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October 30, 1975     The Ohio County Times News
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October 30, 1975

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THE OHIO COUNTY TIMES HARTFORD, KENTUCKY, OCTOBER 30, JACK ANDERSON'S SECTION 2, PAGE 2 i Washington Merry-Go-Round WASHINGTON--Much of the responsibility for the two recent attempts on President Ford's life, some experts believe, must go to the White House and the CIA. The reason: They have made assassination respectable by routinely practicing it. The CIA, as we first reported four and a half years ago, made numerous attempts to knock off Premier Fidel Castro of Cuba. There have been reports, furthermore, that the agency was involved in the deaths of Congo strongman Patrice Lumumba and Dominican Republic dictator Rafael Trujillo. Recently, the Washington Post revealed that a "high official" in the Nixon White House once ordered Watergate conspirator E Howard Hunt to assassinate me. The plot was to be perpetrated with a powerful, untraceable poison supplied by a former CIA physician. It stands to reason, then, that revolutionaries, or anyone with a cause, would be encouraged by the actions of their leaders. Psychologists call this phenomenon "modeling." It is the very reason why movie stars and well-known athletes are chosen to advertise everything from pantyhose to coffeemakers. According to Sanford University's renowned social Paul Harvey News Payoff For Mideast Peace ' I .:.:.:.; .;.:.:. ::::::" ..:.;.: .:.:.:. iiiii.i .:.:,:o :i:!:i .-..... :.:...: .:.:.:. %..%.. ;...:,., .o.., ";':'E "+..:. :i:i:i:i !iiii!i i:i:!:i: ,..-.:.: ,...%.. :.:.;.:, .:.:.:.: ,:.:.:.; ,.Oo. i:i:!:i: .-..+; ,o-... ...%., .oO.o. :.:.:.:. ,.-o.. :::::::: ,.-o.o. ' ":':"i ".::'1": %.o, ,...%.. ;: ,, :::::::: ...-.-, ...,... ".:.'.'; ;.'.:.; When one nation bribes another it's not called a "bribe." When one nation threatens war if it doesn't get paid off it's not called "blackmail." But whatever it's not called, you'll want to know: The United States bought that Mideast peace. We are going to send $800 million to Egypt and $2 billion-plus to Israel. You have heard that U.S. "technicians" will be stationed in the Sinai to snoopervise the fragile Arab-Israel peace. Less generally known are some of the other prices you have agreed to pay. You will guarantee Israel "enough oil" to com- pensate for the captured oil field which Israel is giving back to the Egyptians. You will make available to Israel 2.5 billion American dollars in economic and military aid. You will supply Egypt with a million tons of grain "on easy terms." Further, you will provide Egypt with enough military equipment to reduce her dependency on Russia for such hardware. In such negotiations as this, most United States of Americans are inclined to assume that our leaders must know what they are doing. Though they don't always. In Vietnam, they didn't. In the Mideastl our Pesent and secretary Of ' .,o ..%... state justify American involvement -- the iiiiii .... acknowledged risk of getting US involved in a ::::::: possible war there -- by saying that mediation i:i:i:i .....o. without our involvement had failed, that volatile iiiiiii Arabs and Israelis might have set the world on fire. iiiiiiiiii ! And the United States' dependence on Mideast oil ":':':" ::::::: would have rendered our ships and planes and iiiiiii i tanks -- and home-front industry -- impotent .... !:i:i:i Does this suggest that the Mideast nations have i::i!ili us in a stranglehold? That they can blackmail us iiiiii indefinitely just by threatening to pinch off our iiiiii! petroleum lifeline? i]i!iii: -......, Yes. ii::i::ii00 Does this mean that a bit-by-bit involvement in :::::::: :.:.:.:. the Mideast might eventuate in another untenable ::i::i!i:::: Vietnam situation? .;.:.:.: Yes. :':':': .:.:.:.; ;.;.:.:, We went in there first -- with "technicians and -:-:.:.: money." iiiiiiii All of which suggests that the first order of i:!:i:!: business by this Congress should be the all-out :i:!:i:i development of other kinds of energy. Eleven- :::::::: ....... dollar-a-barrel oil is making other fuels sufficiently i::::::ii::! attractive so that evolution will phase out our ::::.::: dependency on foreign oil eventually, ii::!::ii! But Congress can accelerate that evolution and ili::ilil get us off the hook within 10 years instead of 30. !iiiiiii Until we can re-declare our nation's independence, '???):)i: we're right back where e.were202 years ago -- "0v'daed by a fd:ez"i'0ppresor." !iiiiiii !!iiii', Henry J. Taylor With Joe Spear psychologist Phillip Zimbardo, extensive research has demonstrated that when "powerful models" behave a certain way, their behavior becomes exemplary. People who read about White House orders to poison Jack Anderson or CIA attempts to kill Castro, Zimbardo told us, themselves begin to consider assassination "a viable alternative." When potential assassins see government officials escape punishment, furthermore, it reinforces their conviction that assassination is a respectable act. At this moment, a Justice Department spokesman told us, government lawyers are "very vigorously" pursuing the possibility of prosecuting CIA officials who were responsible for assassinations of foreign leaders Federal attorneys are also "studying laws" to see if anyone can be prosecuted for ordering my assassination. on national and international affairs GAETA, Italy--This is the U.S. Navy headquarters, halfway between Naples and Rome, of our great 6th Fleet in the Mediterranean. NATO's southern command, in turn, is at Naples. Pro-United States, pro-NATO, pro-free world and anti- Communist Greek President George Papadopoulos permitted Elefis, near Athens, to be a home port for our 6th Fleet, including the immense aircraft carrier Franklin D. Roosevelt. Papadopoulos also allowed the United States 12 other U.S. military stations, secret radar posts, airfields on Crete and throughout Greece and an abundance of nuclear rocket silos. But in reply to Communist demands, the government of Premier Constantine Karamanlis has booted our 6th Fleet out of Elefis and largely taken over or made inoperative most American installations. Turkey's actions are similarly lethal, although both Greece and Turkey are strategic imperatives in the American interest. Forty-five miles off Turkey's shore, Cyprus was another anchor. But the condition in Cyprus is so dangerous that a United Nations peace-keeping unit is on Cyprus and Archbishop Markarios, the President, was once forced to turn over to the U.N. peace-keeping force $2.5 million in secretly imported, Soviet-delivered Czechoslavakian arms. Syrian harbors are available to the immensely ex- panded Soviet Navy in the Mediterranean. Libya adjoins Egypt. Our great $600 million Wheelus Air Force Base near Tripoli was the last major U.S. military base in all of Africa. When Libyan revolutionary charlatan Muammar el- Qaddafi forced us to turn it over to him, he immediately welcomed incoming Soviet planes. We're frozen out. Strategic Malta stands athwart the Mediterranean's narrow bottleneck channel above Libya. Anti-Western Premier Dom Mintoff expelled NATO from Malta and barred our 6th Fleet as well. Algerian revolutionary President Houari Boumedienne, although often denied, has offered the Soviet the use of the former vast French Mers-el-Kerib naval and air base near Algiers. This establishes the U.S.S.R. within 260 miles of Gibraltar, prepared to block the Gibralter Strait and confront, or deny, the access of Western navies to the Mediterranean. In fact, except for Israel, Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco, the entire southern rim of the Mediterranean is hostile to the United States. Unannounced, the Soviet has put into the Mediterranean its new DELTA-class submarines, the largest ever built. They displace more than 10,000 tons and have an overall length of 450 feet: one and one half times the length of a football field. Each DELTA is armored with 12 nuclear missile tubes, each missile having a 4,000-mile range; the longest-range submarine weapons in existence. The U.S. 6th Fleet today consists of about 50 vessels; cruisers, submarines, a helicopter carrier, two aircraft carriers, 200 aircraft, etc. Its personnel numbers about 25,000 plus only a combat-ready battalion landing team of a scant 3,000 Marines Rota, our $250 million naval air base at Cadiz, on Spain's Bay of Cadiz on the Atlantic around the corner from the Gibraltar Strait, is our nuclear missile sub- marines' major European station. Rota ties in with seven immense radar and microwave stations, the major one atop Puig Mayer Mountain on the Mediterranean island of Majorca. Soviet spy ships, crammed with their electronic gear, are presently off Rota and Majorca -- listening to the US. Navy commands above and below the sea. During a tense period regarding Lebanon, the Soviet spy-ship "Kustanaia" suddenly arrived near Vice Adm. Isaac C. Kidd, Jr.'s flagship "Springfield." The "Kustanaia" called in an electronically loaded helicopter from the carrier "Moskva" off Crete. Together they set to work to interpret Admiral Kidd's messages to his naval units, cruising along Lebanon's coast, regarding possible U.S. intervention by Marine landings. Our 6th Fleet's ships are badly aging whereas only one per cent of the entire Soviet navy is 20 years old. Moreover, our 6th Fleet is short of manpower, including sufficient technicians; short of planes; short of other combat equipment; short of ammunition reserves, vital electronics parts, spare parts as a whole; and has in- sufficient logistic backup. Published every Thursday by Mrs. Andy Anderson doing business as THE OHIO COUNTY Your Picture Newspaper Entered as second class matter at the Post Office in Hartford, Kencky, 42347. Mrs. Andy Anderson, Publisher Dave McBride. Editor SUBSCRIPTION RATES Ohio County .............................................. $3.00 Adjoining Counties .................................... .$3.00 Elsewhere in Kentucky .............................. $4.00 Elsewhere in United States ....................... .$.00 Servicemen (anywhere) ..... . ........................ $2.00 It is highly unlikely, however, that a former CIA director or high White House official will wind up in the jug for such acts. This prompts a sticky legal question: Why imprison Squeaky Fromme or Sarah Moore for attempting to kill a public figure when prominent officials go free for or- dering precisely the same thing? It is an interesting legal argument, experts have told us -- one which could well be raised by lawyers for both of the would-be assassins Fuddle Factory: Our continuing investigation of the federal bureaucracy has turned up a few more choice items: --The Labor Department recently inspected an 11- story building in Washington and found it full of safety hazards. The inspectors discovered faulty fire ex- tinguishers and dark emergency exits. Overall, they listed more than 300 safety violations. The tenant: the Occupational Safety and Health Administration --Due to a massive administration foul-up in the En- vironmental Protection Agency, some 10,000 EPA booklets were sent by mistake to a farm office in Missouri. The farmers don't want the pamphlets, but they can't afford the return postage. And they can't burn them because it would violate the EPA's clean air standards. At last report, they were using the crates of booklets as pedestals for plywood work tables. Juggling Act: In his battle to reduce government regulation of business, President Ford has charged that unnecessary and ineffective government regulations cost each American family about $2,000 per year. He has never cited the source of his statistic. An investigation by Rep. John Moss, indicates Ford may be juggling the point. Moss found the White House was the money saved by government Ford focused on costs only, thus figure. Klan Calling: The infamous Ku Klux again raising its cross. Down in Denham the Klan has been sending nasty letters t0! think are wrongdoers. One white man for instructed to break up and a black youth. Another was ordered to bills." Occasionally the Klan makes a one is home, they leave a calling card. paid a friendly visit by the Knights of says the manacing message. "Should we visit?" Lethel Lettuce: All those stories about assassinate world leaders with exotic nothing new. The CIA predecessor, the Strategic Services, tried to knock off World War II. In cooperation with allied bribed Hitler's gardner to sprinkle an on the Fuhrer's lettuce The plot, of course, s off. To quote one British agent, the trustworthy." Island Napping: In the eastern another Greek-Turkish problem i into open warfare. The Turks want oil that may lie beneath the Aeg most of the Aegean is internationally Greek territory. To give credence to telligence sources tell us, the Turks de.serted Greek islands and raising the Washington Whirl: Some of Secretary Kissinger's former war buddies remember sloppiest; but best humored, private in division... After-hours callers to the office' Bayh, D-Ind., get to hear the Senator of course. Bayh apologizes that his office is asks the caller to leave name and number. mention that he's running for President executives from around the world got at Washington' posh Madison hotel for business session. French representativ when the Madison refused to serve them meals. Seems IBM has a strict rule while on the job. Tom Anderson's Straight T Without referring directly to third-party rumblings within Republican ranks, Ford cautioned against "fanatic factions" and "elite guards" and said collapse of the GOP would deny all Americans "a free choice in politics." "I know what the polls show," Ford said, "and I say with all the conviction I can command the standing of our party has hit its lowest point as far as I am concerned. It is going up from this point forward." Dear Mr. President: Please take your chewing gum out and listen: (1)"... would deny all Americans a free choice..."? For the second best letter on the difference between the Democrat and Republican Parties, I'll give an autographed picture of Richard Nixon, and for the best letter, two autographed pictures of Richard Nixon. (2) The American Party is saving the two party 'system. We now have the American Party and the Republocrats. (3) Yes, the Republican Party is "going up" -- in smoke. One of the most outrageous rip-offs being foised on the American taxpayer is the billions of dollars the politicians are paying themselves in pensions. Why should public employees get any retirement benefits? Most of them are semi-retired while on the job and are overpaid. Most of the rest of us who spent our lives trying to make an honest living don't get any pensions. Whereas our debt is backed two percent by gold, Switzerland's is backed 80 percent by gold. Whereas we are bankrupt, Switzerland is in great shape. Whereas we have plundered the world's garden spot, Switzerland has built a great, free nation on a rock pile. In many states, public school textbooks are rampant with "hew-to-do-it" sex and with anti-Americanism, but it is illegal to teach the Bible account of creation. To give you an idea of how much the Congressmen are interested in heading off inflation, bear in mind that they have voted some kind of giant grab, much of it for themselves, every week or so since January. For in- stance, a $10 million hike in funds for House Committees, and $17 million for additional office space.., but don't get the idea Congress is oblivious to your needs. As soon as the statesmen found out several years after it hap- pened, that American business was year (passed on to you in higher prices) for government, the Congress study ways to reduce the cost. In to all problems is to throw money at 'era. The present Social Security deduction wage earner is $1,649 annually. At crease, in 25 years the deduction will Russia now leads us 2054 to 508 -- that'S operational warships, meaning, among Russia could cut off or drastically portation of many critical resources, magensium, chrome, oil. The following vulgar tripe came expert' named William A. B 'her in a column he was guilty of: "But the truth for the moment the impeachment lobbY, tlesnake in the old expression, simply hasv hiss in. Hence those solemn calls for resignation -- a noble gesture indeed, reliew some good reason why he should be removed." The political pundit guilty of a book advocating a "third party acknowledges that there already is a national third party, the American PartY. Michel Fribourg, one of the world's reportedly made $700 million from the whetting, tax-financed wheat rip-off Union, is said to a close personal Henry Kissinger. Only 18 percent of the Americans themselves to be Republicans, a How could that be, when it is no longer what Republicanism is? Forty-two percent of the American themselves to be Democrats, The nearest thing to a Democrat in power. Forty percent call themselveS which means they're disillusioned, fed-UP something better. Question Box Q: I don't know whether this question comes within your field, but some of us were talking about it the other day and I said I would write you and ask anyway, because you seem to know so many answers. Now that we have this economic situation to deal with, and times are hard, we wonder if there are any parts of the U.S. where times are still normal and reasonably good. A: According to U.S. Labor Dept. data, nine U.S. cities were selected by one study where business is still thriving and there is little unemployment. The cities are: Wichita, Kan.; Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Davenport, Iowa; Peoria, Ill.; Austin, Tex.; Rochester, N.Y., Poughkeepsie, N.Y., Nashville, Tenn.  Tenn. Q: I am getting too large Geographic magazines in my small to 1948 and all are in good condition. how I might dispose of them and A: You might advertise them in the your local or nearest city paper. your library for books listing worth. Some libraries will at best.