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December 8, 2005     The Ohio County Times News
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December 8, 2005

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TIMES-NEWS, HARTFORD AND BEAVER DAM, KENTUCKY, DECEMBER 8, 2005, PAGE 5-A LETTERS TO EDITOR EDITORIAL i issues worth keeping a close eye on. Kentucky General Assembly -- at least through *of its leading mouthpieces -- is making some seri- about expanded gambling in the Common- one of those mouthpieces let it be known that if expansion does occur, Owensboro and Daviess certainly will be in the mix. time the legislators seemingly are soften- stance concerning the possibility of allowing to set up shop in Kentucky, the state's horse in- pushing television commercials about its eco- worth to the state. horse boys -- and ladies, if you will -- con- gambling, if it comes about, will be in areas other than the Commonwealth's exist- facilities? would seem that way. That's the position the has Wen since the advent of expanded talk in Kentucky and nothing seems to have to weaken its appetite for all of the available dollars. commercials, the state's horse racing faction out several key economic areas in Kentucky but saying the "horse" is the most important to the future. loaded with nonsense is that? along with a lot of Kentuckians, are proud of rich horse racing history and would like to see in its world-class tradition. But tosay the in- upon which the state feeds is like say- Ford plants in Louisville or the Toyota plant in Triangle are nothing more than supporting do, indeed, make a lot of money. But most of Oney goes into the pockets of a very precious few to some of the-state's other giant indus- r- and ffyOu anythin rfav0rable abotrt it -:= wouldc ate obs than the state's horse industry ever thought is, however, a seriously dark side to both. many of us love to see beautiful thoroughbreds hesitate to rejoice in seeing how it oRentimes r from needy individuals and households. is gambling, be it on a horse, with a deck of stock market. are even worse. At least in a horse race, a per- With the right skills and powers of observation can emselves overcome the odds at a race track. It is -- when a casino's strict rules are ap- to control the roll of dice or know what the next up card will be. when all of the ups and downs are weighed and if gambling does come to the Commonwealth, it not be parked at the state's race tracks alone. are going to be stupid enough to chance their dollars -- and many of us are then let's the playing field and not allow the Imrse indus- chips. LETTER TO EDITOR school system should commended for "100 Best' From Boston to Beaver Dam i"i ,i e By: Sam Ford over an hour to go to my fa- sign. Very impressive. vorite chain restaurant, the At the Ford family get-to- Olive Garden. gether on Thanksgiving, I saw I used to complain to Ohio cousins running around that County's race car driver/gar- had grown about five or six bage man/preacher/school inches since I last remember board member Jeff Evans all or who have moved from el- the time about Bowling ementary school to middle Green's Olive Garden closing school, and I saw a few little down and having to drive to cousins running around I Evansville or Nashville for hardly even recognized. I had salads and breadsticks, to search for a few of the Then, at the wrestling show, Coach Albin tells me about eating at Olive Garden names. My cousin Colt Perkins just finished his senior year of foot- guarding the streets of Hart- ford. I even found myself going to Wal-Mart a couple of times a day, walldng around and doing the one thing I can't do in Massachusetts: run into someone I know on almost ev- ery aisle. I think the people in the blue vests (and some of the ones in red ones) were about to escort me out if they saw me pass by one more time. Again, the UCW show was For the past weeks, I in ensbyro, or the lhsoany ball and is seamhing for uni- al offun. hav bebn c Scu n efi :ng he versiti d trips I Want'to commend thoughts on what ha~ned And Amanda even ate to Florid Seems hard te be- Wmmatt and Jarrod Mad when ~went from Boston to 'with her mo~: ~d :o~y~' ]~ove that it's the same guyfor their good performances a~ Beav r Dam for the first time. brought a mint home to me. Amandaandl used to watch usual in their segment with This week, I want to men- Ohio County isn't without after. He's not really much of me, and of course should also tion a few final observations I its changes, either, a kid, anymore, though, recognize David Johnston for had about the first time rye It appears there's a new And I would say that he bringing his charisma to th ever visited home. gourmet hot dog restaurant on could take me in a fight now. show once again. I still can't Most of all, I was amazed Main Street. But I guess he probably al- put my finger on it, but the at how quickly things can And, with the exception of ways could have, even when fans still cheer David, even change. In the seven months Sight & Sound shutting down, he was a lot scrawnier, when he joined me in playing I have been in Boston, both the old main shopping center Yet, most of home was still the villain at the last show. , Ohio County and Bowling appears to be growing in the same, and thatwas nice. But the Academy Award Green underwent a lot of strength once again. I saw plenty of houses or should go to the newest actor changes. I saw a parking lot full of buildings in the process of be- in our troupe, Wayne My friends in Bowling people at Fred's and the Mar- ing built that appear to be at Hunsaker, for his great perfor- Green were about go-ketplace and Save- A-Lot and about the same point ofdevel- mance in his role as defender ing out to eat at Buckheadall ofthe other new shops that opmentaswhenIleR, of Ohio County fans. The fans Caf or Logan's Roadhouse, have opened in between. I'm still wishing there .cheered him on when he fi- and Western Kentucky Uni- Part of the growth appears would be a turning light from nally kicked me out. versity changed the name of to be because of Neff Renfix s US 231 onto US 62W. While I had a great time, the school's address from Big strip mall and all of the busi- The school buses still Wake next week is going to focus on Red Way to College Heights nesses that have opened up in ever Main Street in the after- the one part of the trip I was Boulevard. it as well. noons, while hundreds of little dreading--and for good rea- When I lived in the area, I Save-A-Lot even went the faces look out at me.. son: always had to drive for well extra mile and bought a new And Elvis Doolin is still The 18 1/2 hour drive home. QUESTION: I have found the sky. Then the moment of Editor, "schooldoorarejustafewofthe it very hard to turn loose ofmy release comes. The string slips ,Indusiri_al many innovative efforts which kids and face the empty nest. I through his fingers, and the Ohio County Schools and To- know I need to release them, kite soars majestically iqto ,acknowledge gether We Care have imple- but it is so difficult. Can you Ged'sbeautifulsky. the staff and mented for the benefit of our help me? Morn and Dad stand gazing youtl DR. DOBSON: The late at their precious ' aby" who is As a Community of Prom- humorist Erma Bombeck de-now gleaming in the sun, a collabora- ise, people from every sector of scribed this difficult process in mere pinpoint of color on the which successfldly Ohio County have committ cl terms that were helpful to me. horizon. They are proud of OhioCountfsrec- to fulfilling the Five Prumises Shesa dthotaskofmisingkids what thefve done -- but sad Prom- for and young people: is like trying to fly a kite on a to realize that their job is fin- =2005 100 Best 1.)On-goingrelationshil with day when the wind doesn'tishe Itwasalab oflove.But for Young caring adults, parents, men- blow. Morn and Dad run down where did the years go? the road pulling the cute little That is where you are today We are extremely ters, tut s, orcoach ;2.)Safe device at the end ofa string. It -- standing on tiptoes and of them for the dJstin- places with structured activi- bounces along the ground and stretching toward skywith honor they have ties during n(m-school hours; shows no inclination of getting the end of the string clutched 3.) Healthy start and future; 4.) offthe groun between your fingers. It's time community Marketable skills through el- Eventually and with much to let go. And when you do, registered to fectiveeducation; and 5.)O1> effort, they manage to lift it l5 you lfind tanewrelation- in the init l phase portunities to give backfeet in the air, but great dan- ship will be born. Your Ohio through community service, lt ger suddenly looms. The kite parentingjob is almost over. In We Care ap- is encouraging to know that dives toward electrical lines its place will come ai iendship was one of ever 700 our children are assured these and twirls near trees. It is a will have its own rewards. the final judg- opportunities, scary moment. V rttl they ever The kite is go- of the first ever The Ohio County Industr get it safely on its way? ing to break free,-one way or Ohio Foundation Board of Directors unexpectedly, a gust of wind the other. It's best that you re- takes its hat off in salute to catches the kite and it sails lease it when the time is right! Together We Care and Ohio upward. Morn and Dad feed QUESTION: If beauty is distinction. Co ty for their emphasis on out as rapidly as they can. the most important attribute Storefont, an making our community a bet- The kite begins the in determining personal worth campaign to re- ter place for our children and string, making it difficult to in this culture, what is in sec- ; inundate young youth to Ifve and grow up. hold on. Inevitably, they reach ond place? iia stores, the service h vecertainlydc etheir the end of their line. What DR. DOBSON: It is intelli- should they do now? The kite gence as expressed in scholas- by two community part in also making our com- the county school munitymore forfu- is demanding more free]on It tic aptitude. When the birth of ture business and industry de wants to go higher. I)ad stands a first-born child is imminent, on the first day of velopmenL on his tiptoes and raises his his parents pray that he will hand to accommodate the tug. be normal ... that he is "aver- community business Hayward Spinks, chairman, It is now grasped tenuously be- age." But from that moment parents, clergy and Ohio County Industrial Foun- tween his index finger and on, average will not be good dation thumb, held upward toward enough. and pencil at every Their child must excel. He sphere of fierce competition, must succeed. He must tri- the parent who produces an umpl He must be the first of intellectually gifted child is his age to walk or talk or ride a clearly holding the winning tricycle. He must earn a stun- sweepstakes ticket. rdng report card and amaze his Unfortunately, exceptional teachers with his wit and wis- children are just that-- excep- don He must do well in Little tions. Seldom does a 5-year Id League, and later he must be memorize the King James atrackstarorfi., t-chairtrom- Version of the Bible, or play bone or valedictorian. His chess blindfolded, or compose sister must be a dmerleader or symphonies in the Mozart the senior class president or manner. the soloist or the best pupil in To the contrary, the vast her advanced-placement class, majority of our children are Throughout the formative not dazzlingly brilliant, ex- years of childhood, parents tremely witty, highly coordi- give their kids the same mes- nated, tremendously talented sage day after day: 'Tee're or universally popular! They counting on you to do some- are just plain kids with over- thing fantastic.Now don't dis- sized needs to be loved and appoint us!" The hopes, accepted as they are. Thus, the dreams and ambitions of an stage is set for unrealistic entire family sometimes rest pressure on the younger gen- on the shoulders of an imma- eration and considerable dis- ture child. And in this atmo- appointment for t heir parents. Dr. Jame C. Dobson Sponsored by: i -INSURANCE* ) 131 W. Broad Street Central City, Ky.