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December 19, 1968     The Ohio County Times News
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December 19, 1968

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i Vor ex:,n,ple, ,, court held that a THE OHIO COUNTY man had no right to kill a dog for Your Pklurl Nowt~lpet walking across his freshly-painted HARTFORD, KENTUCKY, DECEMBER 19, 1968 7 porch. And :mother court reached the same conclusion when a man CP@88W@Pd ~ I'~qP~ up a tree. ACROSS 4]. Poid notices '"'='~' ~'~" '"iviqlii~lnl,:':";i"='~ But the life of a domestic animal 43 "hor" I ..... -- ' -- ..... - 1. Clip wool ' ~ r errer I q~ writes on is not sacrosanct, either, if the ani- 6 Greek letter 45 Mouth port!dL ]ll lJ-I INI m'd illlicts tl'mvlge that ~s suffi Man Versus Beast ..... ": "' " l l' Thought 46. Wheat -LVI' ;! V le clearly serious, this fact may justify ' 48 Expel ~ i deeply ) nations and Hot-tempered Brown, seeing a his :,ggrieved victim in striking 14. Indef,n,te1' ~ ~ ~ neighbor's Airedale frolicking on his hack. . 50 Note of scale lawn, took out a pistol and fired a 15 ~[tpiCle 5. P~nTeedond ~ IlL internotlonaJ fatal shot. Sued later for d;,mages. Accordingly, :t court ruled that 16' Related sd. Flower par~ I"11 ~lol'71Vl I1 IVl~ Brown protested that the dog had a st, bt, rban home owner could not 17? Meadow 5.5. Eaten away i l- lol.Llb, l, '1 1 1/~ ali:airsl as er been "trespassing on nay private be blamed for slaying a cat which 19. Clock face DOWN '" property.." had a long record of raids on his 21. Nothing l Weghing ~ Jill" I~ ~,0, The Farmtn ton, West Virginia, coal mine dis t uut tlae court held him liable hen house. 22. Slave ' device ~ IOl ~VIV( i In me the first horrible, mysterious shock of anyhow. The judge commented: This right of retaliation is usually 2.4. Prevaricates. 2. Trustworth,v Solution tly life -- which each of us must experience, I suppose, "A dog should not be the obiect recognized even if the animal is one 26. Prefix, down 3 Print ng 10. Become II our different ways. It drifts from Far, mlngton's 78 of target practice simply on the which comes under the protection 27. Duration measure ~:onfused grounds that it was outside the of the local game laws. 29. Young sheep4 Perform 12. Brad herd ongago PaPedlmanlike the echo of an eerie 'H-e-l-l-ol" custody of its master." One community had a game law 31. Pedal digits 5' Hollow grass 13. Follow 'My dear father developed the first coal mines in Generally speaking, you are not forbidding the killing of "monkey 33. Oceans 6'. Either 18. Dill justified in killing someone clue's face owls." But a farmer who 35. Exclamation7 Small rug 20. Meadows .51 batisty 0rthern Illinois,two deep shafts at Braldwood and domestic animal merely because it killed one of these creatures was ' 8. Short locket 23. God of love 39. Shade trees9 Frozen -25, River du~k other mines at nearby Elleen and Coal City. exonerated when he pointed outt ~ ,~ s .... ~.""-I o ,----, 28. Intend The first time I went underground only the shaft ............................... that this particvlar owl had done ['["I"~ I~1~ V [" 1~ ['[30 Sphere Itlld the main entry tunnel at Eileen were finished. The aw;ty with more than 100 of his ,t ,z , 32. Remained llovator, called the cage, had not been installed. The I.,. chickens II0istlng lifted the workers up and down --one :~, : :::~i!iiii~!::i!ii : ~r~"r::: ~"~ of course, the strongest justifi.... standing It a time - In a large, steel-belted wooden barrel : cation for killing an animal arises [,v I l'Sl I I 1'"1 I I 134, Grins lhat swayed and twisted in the dark, slimy shaft. ~~ when it is menacing not just a per- n ,s = 2 ,, 35. Stringed ~~,,~/~'~ son's property but his own or his I I I ll I I r i I [ I instruments Father climbed into the barrel first. He reached ,t z3 z,~ z~ z 36. Love Wer and lifted the little boy In. The engineman threw l~k(~, /,,~/" ~'~ family's safety. . .... 38. Toilet case l" I I Iz" Iz' [ I P 1 40. Digging ills lever. [ started to drop. ~~~,-~ Thus, by centuries-old doctrine ........ tool In an instant the white-blue of the sky, every sight, ~ ;q,f the law puts its stamp of approval l- I I l- l'" I I 1 42 Stair . i as gone. The twisting barrel was sucked into the l the t;. rkness below. Father held me tight in his arms. ~~'~'~--~--~ ]~ on the killing of a dog that is rabid. 5 3,- , -~" 3 v,, 44. Italian ~:!~1~~/) ~all~~' "/'he right to kill a mad dog belongs . family I M~[i y little world of time and space and things I could ::~" ~ to every man, because a mad dog [,n ] ]vz lOS [ I Iq# 1es [ ~ 47. Wine cup ied. ]tee was suddenly whisked away, as though some giant is every man's enemy .......... 49. Paving willI: md had snatched it from around me. I'" I [ F' l'" [ I F' 1 I J material I But my father was there. I felt him in the darkness, is trespassing on your premises. Nor An American Bar Association pub- st ~= s] 52. The (Sp.) I~e were droi~ptng very fast in the rush of air. As the is killing justified by other annoy- lie service feature by Will Bernard. ~ ~ 53 Toward in Itage shot down, banking hard dgainst the wet black ances of a similar petty character. 1968 American Bar Association des [Jails, I could hardly catch my breath. THOSE WERE THE DAYS ~4( By ART BEEMAN / "Don't be afraid, son," Father said, holding me 'the Rrongly. "Never -- never -- be afraid." ~~~~ :ely ,At the bottom Father called out, ',H_e_,_l_o. John --.. --... E #ith ,, - " "V~,~{ }.~; I WA~TO BE FUN ~ ~ WORK LIK~ ~ I tain ~l-e-l-l-o, John. He took a better grip on my hand and = w,,~-, ~'-'~~r~6~ ~-6L~'TTO" ] Jing led the way along the tunnel. tess Then I heard a voice, aflat, eerie sound in the heavy WERE ' v';RE'-P;t&.E I tlr: "H-e-l-l-o." Two bobbing lights appeared ahead IIIABII II/ [! letY ttld below one I could see the body of a man, stripped THE i ~i~~'7~~ ll41,.,l ad a to the waist. The other light was on the head of an A " :;iC ity" Inlmal. The man was leading a mule. Y$ "Look out for gas," the miner said to Father, not FI ,Ne A Wen seeing me behind hlm In the darkness. "There's DtNNE~ USED i'll _..---~k ~('(~.~:-[~'~-J He lifted his lamp slowly to the jagged roof. A quick, ~ ~ I I 1 ~ 0 [ OU~lli OUT ~L W 51ue flame suddenly erupted from the lamp and puffed at him as he took his hand away. Farmlngton miner saw, you can be sure, such flame. busy area of this mine, called the Cherry Mine, my playgroumd. There was no limit to the inter-. tl'dngs to do around the tipple and railroad tracks." dust was In my veins. I loved that happy playground. But on9 awful November day tragedy struck. When pit car loaded with hay for the mules' stables under- reached the bottom of the finished shaft, nearly feet below the surface, the carbide flame on the of a miner brushed into the hay. Fire engulfed shaft and burned In roaring billows up its oil- wooden lining. The pit car jammed the like an Iron wedge and snapped the hoist cable. mine was on fire. The great, racing tongues of and smoke, feeding on the coal walls, seared back the tunnels andcross-cuts. In them 259 miners entombed. The horrible Cherry Mine disaster across the news wires of the nation. The Immense stirring, the days and nights of terrible, vigil, the shrieking hysteria of loved ones at head of the shaft In utter agony-- all this my parents to shield from me as best they could. But it was useless as to try to shield the boy entirely from mass funerals where the widows' tortured veils against their hair and faces. the first time In my life I was transported, and uncomprehending, into the knowledge that little world of mine also contained grief --an sickening, tragic awakening as mysterious as was bewildering to me. What, oh, what, could lurk happy, happy playgroundl total recall of this has never left me and I can to this day how hard my parents tried to my heart afloat; life's first trauma. Jean Adams' ! III ONE.WAYs (Q.) A girl hu been In love with me for four years. We were very don until I broke ua up. This hurt her deeply. After about a year we got to be friends again. Now I see her nearly every day. She still feels deeply about me. I don't feel the same way. We BOISE -- Boise was IpUU!'O founded during the gold rush period and grew ARAN -- These Islands steadily from a frontier -- Inishmore, Inishmaan town to Idaho's capital andand Inlsheere -- still bear largest city. It is today evl&ence of First Century the business center of the settlers. On Intshmoreare state and, because of its the remains of the Abbeyof abundant hydroelectric Killenda. Inishmore Is also power, manufacturing is known as Aran-of-the- important. Lumber, cattle Saints, because of the and fruit are also main- number of religious re- stays of the economy, cluses who oncewere here. GRINNELL -- This When Christianity spread college town, in the heart westward, Aran became a home for religious teach- of Iowa farmland, was founded tn 1847 by Josiah ers and ascetics. Bushnell Grinnell who was told by Horace Greeley, MADEIRA-- Madeira's "Go West, young man, go first wine was made in West and grow up with the the 15th Century. Two countryI" Bushnell did go centuries later it super- West, and founded his town. seded sugar as the island's In doing so he set aside land cash crop when Madeira for a college which today is and the Azores obtatned the considered one of the best monopoly of the supply of coeducational, liberal arts wine required by all colleges in the U.S. English ships and colonists ROCHESTER -- When overseas. Not until the Rochester's first settler 19th Century, though, did built his cabin in 1854 he Madeira's wines reach the laid out the main street by high quality which placed dragging a log through the them among the world's brush. Thirty-five years outstanding dessert wines. later St. Mary's Hospital CHARLESTON-Charles- opened its doors here to ton was founded hythe Earl patients, with Doctor W.W. of Shaftesbury who as- Mayo as consulting surgeon tablished an American no- and his sons, William J. bility, conslsttng of barons, Mayo and Charles Horace dukes and earls. Although Mayo assisting. These two this nobility lasted less men founded the Mayo than 50years, Charleston's Clinic which has developed aristocratic tradition Is into one of the world's out- still apparent today in its standing medical insti- cultivated manners, homes tutions, and historic shrines. NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH by Arnold Licar~ :have fun; but ammettmee I ldnda hate her. Then I feel guilty, :tarsI kn(nd hew much she love= me. col- I I think she knows how I feel but won't admit It to herself. I'm tired of bothertng;, with her but can't figure out how to say "leave i me alone without hurting her..-R, of Bangor, Me. K I (A.) Because she cares for you, she thinks your continued attention ) I'-.- care for her. J "to have thr i.d le=: l. The unki_n~ thing you elm do is to drop her with no goodbye or i~=qflanauon, ine next unklndest is to let matters drag on and start i l~leoting her. The kindest thing you can do is to he honest and tell ~r. Then leave andT't go beck. Do that now. NI.~H NEEd., (~) A boy wrote you about girls J weanng pumps. He eald, Doesn't a girl know how well she looks ! tn a pair of high-heeled pumps Instead of the shoes with cut-off I square tow and ~ heels?" hel | I think s an old-timer, liidng shoes from the 1920s. I like ~, o not ] and wear "in" stylesl Please print this comment because :ated ~ l'd like people to know my point of v/ew. I'm sure thousands of their j other girls tgren.--.A Now-Timer In Orlando. Fla. il~ , s and Leg watcher= may be happy to imow that the thick heels of ~a-~.,= ;erve [~all (18 will be somewhat hisher than the '67 version. r the i~ By the way. you don't have to go back as far as ~e '20s for h/gh l thei~ I~el~. They were In fuhlon as recently as the early (lOs. ~'0 FOOL ENEMIES, ~UCH ~ NG~P~ tves. L I-It~ heels tend to lift and slim a 81ri's leg muscles. They also are APERFECT I~,-r~-rios oF ARITA ( UNTHER :ship likely to make her look more fragile and vulnerable. This appeals to D~',~'/'/../ IG ENACTEDHA