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November 16, 1972     The Ohio County Times News
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November 16, 1972

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THE OHIO COUNTY TIMES, HARTFORD, KENTUCKY, NOVEMBER ,16, 1972, SECTION 2, PAGE 4 .... Tom Anderson's Straight Talk Tennessee's Senator Howard Baker says "revenue sharing" reverses the flow of power to Washington. Which ought to qualify him for the Liar of the Year award. SAY SPEND AND THEY SALIVATE Senator Proxmire, of all people, writes about "government waste" in a new book. He tells about the new Navy fighters that dump their missiles (valued at $2.4 million for each plane) in order to land on the carriers on which they are based; and about the new jet fighter that shot itself down by flying into shells it had fired just seconds before. Proxmire comments on the farm insanity w have described in this column periodically over the past 25 years: about how Big Brother with one hand pays some farmers to with- draw production in areas of high rainfall, while with the other hand he subsidizes farmers in low rainfall areas to open up new lands for cultivation. On some upper Colorado River projects, it costs you taxpayers (or revenue sharers) more than $2,000 an acre to reclaim land for growing hay worth only $100 an acre. And Uncle Sugar subsidizes sugar growers to the tune of $700 million a year, or more than 3 cents per pound of sugar. Proxmire reminds us that when Medicare was perpetrated on us in 1965, the costs for 1975 were projected at $4.3 billion, but that now the estimated cost for that year is more than $11 billion. Surprisingly, liberal Proxmire concedes that "liberals have their pork barrels too." He quotes former Senator Paul Douglas' lament that most of his liberal friends react like :.:.:.:.: by Paul Harvey "iii:'.": ! i!::ii:::::: :.::'.'., Industrial consultant Robert Brooks says, "The Wankel engine will bei:i:i:i: bigger than color television." ':':':': :':':':' !::::!::i:: What in the world is the "Wankel"? iiiiiii What's so different about the Wankel engine that a respected industrial iiiiiiiconsultant would compare its future in motor power to the change from iiiiiii black-and-white TV to color? To many men and most all women, Wankel is so new we've not yet learned ili!iii:i ..,. ii!ii'." for sure how to pronounce it. :!:i:i:!: i!!!:!il In shirt-sleeve English, the engine we've been using for most of a century has pistons which go up and down. Parlor's dog: "Say spend and they salivate ." KILl, THE PUSHERS The United States may not survive 10 years, says Retired Marine General Lewis Walt, unless the drug problem in this country is drastically dealt with. Walt, who has recently completed a worldwide study of heroin addiction and smuggling for the Senate Internal Security Sub- committee, recommends the death penalty for heavy traffickers such as Louis Cirillo, who Walt estimates may have imported enough heroin into the United States for 50 million injections. He justifies the death penalty because ...... """:::"':::::::::[::: :::'::-":::"%"-:::-:":--:-":::;:':':':':" "''" ............... .'v. ..+:::::.-::::: ...... ........................ ".. . .... ..:....; !:i:i:!: I PAUL HARVEY NEWS i!ii!ii ')A')D',/___ /b,"V A:, il i WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THE WANKEL? iiiii::i:: The Wankel goes round and round. The difference is most readily apparent in th' miniaturized engines which power model airplanes. The single cylinder in the glo-plug piston engine goes up and down-- requiring a piston rod connected to a crankshaft to develop the rotation motion. The Wankel just rotates. Only two moving parts and almost no vibration. In the model airplane engines, where the piston engine shakes, rattles and roars, the Wankel rotary engine purrs. So "revolutionary"--you'll pardon the pun--is thi newest innovation in combustion engineering that variations on this basic design are now beingl adapted to big planes and trucks and cars and motorbikes and motorboats and snowblowers and chain saws. And the right-now Wall Street bandwagon is powered by a Wankel engine. Stocks of companies which are making components or developing adap-i rations have multiplied in value in recent months. large-scale trafficking in heroin is "genocide on a massive scale...a crime so heinous, a crime so damaging to so many people, and so hurtful to society, that it belongs in a category all by itself." General Walt says America's heroin addict population is almost 10 times larger than in 1960, and almost double what it was two or three years ago. I must confess that I don't remember the name of Louis Cirillo. But I do remember a name which makes him a piker as a pusher, a heinous criminal and a genocidal devil. That name is Mao Tse-Tung. And I know another name of a man who has given millions of dollars of our gold to this all-time genocidal murderer and heroin pusher. That name is Richard Milhaus Nixon. And that, too, belongs in a category all by itself EQUAL FLIGHTSI The other day, on one airplaine,we were served by two of the most delectable stewardesses you could imagine. And I got to thinking--about Women's Lib. Vhy should those young, if not inexperienced, things, merely because of their allure, be serving us, when tired old men could do it as well or better? In a properly controlled society, as is Russia, they would be carted off to the fields each week, not in airplanes, but trucks, there to carry agriculture. There are men in the fields in Russia are carried off in other spend the week in children are carted off in trucks to communal be raised by the One State. So, let us liberate our Equal rights! Off to the with protection, rape alimony, chivalry, maybe we men can percent of the national females--by FARE FOWL--have hidden away er, panty-hose. Kind Words Needed A young man accepted the position of. organist in one of the principal churches of a Texas city. He was a fine musician, but, being blind, was unable to read in the faces of his audience the great pleasure his music was giving. They listened enchanted and would talk to each other about the beauty of his harmonies, the uplifting influence of his symphonies. At first he played as one sure of himself. There was no hesitation in his touch. Then there pealed forth splendid peans of praise and cadences of majestic sweetness and power. As he played Sunday after Sunday, they noticed that the er- stwhile triumphant strains of voluntaries and recessionals had given place to delicate, sorrowful improvisions to plaintive minor fuges. One morning it was announced that he would play no more after that service; that his decision was final and another organist must be secured. After the service a lady enjoyed all his up to him and said, very am sorry you will not play longer. I have thought would tell you what an have received through your thank you for it." The young man's the tears rushed to his as he whispered, "Oh, why tell me? I, too, needed inspiration." This should be read Christian congregation in How many pastors there that have suffered in resigned for lack of a preciation and Members want such words them and expect them pastor, but he also word of cheer to help him on --Whispering Hill Baptist Inflation Or Unemployment It has been said that it would be possible to take all of the economists in the world, lay them end to end, and still not reach a conclusion. But, in all fairness to those elected officals and the economists who advise them in their chosen job of running the affairs of the United States government, it is a mighty tall order to try to "fine- tune" the economic life of a nation of more than 200 million people producing well over a trillion dollars' social, economic and political beliefs and standards. As Mr. Heller points out, "It depends on one's relative tolerance for inflation and unem- ployment-i.e., how much inflation ois, trade,cfff for. lower,,. up|bYnet=and how vigopus a , policy of wage-price restraint, public service jobs and labor market reform one is willing to pursue." Mr. Heller supports the four percent unem- ployment school of thought. probably with its distressing con- clusion (inflation combined with recession) coming sooner and in worse form." There is-.4ittle doubt that the economic theQjsts will continue to argue and that politicians will con- tinue to use those theories which best fit their own preconceived social and political purposes. But, when all the dust settles down, there will be no the future of the country decided. This will vitality of our people, their tivity, their ability to world trade and affairs and their capacity to protect value of their savings and come from the ravages of Whether you lay them end not, all the economic world, as well as the propound them, will There's increasing conviction around Detroit that all cars will be equipped worth of goods and services every with Wankel engines within eight years. .... year. As to differences of economic There's educated speculation that General Motors will produce some ii::::::iii opinon, consider the politically potent ".'.'." and emotional question of unem- rotary-engine cars starting one year from right now. : There are immense expenses involved in tooling up for what amounts to a! ployment and how much of it there whole new industry, but investors are betting the Wankel will give our total iii:: economy new thrust :!:i:i !SiS Potential advantages, obvious to engineers, are less apparent to the restii!i! I !!i!i!ii of us. But any engine which eliminates the cumbersome and complexii!!i!i. :i:!:!:i multiplicity of parts in a piston engine will be lighter and cheaper and should i::!iiii :::::::: ii!!iiii be cleaner and could be more powerful, iiiiiii ii!!i!ii ('ertainly quieter, i::iiiiil !iii!ii! So if only because it creates less noise and exhaust pollution, the Wankel is iiiii!i i!::i::iii ,,n idea whose time has come. ::iii ,:.:.:.: .:..:.: :':':/. - - .............. -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-. ....... .-.- -.-.'.'.-.-." .- ". - .'..'.',-.-.'.'.-.-.'--.'-','-'... - -.*."--." " "" ""'"-'-""'-'.'-'.'.'.'.'.'.'-'.'.'.'.'*'-:0: :.:. ".::' ;i'::.:-::.:;!;:.'.:-:.:-: f.: ::::::':: i::;:::;:::::.:.:: ::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::: :::::::::: :: :: :: :::::::: :::: :: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ...-.....;?...-.*...." ..';:,.'.;'..:'...'J:..-'....-........ *.'*" .:.:.'..:. ".:;.:.:.:.'..:..','.. :.'. ". ". ". ".'.'.'.-.'. ".'...'.', .'.'.*.: .. ".:.:.:.:.-.:,:.:. .M.*..,.'.-.'.'.'.'.-.'.'.'.'. "-" .'-'-'-*.'-'--'-'-'-'-' should be. The noted economist Walter W. Heller discusses unemployment in a Wall Street Journal article. Who is correct in the matter of unem- ployment, those favoring a base level of about four percent or those recommending five percent or a little more? There is no real scientific answer, ' since the decision is in- fluenced so strongly by individual, Students View Teachers Union Struggle-.For Power When public school teachers bring their union activities into the classroom, it's the students who suffer, says 18-year old Kristin Dahn, a 1972 graduate of Roosevelt High School. Honolulu, Hawaii. Since 1971, when the Hawaii State Teachers Association, an NEA af- filiate, beat out the Hawaii Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO, for the right to be exclusive bargaining agent for Hawaii's teachers, the public school system there has been in a constant state of turmoil or near turmoil. HSTA has several times threatened to strike the schools. HFT has made a relentless try to unseat the rival union. And behind all of it is the vicious 1970 Hawaii public employee bargaining law under which the government, automatically and without the employees' permission, turns over a part of each paycheck to the union treasury. In other words, HSTA and the HFT have been fighting it out for the handsome kitty that comes with exclusive representation, and the compulsory dues check-off arrangement set up by the bargaining act. Here's what Miss Dahn had to say about the goings-on in Hawaii schools in a recent essay in The Independent Teacher, publication of Hawaii In- dependent Teachers, a group that has been fighting compulsory unionism in the schools "'What do you do when your teacher asks you to designate by show of hands whether or not you support tISTA? Better yet. what do you do when you know the teacher on the business end of the question is an ttSTA zealot? These are not hypothetical problems: I know because it happened to me and many of my friends "Moreover, the question itself, asked in far too many classrooms last February was usually followed by a lecture about the goals of HSTA ad nauseum. Students had to be made aware of the fact the HSTA was 'fighting for the betterment of education' and that 'we would benefit from their struggle.' "The alternative otterecl us, who would not support the strike by HSTA teachers, was guilt. Guilt for 'not supporting the school system!!! and reaping the benefits without com- mitting ourselves!!!' "The union strike was a failure because they did not attain their goals, as anyone who reads can see. But it was more than a failure, it has divided and polarized teachers AND most of all it has sacrificed every classroom in the State in the self- interest of labor versus management. "Though the DOE (Department of Education) and the HSTA may in some ironic way deserve each other, the innocent third parties injured by their actions deserve much better. Today in Hawaii the consumer of education, the student, is left without defense against the powerful vested interests of labor and management. And STRIKING against children has become too widely accepted. "For these reasons I can empathize with seeking to liberate teachers from having to pay union dues and hope freedom of choice is won for them. Every kid coming up through the public schools will benefit." ( Ed. Note: Miss Dahn, described as an "activist." will enroll in Temple Buel College, Denver, Colo., this month. While a student at Roosevelt, she was co-editor of her school's literary magazine, Ke Manaolana, and was active in the Pacific and Asian Affairs Council, a group called Every Day People, another called Zero Population Growth, drama club, and the Hawaii Democratic Party.) -- Nation Right To Work Newsletter By contrast, the Chief Economist of the National Association of Manufacturers, Mr. George Hagedorn, points out that between 1961 and 1965 business was good, unemployment stayed above five percent, each year production and employment were higher, and there was practically no inflation.'In other words, the country was in pretty good shape. Even wages and fringe benefits were increasing only in proportion to productivity gains. But in the middle 60's, people wanted more prosperity, and larger doses of fiscal and monetary stimulation by the federal government were thrown into the economy.Unemployment fell to less than 3.5 percent by 1969. But, inflation rapidly became the number one domestic worry. Mr. Hagedorn wonders if we will be content to leave unemployment in the five percent range or go all out for a new boom. He concludes: "If we haven't learned the lesson, we may repeat the history of the last decade, , The election is over (though not as these words are written). Ho Hum. Four more years. It is not irrelevant, I think, to continue discussion of election issues, post-mortem though the debate might seem. For the 1972 contest was not so much a battle between candidates as it was of ideas. The two contenders were not all that far apart: "the choice between the two evaporates," observed Dr. Charles Rice on the October 1 Minion Forum radio broadcast, "when you compare Senator McGovern's rhetoric, not with President Nixon's rhetoric, which is still conservative, but when you compare Senator Mc: Govern's rhetoric with President Nixon's actual policies." The real difference between Nixon and McGovern is the kind of people who supported them. On the one hand you have "Middle America"--those who believe that our system, while not perfect is worth saving; that free enterprise is the best economic system; that working for a living is a changing certain facts. If massive federal deficits continue to be run, there will be inflation. In the long run, it will be pretty much in proportion to the fiscal mismanagement of the federal government. Wage and price controls won't work against a trend of fundamental inflationary pressure because the cost of any good or ser- vice must ultimately be reflected in its price or that particular good or service will simply not be available to the consumer. Finally the American people will have to decide whether they want to follow what President Nixon has defined as the work ethic or the welfare ethic. Will they recognize that there is no such thing as "something for nothing" and that everything valuable in life requires some striving and some sacrifice? Or, will they follow the other road of the welfare ethic which says that the good life can be made available to everyone right now and that this can be done by the government? In the final analysis, it is here that MARILYN MANION responsibility to be borne by all but the blihd, the aged and the halt. On the other hand are those who believe the system stinks; that the "rich" should be soaked to maintain the poor; that crime is "society's" fault; that "business" is evil and taxing it to death is virtuous. The contest is over but these two warring elements within the American public live on (Indeed, if one resides, as I do, in the metropolitan New York area, one wonders where all of the "Middle Americans" are hiding.) Those who are against "the system" have one fanatical goal: to redistribute income so that the poor-- and unempl0yed--can live in comfort. It is apparently assumed that, if you take money away from those who earn it, (1) the money will end poverty and (2) the earners will continue to produce funds to support the poor. The first assumption is not control over the course of the United States once this made.. MAY THE WORM According to Mr Do writing in the Los Washington Post Service, the federal government year to print, study and paperwork. And it costs the like amount to deal Government paperwork called "federal form comes from the cumulative those holding public office or gain that honored position the only way to secure proval is to offer schem panding the empire of So far this strategy amazingly well. But, the becomesle"der each year knows but what the day when the worm turns. pens, the authors of create more form government will find longer on the bestseller polls. valid until the second is us address ourselves to Plugging the present tax laws would incentives to earn and work to earn $5,000 it will be taken away? risk your capital in vestment when your will be raked in by the Incentives being thus result would be a ployment and l mention tax yield, as the bottomless pot of the poor have a "right." Next to plugging radicals rate higher business as their high seems not to have that higher taxes on curtail new investmentS' and employment. Or consumer, in the end, piper when the costs of tax is a cost--go up.