ant than anything else--law, order,South, or alabor struggle in the North. We!l, I think I am" or " That depends I asked who was ~rolng to determine_ prevent it." that In each instance there was waste, or your rights. . The umbrella of the American Con- on wnat you mean by Christian" or the common goodn and which rtgb~ The Administration has asked for a If you do agree, then you must re- ButAll that comes from Washing stltution was deliberately framed so"Are you some kind of nut or some- were going to have to be cance]l~ tax Increase to halt rising inflation,member that this was tax money-- ton is not hopeless. There are a few as not to protect anarchists or the thingT") But, is this the answer? Is it not true your money, sane voices in that muddled cry, and preachers of force and violence as a The Christian I found was bona flde.for this convenience of this C.u_' thing. I asked If I'd have to give UP that there are many areas of spendlng one of them was heard over the m,enas to any end. He had a Reverend In front of his my wlfe and kids for the in our government budget that could be The statistics show that non-defense"Manion Forum" microphone not long 'Advocates of hate and violence, name and he looked very serious, good maybe, or give one of thefan d curtailed and cut without harming the spending h'as risen 97 percent sinceago., The voice is that of CongressWhatever thetr motivation, are en- Either that or he hurt some place, to some guy who didn't have any.~ programs these funds support? 1960, thefederal payrOll has gone upman Louis C. Wyman of New Hamp'~ emles of society and should be dealt I told hl~ of the trouble I was in and said that was silly but he didn't ettl In short, to halt the infla- 276,000 in 1966 alone and the LBJ shire, and here is what he told the, with as such. Whether they are on a he frowned, why. Also, he didn't tell me who ~# tlon, why not cut out all waste spend- deficit has been estimated at 925 "Manion Forum" audience: college campus or a street corner inHe said that the thing to remember going to determine the "comma~ ing? billion--perhaps even more. "The time has come to end the a ghetto, we must stop coddUng them is that we are all under an obll- good" or how good it had to be, Let's look at the facts. This Is your money they arespend- coddling of criminal anarchists in our as some kind of misunderstood chil- gation to love one another, although, asked him if he felt we ought to 1~ *The sum of $3.5 million was auth-i!~f~i~ len~ !~1! ii~idl ~i~t arms~%il c~ ~!i approach to the problems of riots and dren. he added quickly, not like the hippies able to burn down his church If, sa[,, orized to build housing for Rio de violence plaguing this land. Whether "They are not misunderstood, far do it. I could see that true ecumen-51 percent of us thought it was ugY Janelro's (Brazil) slum dwellers, white or black, dellberaXe arsonists, from it. The language they speak is lsm had not touched this guy. He or In the way, and he said It *~ Now, nobody wants the houses; they looters, vandals and murderers mustthe language of death, the death of further alleged that slnce we are under absurd. I said, well, they've pull~ are too far back in the boondocks, and should be confronted with equallaw and order in America, which the obligation of loving, we are lpso down factories and stores and houSeS *Locomotives built for Thailand depression period from 1931 to 1941.or greater force and the prospect of means the death of this nation. It is facto obligated to share with each for Just those reasons. -aSS He said he would like to prol were the wrong gauge and could not Interest alone on the national debt is certain criminal prosecution beforethe same with the treatment of can- other, giving of our substance to those the discussion but he had a sermon( run on Thai railroad tracks. The 914.2 billion per year; 938.9 million they can accomplish their criminal cer in the human body; cut it out be- who have not. cost--S1 million, per day; $1.6 mlllion perhour,$26,666 objectives, fore it spreads too far or it is theI asked him if he was obligated to get out. I asked him what it wasRol"l[ *WAVE barracks were built in Ma- per minute or $444 per second. "If those who represent us in gov- end of the whole body. Look for and force me to give of myself if I to be about and he said why dldn't] ryland to house WAVES who had al- Again, this is your money they are ernment refuse to do this for polltlcal eliminate the causes later, ofcourse, didn't want to, and he said there oh- his church next Sunday sJ~ ready been transferred to Florida. spending. What are you going to do reasons, then our laws should and do but cut the cancer out now..." vtously was something defective aboutfind out. The cost--S1.5 million, about it? permit each of us the right of self- There was more to Congressm%n my religious upbringing; and whateverI said no; thanks, but no thankJ' defense in the protection ofourhome, Wyman's forthright statement--but was hurting him seemed to get worse. I said it so fast I think I got hi# It I ) our shop, our job and our property, space will not permit our printing it I said I thought the crux of the sore. -o t99 This right includes the right to shoot here. Fifteen cents will get you the world's theological problem pretty Anyway, he went away without Chattanooga """ 'ttu...j News-Free Press those who force entrance without a entire testimony if you write to the well hung on how you felt about this much as a Pax on me. There's an old tectlnique of savingfaith in his mental gyrations and more warrant. Manlon Forum, South Bend, Ind. face in gettingridofsomeonewho is in the sound, solid experience of CHEAPER POU Waseca (Minn.)Journal creating problems in asensltivespot, people better qualified than he to South Pasadena (Calif.) Review It's often,, described ~as "a kick, up- make military judgments. The Labor government of Prime rency and it is likely that Norway wlll This past week showed samples but the pressure from the unlOP stairs. It simply means that the in- It has never really bees established Minister Harold Wilson suffered its do likewise. The United States and of the political moves being made for leaders forced LBJ to select Hug" dividual is "promoted" out of his that Mr. McNamara was personally greatest defeat when forced to de- other countries, even Japan which the two eventualities in the Demo- phrey, o sensitive posltion into another one that responsible for the Edsel that flopped valuate the pound from 92.80to$2.40. will be hit hardest, will hold the cratlc Party. The smartest poll- Those with long memories will re sounds good but may have less crit- so spectacularly while he was heading In a sense the defeat was unneces- line. titian--Robert Kennedy--is making member that it was the union leadS~ ical authority than the one he left. the Ford Motor Co. But the ill-fated sary for the United States and other We recall in 1949 when Britain the moves, but someone else is doing who picked Humphrey, then Mayor at Secretary of Defense Robert S. Edsel has become not an inapprop- European countries had agreed to a had devaluated the pound from 94.03 the moving. Minneapolis, to run as the Farme~ (many of his critics take great joy in riate symbol of some of his flops loan of $3 billion which would have to $2.80 we asked a British Naval First you have the premise that if Labor-Democrat candidate for t~ reminding, that the initial stands for as Secretary of Defense. bailed Britain out of its troubles. Officer how long the deva, luationwould LBJ Is a candidate, Bobby is going U.S. Senate against appointed Reptl~ "Strange") McNamara has not beena tie went against expert advice on However, liberal as are other Eur- persist. He replied, 'As long as to sit by and wave the flag for John-llcan Senator Joe Ball. The pats popular success in that position. He the TFX fighter plane (now famE- opean countries, they would not ap- you let us get away with it." son. In our opinion this is because it the back for Humphrey's campal~ is perhaps second only to President liarly called the Flll) and awarded Lyndon B, Johnson In unpopularity of it to the higher rather than the low- prove the loan unless Britain cut The $1.23 reduction then was more looks as though the Democrats will for Mayor by then Governor StasseP back on some of its welfare pro- drastic than the present action andwe lose If President Johnson runs, So, were used to help Humphrey gain tM public figures. The President has theer bidder, then saw costs rise even grams. This Wilson refused to do. did let the British "get away with by beln~, behind the President "all Senate election. power of his office to counter some higher and performance decline far How much like our own President it" all these years. The action bailedthe way in 1968, there will be no So the barbs can be thrown at OfhashiSnotOppositiOnbeen so fortunate.While Mr. McNamara below his expectations, refuses to cut senseless spending, Britain out temporarily, but now its animosity toward Bobby when LBJ sident Johnson by a Senator He has downgraded missile defenses, while the Russian threat has visibly increased. He has made so many predictions about "improvement" of the Ameri- can position in the Vietnam War that they can hardly be counted, and cer- tainly not counted on. The com- mitment of troops has grown bigger but the end is not measurably closer. He has restricted our military ef- forts while the enemy has stepped up his. Mr. McNamara apparently is even more dovish than his punch-pulling superior and guarantor of"prlvlleged sanctuaries" for the enemy, Mr. Johnson. The list could go on and on, in- cluding Mr. McNamara's dangerous- ly unsound disarmament inclinations demanding Instead that the people pay more taxes. By reducing the value of the pound Britain will receive less money for its exports. It is just like cutting prices abroad while maintaining pri- ces at home. For example, a machine selling for 5,000 pounds will still sell for 5,000 pounds at the New York dock, but it will take only $12,000 U. S. dollars to pay for It as compared to 914,000 last week. Ireland has gone along wtth Britain by devaluating its pound. Israel and Denmark will devaluate their cur- SPLENDID GIFT Recently the A FL-CIO labor moguls welfare, giveaway programs havethat loses; then there will be no one to nation in trouble again and the people will suffer. They will suffer and be unable to rise to the affluence they deserve but they will neither blame nor give up the welfare programs which cause their trouble. They will go on giving the people free eye glasses, free medicines, free toupes and free what-have-yous. We can understand the attitude of the recipients but foreign visitors to Britain will come home singing the praises of these welfare programs without thought to the trouble they have bred for labor in Britain. Washington Observer $50,000 in cash, which was promptly pick up the reins of the Party other than Bobby. So he will be the can- dldate in 1972, which is not too far away. If the Gallop and other polls have their way in persuading LBJ to re- tire, ala President Truman, the only one standing in the wings ready to make the race is Bobby. Senator McCarthy's (Minn.) threats of running in several primar- ies against LBJ are partially for Bobby's benefit but are also a re- payment for the snub of President Johnson when he selected the Vice Presidential nominee in 1964. At that time it was considered by most De- mocratic politicians that Senator Me= Carthy was to be the V.P. nominee, President can't hurt, but they the message across to the in New Hampshire they will that a vote for McCarthy is reall~ With a Presidential election coming up, with a badly mishandled war loom- lng as a potential top issue, with Mr. McNamara going counter to the advice of professional military leaders in so many respects, it seemed clear that political necessity, if not good judg- ment, would effect his removal. President Johnson has, therefore, "kicked him upstairs." Mr. McNa- sara Is to be president of the World Bank, which is the casual name for the International Bank for Recon- struction and Development. The or- ganization that Mr. McNamara pre- sumably will head within a few months is an important one that sells bonds and applies money appropriated by member countries to the financial support of many financially weak na- vote for Bobby. In our opinion this is being to impress President Johnson of the results of the polls and to him off from making a selection candidate for the nomination, as President Truman. Nelther nor President Johnson is pulling Coolidge, who declined to run for third term with his famous, "I do choose to run." That gave the ample time to select a This year every day that Johnson puts off his decision the Kennedy candidacy all the imposing. teens throughout the world that need in the face of growing Communist conducted a secret poll among their presented to Mr. Johnson by a dele- capital. While signifidant, the World threats, membership and discovered that thegatton of AFL-CIO vice presidents. ONLY A PAUSE Chattanooga (Tenn.)News-Free PresS: Bank is not so important as the man While there Is something of relief LBJ-HHH ticket for 1968 was a deadThe fifty grand was given as a per- ~ agement of America's military power, in the planned departure of Mr. Mc-duck against almost any candidate sonal "gift" in token of the love and One of the things the Middle East pare for a new war, for a Mr. McNamara Is one of those ex- Namara, we will continue to live that the Republicans would put up.affection the altruistic labor bosses Arabs should be thankful for is the live" battle with Israel. Right tremely brilliant men whose ability to get along with people and whose judgment do not equal his mental facility. He might have escaped some prob- lems and attained better results if he had not been so hardheaded and brusclue in dealing with mllitary men on the one hand and Congress on the other. He might have been a bet- ter DIJb|]c nfftt't~l if h~* had n, nr I~,a with many of his mistakes, and his successors will have to build on them. Some think the voice of the people is not heard as It should be in the highest councils of government. But Robert S. McNamara clearly seems to be a victim of public recognition of his own poor administration which became so critical that a President with his eye on the next election has Only the massive backing of Bobby Kennedy, the poll revealed, could pull the ticket through to victory. When the President found out about the poll, he was enraged; his ire was promptly reported to the AFL-CIO headquarters. The labor bosses were alarmed that LBJ might be peeved at them so they put their heads and thetr accountants I'r~ rral'h~ ~" an~ ur|th feel for their chief. That is not to say that the touching story does not have a material aspect. As a personal gift, LBJ can pocket the money and pay no taxes on it, which will go far to soothe his hurt feelings over the poll results. This is the first public mention of the splendid gift received by our good sense displayed by the victorious Israelis in restraining themselves to certain practical military goals when the Arabs were defeated last June. Israel could have pushed much far- ther and done much more damage to Its enemies. Since that war, however, the Arabs have acted more like conquerors than vanquished. And now the president of Israel could for the Arabs have not recovered strength they had before their defeat. The Syrian president should be Israel is not inclined to initiate showdown he calls for. But his titude Is warning to Israel and to rest of the world that Middle peace is not near, and that we nave nnlv ~ nau~e in hnstilltie