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November 21, 1973     The Ohio County Times News
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November 21, 1973

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t THE OHIO COUNTY Yemptctm HARTFORD, KENTUCKY, NOVEMBER 21, 1973 Appropriate Toys 12 Western Waters by William J. Shull The Fulkerson Line The series on the Shull name is to be dedicated to my father Euclid R. Shull of Beaver Dam,to my father's only brother, Justus Beckham Shull of Louisville, to my father's eldest sister, Carrie Neva Sparks of Carterville, Illinois to my esteemed and gracious kinsman, Charles William Shull of Detroit and to the many who have made this record possible.. Although it is not nor has it ever been claimed by the Shulls to be of Royaldescent it isof much record that many of the early bearers of our name enjoyed a position in Germany without an equal elsewhere. The earliest of our name of record, wasJohannvonScholl, a knight crusader of the First Crusade in 1096 A.D. A description of his coat of arms is given here in German et in English as well for the benefit of those who might not be able to read one or the other. "In Gold drei (2,1) rothliche viereckige Erdschollen." i.e. "On a gold shield three (2,1) reddish rectangular clods Gu." The crest consisted of a helmet Arg., with mantling Or. et Sa., surmounting by a wreath of the same, eta knight in court costume Sa., et court hat Sa., trimmed Or., holding in the right hand a scythe Or., et in the left hand three ears of wheat Or. At Augsburg in Germany on August 20, 1500, the Emperor Maxmilian by Imperial Grant renewed to the Scholl their right to their coat of arms in consideration of their "honor, honesty, et good manners, virtue et reason, et their pleasing et faithful, useful et willing services which they hav done us et the Holy Empire." Since this new or renewed right was not in any way to end or overrule anyotherSchollarms Maximfllian further adds "yet without injury to others who may perhaps rightly have borne the arms mentioned." This entire grant is givenbelow in our native German: "Mit Nahmen, einen Schild der Lange nach gleich durch abgetheilt, das Vorder gelb, des Hintertheil blau, am grundt desselben Schildts ein rothen Berg, darauf stehend in dem vorderen gelben ein blauer Sach und in dem hinderen blauen Theii ein gelber Sach die Spitz voneinander kehrend, ndauf dem Schildt ein Helm, eziert mit blauer tund elber Helmeckr,'darauf en Man"s - Brustbi|d in blauer ind gelber Bekleidung nach des Schildts Farb abgetheilt, mit dreien schwarzen Knopflein, und un sein Haufst ein gelb und blau fliegende Binden, in jeder Handt habendt, nemlich in der rechten ein gelben und in der linken ein blauen Sach, die Spitz von einander kehrendt, aisdann die selben wappen und Kleinodt in mitte dess gegenwartigen/unseres Konigliehen Briefs gemahlt und mit Farben eigentlich ausgestrichen seyndt." The English translation is: "Namely, on a shield parted per pale Or et Az., at the base a hill Gu., on which stand in the dexter field Or a s c y t h e Az. et in the sinister field Az. a scythe Or., their points turned away from oneanother;above the shield a helmet with wreath et mantling Or et Az., et above it a man's bust in Or. et Az., divided according to the color of the shield, with three buttons Sa., et above his head a flying ribbon Or., et Az., having in.each hand, namely in the right a scythe Or., et in the left a scythe Az., their points turned away from one another. Just as the same arms et crest are drawn et painted in colors in the middle of this our royal letter patent." Maximillian continues: "We confer et give . . . by our Roman Imperial sovereign power, to-wit, by the authority of this letter, et we intend et establish et will, that hen- ceforward the Scholl, et the legitimate heirs of their bodies forever et ever in perpetuity shall have et bear the now painted coat of arms et crest, et shall et may use et enjoy them, in all et every honorable et honestcause,infest et earnest, in combat, joust, et tournament, banners, tents, seals, signets, jewels, at burials, et in all other ways ac- cording to their need, will. or pleasure, as all our other companions of the Empire use toenjoy their coats of arms. by right et custom, unhindered by anybody." Then Max- milian fixes this penality of violation, as: "Our severe displeasure et that of the Empire is dear to them, et besides to avoid a fine, namely of twenty marks0fpuregold,which everyone, as often as he does anything criminally contrary. shall pay et forefeit without fail, half to us et the Imperial treasury, et half to the above named Scholl." I want to exprOss my gratitude to the interested party who pointed out to certain people in Ohio County that the death date of my great-grandmother: Rachel Emiline Chinn - Nee Fulkerson tdaughter of John and Polly Graves Fulkerson) was incorrect. This article appeared in my column "Western Waters" a feature in The Ohio County Times dated February 22. 1973. page 12. This writer hastens to point out that the incorrect death date was not the fault of the Times nor will this writer assume any part of the cited error in this instance. The death date of April 1. 1916 ap- pears on our original draft of this person and it appeared so written in "Western Waters" in the issue above given. April 1, 1916, is the death date engraved on Rachel Emiline Chinn's tomb in the Chinn burial grounds in Ohio County. What this writer now undertakes to do is to set the record correct. Rachel Emiline Chinn died at 12 a.m. April 23, 1916. age 82 years, 6 months, 22 days. Her father was John Fulkerson and her mother's maiden name was Graves. This bit of information is from her certificate of death now in mv possession. Another notice is given in the "Pond Run:" social section of the Ohio County News issued Friday, May 12, 1916, page 2. now on film in the Margaret I. King Library University of Kentucky in Lexington. In summation this writer would like to know why the death date on Rachel Emiline Chinn's gravemarker was never corrected by the several surviving children, grand- children, etc. and still yet reads April 1, 1916 instead of April 23? Signed: William J. Shull This Christmas "An estimated 10,500 Kentuckians will be injured by toys this year," says Miss Beverly Leach, R.N., Public Health Nurse of the Ohio County Health Department. "But you can take action now to prevent such ac- cidents by choosing toys appropriate for your child's age and development," she says. For example, she suggests large, soft, colored balls and blocks with rounded corners for those up to two years of age. "You might vision Junior as the next all-star athlete, but this is no time to give him toys that are too heavy for his strength or ones that need a lot of dexterity to handle," she says. "Be sure to avoid small toys which may be swallowed by tots in this age group." "Check to see that toys aren't flammable and that stuffed animals don't have removable glass or button eyes. For two-to-three-year-old "explorers," avoid items with sharp or rough edges that cut or scratch. Marbles, beads and coins still look good enough to eat at this age, so save those things for later on. Good bets here would be essentially tip- proof kiddie cars and tricycles, large crayons, low rocking horses, a small chair and table, or cars and wagons to push around." three-to-four-year - olds are imaginative enough to want toys that will let them pretend to be like Mommy and Daddy. "Poorly-made objects that could fall apart, break or splinter, ones that are too big for the child, and electrical toys are still no- dishes, small garden tools, tracks and tractors and non- electrical trains that keep these kids safely occupied," she says. " Four -to-six -year - old s have a twinge of creativeness. They can draw safely with dustless chalk on a blackboard, play with simple construction sets and use paints and paint books, small versions of sports equipment and even paper doll sets with blunt end scissors. But pinching or cutting objects are still 'out', and shooting or target toys which can endanger eyes are not safe for this age group," Miss Leach says. Dexterity begins at about six to eight, so these school- aged youngsters are ready for roller skates, approved electrical toys, carpenter benches and well- constructed lightweight tools, kites, sewing materials and playground equipment. "Watch out for non-approved electrical toys, sharp-edged tools, shooting toys and anything too large or complicated for the child's trength and ability." A child who's eight or older has specialized tastes and skills. He'll probably ask for special hobby materials, musical in- struments, gym and sports equipment, a science set or a bicycle. "Just make sure to avoid air rifles, dart games, bows and arrows, chemistry sets, dangerous tools and electrical toys unless parents will be around to supervise," Miss Leach suggests. "Choosing toys wisley can help us prevent the astronomical number of injuries we suffer annually. nos at this stage. But you Try to heed these can find toy telephones, doll suggestions for a safe and buggies happy holiday season." and furniture, RSVP- -Age Is Opportunity Ohio County is a relationship, read for them, fellowship of concerned, write letters or run errands. interested people, and many of the elderly have deep compassion for others borne of many years of ex- perience. Their un- derstanding and concern are often keener than that of younger, less experienced people. Too, many elderly people have time on their hands and would appreciate being needed and used in fruitful service. There are many things they can do on a volunteer basis, relieving stronger, more active people for heavier tasks. Many retired people would welcome the opportunity of helping out in the com- munity and county. There's often a need for a typist, musician, counselor, tutor, so many places in which the older person can give of his wisdom and himself. There are those older adults however, who are not able to be out and about and we need volunteers who can personally minister to those persons too. To these shut- ins, feeble or ill people, we need to extend love. un- derstanding, and comfort. We can visit regularly, establish a friendly We can phone often or even do some cleaning or cooking or take a shut-in out for a drive. These are only a few of the ways you can help yourself by helping others. As of the middle of November, nine Senior Volunteers of the Ohio County RSVP have enrolled. They are busy performing jobs that are satisfying to themselves and the agencies they serve, but many more are needed. Also many non- profit organizations could utilize persons 60 years and over in many ways. Each volunteer is insured, this includes public liability, automobile liability and accident insurance. Transportation to and from their assignment and lun- ches are provided when the volunteer is at the place of work during the time a meal is being served. If you would like to become a volunteer or secure more information, contact the RSVP office by phone 298-7653, or visit our office, which is directly behind the office of the City Clerk. Hartford. MUSIC DISCOUNT #Pgel, " AMPLIFIERS- 30% DISCOUNT GUITARS ... 30% DISCOUNT DRIJIW$ - 30% DISCOUNT HARMONICAS Less 20% GUITAR $TRINfi$ & DRUM STICKS Less 30% =,u, S,,CKS 45 € n. S,,,N00S S2Z' S., m Lessons on All Instruments -- BAND INSTRUMENTS RENTED INDEFINITELY BURGHARDT MUSIC 101 $ W. Second St. PHONE '684. I O 1S When Tichenor's Has A Sa You Know It's A Sale! ,I Check Our Cars II Check Our 1. We are offering greater discounts and trade-in allowances 2. We have over 90 used cars & trucks in 3. 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