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October 12, 1967     The Ohio County Times News
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October 12, 1967

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THE OHIO COUNTY Yew Pktm liwspapef HARTFORD KENTUCKY, OCTOBER 12, 1967 4 ,.. o.,o ]YMES YUr Pktm bW Wlm 108 West Center Street HARTFORD, KENTUCKY 42347 PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY BY THE OHIO COUNTY TIMES PUBLISHER ANDY ANDERSON EDITOR BONNIE LEE BURKS Entered as Second Class Matter at the Post Office in Hartford, Kentucky Phone 298-7100 YEARLY SUBSCRIPTION RATES Ohio and adjoining counties...$2.00 Commonwealth of Kentucky...$3.00 Elsewhere in USA ...........$4.00 Servicemen ................. $I.00 I I i NATIONAL NEWSPAPER MEMBER KENTUCKY PRESS AS CIATION Editorials of the Week War is sometimes necessary to preserve peace. That is the situation the world finds itself in right now with the Communists determined to rule all of the world. They are forced into that position by their own ad- mission that Communism will not work until all of the world is con- verted to it. Free people do not want any part of atheistic Communism but they haven't had much choice under the Communist takeovers, often from within. Thus to preserve the peace and freedom they want free people Waseca [Minn.)Journal "It is up to us to defend liberty and justice. "If we bomb civilians Just to win the war we would be reverting to savagery. But, if we ever stop bomb- ing military targets in North Viet Nam they'll swoop down and we'll have a real war." The Archbishop is of the opinion that doves advocating peace at any price or an end to the bombing are prolonging the war. "Some people have been led to be- lieve that we should withdraw our for- 'Let's see if this won't make you more comfortable!' GOOFY OFFSPRING By D. R. Segal We free enterprisers have, inad- vertently, perpetrated a" fraud and a hoax which is rising up to engage our political Jugular. We've preached that production and prosperity are op- posite sides of the same coin, and we've begun to believe It. Now, generally speaking, that's pretty good economic catechism, but @ i Let us assume that the law of av- erages obtains in legislative affairs and that, therefore, half of the new laws are good and the other half bad. How long can we survive if we add a couple of hundred bad new laws to the accumulated debris every year? In 20 years we will have added 4,000 more bad laws to the present total of COMMUNISM DOES NOT WORK By Tom Anderson If we have what could properly be Germany was never a comparable called a Foreign Policy it is this:menace to Russia. Nor is Red Chtn~ the Communists are mellowing into which is a paper tiger" andwlll Socialism, Capitalism is mellowing be for many years. Even if RedChl into Socialism, and we will eventually should develop the capacity to drOP bring about a comfortable merger ofthe Bomb on us within a few year!, the two in a one-world, Socialist, which is possible true, she lacks tl~ non-profit brotherhood under the Uni- capacity to defend herself against tl$, ted Nations. She lacks the war machine and The Big Press and networks con- ductive capacity to stand up to ~# stantly brainwash the American Russia is the head of the rattle" people with the Big Lie that the snake and Red China is the rattle; Communists (except Red China) are mellowing and that we can live to- gerber as brothers. LIFE magazine has serialized the "life story of Stalin's daughter. The October 3rd issue of "Look" is de- voted entirely to the Soviets, and to advertisers who paid the brainwash- ing bill, of course. Celebrating the Soviet Union's 50th anniversary, "Look" sent a team of 10 Editors and photographers to Rus- sia. It is remarkable how little truth they came back with. "It (Communism) works," "Look" proclaims. So do cesspools and fir- lag quads. According to "Look," "Soviet citizens think they have a good thing going for them.., most of them feel free. Political terror has shriveled." Free? The Russians don't know the meaning of freedom. Both under the Czars and the killers of the Krem- lin, they have always been slaves. Terror? Admittedly there are now fewer firing squads, fewer 4AM knocks on the door. Those who had the morality and courage to rebel have long ago been slaughtered or sent to Why don't our "news" magazines (other than U. S. News and World Report), our networks, wire set vices, and movies ever tell the tru$ about the Soviet Union? Why are theY. still fighting ' Fascism" which is all but dead? Why are they still trying to track down some of Hitler's help" era while they wine and dine far greater criminals like Kosygin, Tit0, Khrushchev? Why are they deliber" ately helping our enemies? Communism does not work! In spite of tremendous natural resourceS, Russia is still one of the most back" ward nations in the world! Russia has been waging an impla" cable war against us for 50 yeatS: Russia's undying enemy is the Unites States, for when she can destroy us, the world is hers. Right now Russia is stepping up its program to corn" munlze all of Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. As the head of the Central Committee of the Corn" munist Party of the Soviet Uniolb Boris M. Ponomarev, has said time and again, the Soviet goal in stirrtn up racial riots here is to estahll a guerrilla force to be used to talc slave labor camps, the United States from within. As tl~ "Look." "Life, .... Newsweek," criminal Ponomarev says, therevo! "Time,'~ Huntley and Brinkley, How- ution in the United States has alrea~) ard K. Smith--the list goes on and begun. ~ r' on, and so do they, softening up the American people on Communism. Communism is a far greater menace than its brother tyranny, Fascism, ever was. My lawyer has advised me not say what I really think about "Life" and Look" because I don't have die time and money to fight libel suitJi: But I hope you get the idea anywa~i: it has spawned a goofy offspring which who-knows-how-many? are required to make war at times, tee. That would be not only a ire- holds that a Congress is "good" or Roman Catholic Archbishop Robert, mendous cruel, t,y but also a tremen-"bad" according to its grossproduc-By 2067, we will have added 20,000 E. Lucey of San Antonla, Texas, ex- dous stupidity, lion. Harry Truman said the 80th discriminatory, useless, contradlc- ~~//~ pressed it aptly when he said: Such proposals, Lucey said, are was the worst in history because ittory, dishonest, unworkable and op- YlIOYl ~lhii: t~ ?~e~So:e~!; ttabeeUl~ ~: ~C2oanCnoedt ::Ooa! ~oa~tslee:w:e;:l~a~n ~itenv~ i produced almost no new laws. And pressive laws to the books. The 1 n:#:t at damned if a lot of Americans didn'tcheering section will urge our con- By Marilyn Monies swallow it. gressmen on to greater efforts, abus- a e peace in the world'without force denies its people freedom of relig-Congress is back in session again--- ing each new session for being less because there are evil men in the ion, freedom of opinion, freedom ofGod save Americal--and every time productive than some other prodtg-" PLEASE USE KID GLOVES! i ,, world, speech and freedom of the press, you pick up the paper there is, some loudly industrious one. This might be ....... NO INSTANT SUCCESS about the tremendous back- expectedto spur our congressmen on A. growlnguneasinesspervadesAm- lng of the need for law andorder..l 'log" of legislation that they'll have to new feats of mass production (you erlca. Mr. Walsh then proceeded to tel Colorado Springs (Colo.) Gazette-Te!egraph to clean up before the next session, can't like good old American know- No ,matter what the sociologists the Manias Forum audience some of Why? Has anyone developed per- howl) With each session vowing to have 'discovered" about Its causes, the specifics in the code What. fog Surprise, surprisel social worker commended, I can get Sutmlve ,gvlden ;e that the gross pro- ou -produce the one before it. The or how much the politicians try totnstafice, used to be .a, crime ln-Ne# duct of a congresslonal session is a laws of mathematical progression-- make hay from its fears, it abides. York. but isn t now? One thin that The answer to the problems beset- a Job for any person over 16 who , true measure of its net worth? We unless they repeal it during one of. In.plain words, .m.tlUons el people come's immediately to mtnd," satd ling the rioting Negro is a good job. wants one." Everybody from Ivy League socio- But, many of the workers were have rather abundant reason to be- these legislative orgies--must ob- In mousanas at ctt,es are axraid to Walsh, ' is the crime of abandon" logists to presidential political hacks unskilled and they disdained what lleve, as a matter of fact, that the lain; and eventually the production of go out of their houses alone aftermeat. Abandonment of a pregnaa have come upon this answer as if they called "flunky"Jobs. reliable measure of a Congress is tainted measures will become astro-dar. k.. They. fear a new breed .of woman by her husband--leaving her struck by the sheerest inspiration."Many unskilled Negroes," Fried= the degree to which it leaves us nomical. Possibly we will have to put criminal--the xina WhO Knows mat the tO destitute circumstances, andthere The McCone Report on the Watts man writes, "lacklnghtghscbooledu- alone, resisting the temptation to it into the hands of computers which law and ,the. Sup.terns Court willfore a ward of the city or state. Un riot, for example, called for the es- cations, apparently resented the fact pass more and more laws tinkering will calculate nicely the maximum protect hls -rights--. der the old law that was a crime; tabUshment of "metropolitan court- that once channeled (by some agency) with matters beyond the reach and combinations we can produce from the A good many of these millions havein the new code it isn't even men* ells" to find Jobs for Negroes. to a Job, they would not find them-ken of legislation, same basic ingredients of lust, coy- modified their fears by taking defen- tioned. National Review magazine of Aug- selves behind a mahogany desk with The 89th Congress, by September etousness, lunacy, theft, larceny and dive precautions. Books on self-de- "The use of force Is another sphere ust 22 publishes a report by Saul S. the grand-soundlngtltleDtgital-Com-of last year, had passed 171 laws slight disposition to draw blood. Pro- lense are best-sellers. The hatptnwith which policeofflcersandcltizenS Friedman, a native Clevelander and purer Programmer." and the present (90th) had chalked up perly programmed, a computer might industry is enjoying an unexpectedalike should concern themselves. Let veteran social worker in that city. He This, then, is the problem with allonly 82 by Sept. 6, 1967. Unless they be able to open exhilerating new resurgence--hatpins being retain- us say that you, as a homeowner, is familiar with the riot area since crash programs to create lnstant Johs, ar,e on piecework, you can't properly vistas of law-production, using themended equipment for ladies who are while asleep in bed, hear glass ttnk" the days when the closest thing to a Instant culture, Instant skills, instant match one congress against another same familiar ingredients readily forced to embark on such dangerousling from a broken windower a forced ventures as a two-block walk to the door. You awaken and look down the landrit WaSlndiansa discussionbaseball club.f the Cleve- respect,GovernmentinstantedictProsperitY.and tons of money eachn theproduced.basis of the number of laws houseaVailableor cityin anYhall.legislature, court- grocery store after sundown. Tear gas "stairwell to find somebody dumping "IbeUeve, he says, 'I can wrlte won't change a man's skills, pre- POINTI|I THE FIN .J guns, battery-poweredpocketslrens, the silverware and family jewels intO With some candor on the problem ofJudices, or amhitlonsovernlght. IER Fre enid (Kansasl Herald and other such likely items are be- apillowcase. The intention, ofcourse, coming standard furnishings for the is to burglarize the place, the Negro community in general.' Individual application, pride, am- A monstrous crash program was bltlon, mixed with large portions of Carmichael as the ones behind the And quite a few individuals are pre- not present a threat of violence bY evolved in Cleveland's efforts repro- get-up-and-go, will. As the formula Everyone is running around today try at H. Rap Brown and Stokely twentieth-century American home. "Now as long as Mr. Thief doe vide Jobs for residents of the Negro applies to the Negroes of riot torntrying to put the finger of blame looting and bloodshed in many of pared for the worst with firearms,brandishing a weapon, or advancetow" area. Cooperating were a score of areas, it applies, equally, to Indlv- prlvate and public agencies. A Negro iduals of all races everywhere. Despite what the most elementary logic should tell them and what the Anaheim [C~alif.) Bulletin Plainly, political government is no- thing in the world but a system of on someone or other for the current wave of riots and violence on the part of the civil righters. Some say it is all Lyndon Johnson's fault be- cause he 4s using too much Great Society money to conduct the war in Vlemam, at least that's how baby doctor, Dr. Speck has it figured. our larger cities. When you con- sider that over half of the first thousand men arrested in Detroit dur- ing the recent riots had previous criminal records, I imagine J. Ed- gar Hoover would place the blame elsewhere. But no matter whom you, determine to be the momentary cul- Heretofore, the federal courts have been the villlans in the eyes of these law-abiding citizens who wish to keep their property and their skins Intact. But the courts' opinions have seeped down--unless it is merely a coin- cldence--to the police departments which protect the people. A case in ard you to offer physical harm, yoO are not empowered by this new law to avail yourself of a weapon in order to stop him. If you have a shotgun hanging on the wall or a licensed pistol under your pillow, woe be untO you if you use it against him. "On the subject of juvenile de- exercise of Just plain, everydaycom- thought, a way of thinking, which man sense would show them, it is results in the thrusting into the hands Then there are those who would lay pitt in the situation, none can deny 'point is the new penal code which llnqueney, the new penal law, under truly amazing the way so many people of some men, usually complete the blame at the feet of Nobel Peace that the real basic cause of this re- becomes effective in New York Statea title called 'Infancy,' categoricall cling to myths about "government." strangers, powers over other men Prize winner Martin Luther King volutionary trend, which is runningthis month. A recent guest on the states that no one under the age o Myth number one, is the wide- which no man, in his right mind andand his advocates of civil disobed-rampant throughout Amertcatoday, isManias Forum radio and television sixteen is capable of commiting s spread belief that government, cam- thinking clearly, would dream of put- ience. I rather imagine there are the white liberal--the leaders of the programs was a New York City po- crime." pletely aside from the fallible in- ring into the hands of even hisclosest quite a few around who would vigor-left wing who figure to change the liceman, Robert B. Walsh. Here is There is much, much more. But dtviduals holdingofficlalposltions and relative or next door neighbor, ously point the finger of responslbil- foundations of this nation, some of his uncomfortlng testimony:the above examples should suffice. using bureaucratic powers, is an ex- And, Just as plainly, no government "To explain the official purpose ofBeware, gentle reader, ofusingundue Istlng, thinking, acting entity pod- system has anythlng to distribute to T'SO the new code, I'll use the words offorce when you find an intruder seeded of supernatural cognitive at- people that it has not first takenfrom The Columbia (S.C.) State the reframers of it. In the introduc= your bedroom at midnight. Remembe tributes and ability to solve human people. There was once a time inAmerlcan Oh, well, what does it matter? As ties, called the 'Commission Fore- that he, not you, must make the firs problems. Nevertheless, an almost universal history when a million dollars was the late John Maynard Keynesmused: word', they say: 'Entirely new in move--if you move first, you migh Myth number two, an extension of belief in these two myths has led regarded as a large sum of money. 'In the long run, we'll all be dead." structure, form and general pattern, it be violating the law. myth number one, is the just as pre= people, for thousands of years now,Nowadays, a sum that small is con- True. But the value of the dollar revises virtually every substantialAnd if it's not too late bv the time Went belief that government is the to place their fortunes, their hap,- sidered something less than peanutsmay die before most of us do, as area of the existing penal law In he'd made his first and possibly fat 1 possessor of untold, unltmitedwealth, piness, their very lives at the mercy by Washington bureaucrats, things are going. Indeed, 10 nations varying degrees, ranging from the move, do recall that if he is not yet and all that is needed to bring about and disposal of other people who, if But even peanuts have a way of recently met at London to work out mild to the drastic...'Goingthroughsixteen, he isn't even capable of doin universal prosperity is the proper the full truth were known, are in getting at you. It's almost Impossible some "new kind of world money" this from the standpoifitof a law en- wrong. You might ask him--nicely, legislation to provtde for the dis- many ways actually inferior to them- to eat just one. Before you know It. to supplement gold. They were awareforcement officer, I can't see how of course--for his birth certificate, trlbution of that wealth, selves, you're gobbling the things down as of an international economic situation this code will give to the community He, of course, might seal you added order, needed discipline, or a death certificate. But those are the " "" /e ferentfast as you can.The Johnsonto the flightadmlnistratin'of gold, mountlnglndif" morethat grws increasingly mre and better, mre fundamentalunderstand- chances you take. Sweet dream Iserious. w k [N.Y.] Independent debts, Vietnam costs, and a contin- PUBLIC SERVICE magazine yen- Odessa (Texas)American Tae Americans for Democratic Ac- major author of the Democratic plat- ulnl imbalance In foretgn trade, is tures to suggest that "no one in the Uon (ADA), which has facilitated the , form of 1960 and 1964, that govern- sti taxing and taxing and spending Administration and no member of When the United States became the body with title says it's all riglat, rise to power in our national govern- meat exists to satisfy the needs of and spending in the hope of electing Congress really knows how much the land of the nearly free so many The idea behind it seems to be that merit of its chosen candidates, now expresses itself on the A merican cit- Izen. This is what they say: "We Soclallsts of the ADA believe in man as a soclal animal and not In a Ood Who does not exist or Who, ff He exists, is irrelevant. We believe as does Arthur Schlesinger, The State newspaper asked this provocative question in a short edi- torlal the other day: "If Britain continues to trade with Cuba and North Viemam why shouldn't America trade with Rhodesia?" Rhodesia has been man as a social animal, and its func- and electing, federal government is spending for years ago, the founding fathers de- by hiding, information, the state ties is to build a heaven here on It's pointless to go on fooling our-anything.' Higher prices and higher cided on what they thought would protect" us from direct mail firm earth through Socialism and not to be selves. America is maneuverlngher- taxes are absolutely guaranteed for be a pretty good method of keeping who provide information on new pro- concerned with some mythical here- self into a very fight spot. tomorrow, it that way. They insured that all ducts, new services, new industrial alter." Any realistic discussion of intern- Is no one in Washington aware that public records would be open to the techniques. This quotation is taken from a let- ter in the Indianapolis News of Jan- uary 29th, 1965, written by M. K. Rosen. Bishopvillo, Messengor one of our best friends yet our gov- ernment is boycotting it because it wants to have a free government and because Britain /nststs on/t. Some- times it appears that we treat our enemies better than we treat our friends, ational liquidity, of course, must be talk of "paper gold"makes officials based upon the need for gold as the of the International Monetary Fund ultimate backing of any system of laugh out loud? International payments. OVERSEAS REVIEW, a publication In 1951, the U. S. had $22.9 bil- of Barclay's Bank (London), says the lion in gold reserve, as against adol- lar liability from foreign countries of $8.3 billion. Last year, though, U. S. gold re- serves had shrunk to $13.2 billion while dollar liab/ltties abroad had in- creased to $27.6 billion. Yet America persists in lending and spending on a deficit basis. world's economy is balanced on a knife edge. No nation (meaning A mer- tca) can go on spending money It doesn't have. It's no good to say anymore, "Oh, a million here, a million there; what does It matter?" It matters a great deal--more than Incurable spenders realize. public--period. No extra special breed of person had any kind of fancy rights that any of the rest of us didn't have In this regard. Information of a public nature was right there out In the open. No dec- retal But now the bureaucrats seem to think that too much information about ourselves--and them--may be bad for us. There's a big move on in a num- ber of places to close up the public rec,ras, letting only the privileges few have a peek at them when some- When someone starts "protectin~ us by locking up the public record --for whatever ,purported reason~ bewarel To give someone power (wo didn't say "right") to say what of the public record will be reveals and what will be hidden is givin i away part of your American birth" ~:':o~~ F !~ ::~;:~;o~ ii/~i! 1 g - outl I[ l