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October 12, 1967     The Ohio County Times News
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October 12, 1967

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THE OHIO'* COUNTY Your Picture, Newspaper HARTFORD, KENTUCKY, "Make love your aim, thaa tnd ,.OCTOBER 12, 1~67 2 earnestly You may desirp erophesthy,es iritual gifts, especially -- Corinthians 14:1 Make love your alto and there will be no room in your heart for hate or envy. Begin with a love of God. Make God the center of your world. Love your family and your friends. Look for the good that is in every man hnty .;e?y Pwr l Cflhd :vcugYn" flnually greater peace of mind. Minister Of The Week And Family RECALLING IIIS OWN ADVEN'I URI=S, ifi the ttoly Lands, PONDERING OVER A FAVORITE FABLE, the ttansons are pictured In the living room Rev. Wesley ltanson of the ltartford Baptist Church of their attractive parsonage home. Mrs. Gloria Hanson Is wearing a corsage that was glances through one of his favorite books on the Holy worn over the weekend to the Murray State University homecoming game. Both Rev. and Lands by Norman Vincent Peals. ttanson has been pastor Mrs. Hanson are Murray graduates. Janet, 8, sits between her mother and father, of the Hartford church since 1957. tie is standing by She is in the third grade. Paul, 10, is a fifth grader. the book case in his pastor's study. I k Editor's Note: THE TIMES : "- ~ - His denominational ser- Bro. Hanson is a minister, pie." , wishes to take this means vice includes: memberofthe civic leader, traveller and He pointed out that 'Jura- "" of a small feature story to Kentucky Baptist Convention father of an attractive salem has most of themaJor recognize our ministers In Executive Board, several family. Mrs. Hanson, the religions represented within the community and their denominational committees,former Gloria Brown of Its walls. Almost everY families. This week THE trustee of Bethel College Premiss, Is a graduate of church of the Christian re.- TIMES spotlights the Rev. (vice president of the Board Murray and Is a registered llglon is there. History Wesley O. Hanson of the one year), clerk of the Ohio nurse, practicing at theOhlo shows that Jerusalem has Hartford Baptist Church. County Executive Board forCounty Hospital Extensive been plundered and rebutR 10 years, and participated in Care and NurslngHome. The live times. The city that For ten years the Rev- the 1961 Jamaica Evangel- Hansons have two children,Jesus knew and the streets erend Wesley O. Hanson has istic Crusade which was Paul - 10, and Janet - 8. he walked are 20 feet below been guiding the Hartford sponsored by the HomeMis- The Hanson family live In the streets of today's 3eru- Baptist Church In itsleading sion Board. the church parsonage on salem"--ngln lookl Hartford Beaver Dam Fordsville Fordsvilln role In the community. Whe- As pastor of the Hartford Charlotte Lane. at the Holy Lands ther In his office, on the Baptist Church, Rev,. WeB- In the last five years, Bro. and the Middle East In gun- Christian Church Baptist Church Baptist Church Christian Chnrch golf course, at a civic meet- ley Hanson says that: 'These Hanson has travelled to the eral, Rev. Hanson believes: .7:30 p.m. Weanesaay Prayer .. . Service Rov ~,.,o, AND - . , : ueaver uam u ....D .... k 7130 p.m. Saturday ~lk'h~ Hartford ' Methodist Church nulae uidnti, prea~t. Church Of God Beaver Dam .e,. oooo Beaver Dam Baptist ary; Mrs pl I~11 U Ul#S U II U|ll/ll S S Rev Sonny Whltley, Pastor ,o m o ..... nu' hd,,,,r W.lgU. Has 4nual treasurer. Mrs. gee. R. K,._tt_uls_~I/lastUr .It a.W. Church Worsh/p 11 a.m. ~unaay ,,envoi a -~ ,.'-'- " - ~ tilth Porter ls~the teat!let. m S MYF 10a.ll a.m.'" .~r~R~aaPg|~'E!ive~lng v Wors,hlp 712 a.m. WorehlpServlUep.m. Tueo. PrayerMeetlng 5alUOllCl;lllfCl,: ',~,~::,ao......... .. T.E.L. C ass A pot luck meal was en- I, iann,ns nee!log .... Has All Day Meet,n! joyed at noon after w ch ~v~n/at~ Wo~,~tp [n'rdeuille ........ ere IVleetlng iv a.m. Sunday MAce , Mrs. R. k. Johnson had 7:a0 p.m: Woane a y 'r,yer ,.,.0,,,,- West Point , The W.M.U. of the Beaver charge of the program. d Se ' e Methodist Church ' Walton s Crook Dam Baptist Church held Its The T.E.L. Class of the Rev. and Mrs. GlennArm- Baptist Church " ti " "" r " Beaver Dam Baptist Church strong and little daughters Hartfer ev. Don t:onman, Pan, or Roy. Wa;ter Campbell uap Sl I;nn cn annual planning meeting on r.hur h Of Chriq iva.m. Sunday School Pastor 10 a m Sunday School Thursday, October 5, with held its annual all dayme t- were guests. Rev. Arm- ---;h~ ....... 11 a.m, Morning Worship I0 a.m. Sunday School 11 o'm" Mornlnu Woralaln the president, Mrs. Carlton Ins at thechurch Wednesday,strong sang "God Will Take Lloyd ~'plvey, Sr. Minister 11 a.m. Morning Worehtp ...... Daniel, presiding. OrganJza- October 4. Care of You" accompard~:! IOa.h~.'SundaySchooi 7 p.m. Tralntng Urlon nn nrd tlons for all age groups of Mrs. Henry Daniel, pre- by Mrs. Armstrong at the 1 l a.m. Worsl:lp Service |UlU~lfll g 8 p.m. Evening Worship vv.vv v 7p.m. Wozsl:lpSezvlce Church of God 9 p.m. Wed. PrayerMeetlrg Baptist Chnrch women and girls above 8 sldent, presided over the piano. 7 p.m. wed. l:lble Classes years of age and all chll- business session In the Mrs. BllUe Truelock and" Rev. Carl Cooper, Peator Hartford ,0a.m. Surday gehocl Centortown Charles ltendrlc~e, dren 8 years and under are morning during which new Mrs. Bltty McConnell were ..... 7 30 'm'p m Morotrgweo mb eWOrstaPstudy th " t " P,, or, fostered, otflcers for the year wereguests for lunch. 2nd Baptist Church : Me 0dis Church lOa.m. Sunday School All church women 25 years elected; Mrs. Glendon Ste- Rev. Joe Foreman, Pastor Marvin s Chanel Rev. Hugh M a'ay]or, Pas or n.a.m. Mor.mn_ Wor.m _ and up and all married vens, president; Mrs. Henry 10 a.m. Sunday School r 10 a.m. Sumiay School / p.m. yen.nS women under 25 years are Daniel, vice president; Mrs. .......... 11 a.m. Worahlp Ser~ee Rev. JohnC.(,oomer, Paetor 11 a.m. Morning Worship p.m. ~eoneeoay c~ Invited to attend the general Oakley Blankenshlp, sex:rut- This Sunday 6130 p.m. Training Union I0 a.m, Sunday Schocl 6:30 p.m. MYF ~uu~ 7130 p.m. Worship Service II a,m. Morning Worship 7:30p.m. Worship Ilmtvar ~am W.M.S. meeting each third 7ore Oev We--yo motox l~~ Centortown Ridsecrest Fairview Community Church cept December and March. // Hertford Baptist There are also three circles Baptist'Church Baptist Church Baptist Church P'etr available for these women: M0m eer Die Church 11 a.m. Worel~lp Service North Circle with Mrs. Ethel / Rev Wm Holladay. Pastor Rev. Jesse Tlchenor, Pastor Rev Ernest Griffin, Pastor .... S " S 7 .m. Youth Service I~ Concluding . 10 a m Sunday School 10 a.m. unday School 10 e.m. unday School 7. n ~..,.. w~..~,~ Armendt, chairman; Night By Wendell Allen 11, a'm'. . Worship Service, ~ 11 a m. Morning Worship 11 a.m. Morning Worship 7:_..'G ,..-.F'~" r-~.,'7":;,% ~.::=,'=~_......, ..-~.,. Circle with Mrs. AudraHox- People in our area as well as the nation were deeply 613o p.m; .tratnirg u~on o_~_m~ ira r,ngt]r,o.n. Ilsld If nab Praye~ Me,U~ worth, chairman; and the saddened by the death of one of the most loved and res- [ Revival Service 6 ""= "r""" Antioch Morning Circle with Mrs. pected ladies in the field of gos ,el music. She was Lena .... M0lhndlst Church Shirley Groves, chairman, Brock Speer, better known as 'Mum" Speer. She died | 11:00 a.m. - Evangelist Rev. Jesse Bell of the Narrows Rev nil Simpson, Pdator Church Of Christ The'Morning Clrcleandreg- la,st Thursday night at a Nashville hospital. | First Baptist Church of Dawson Cedar Grove ,,.,,..,,_, nc.._...t. 914 ' a.m. Morrln[~ W ozshtp Br Er ln Shul~z, Pamor ular W.M.S. meetings will Mum" Speer was born in Lawrence County, Tennessee | Springs. . III Iflllggl$[ 5HUll;n 11 a.m. ounaay Scnoot 10 a.m. Bible Study General Baptist Hey. Wayne Lyle0 Pastor lion n a.m. Mornirg Wors p provide nursery forchlldren and married G. T. "Dad" Speer in 1920. "Dad" Speer 7:00 p.m. - Rev. Wesley O. Hanson Pkur~k 10:30 a.m. Sunday School " 7.30- m F - during the meeting, passed away only last year. I "Half Die, Half Llvel" P rlaay Bible Study UIIV/bll 9130 a.m. Morrlna Worskln R__a, . ,,.. . " " " Rev'~B~sll t-:mb~y, Pastor (lst and 3r~Surdays~ uapllS[5nurcn Mt Pleasant Mrs. GlennArmstrongwlll She will be remembered by Ohio County residents for | (The pastor preaching.) Rev~Kerreyffhl~t Associate ....... R,,,, Poseur . have charge of the Young her many appearances in Hartford, Beaver Dam, Center- | 9:45 a.m. - Sunday School lOa.m. Supday,.choo! ~. HUmBle Valley 10a.m. Sunday SchoolMeth0dlstChnrcll Women s Auxillarywhlchtn- town, Fordsvllle as she sang wLth the Speer Family | 6:00p.m.- TralnlngUnion a.m. ~o~mng.vvc. rsmp , ..... 11 a.m. Morning Worsl lp ...... cludes all unmarried girls to help groups and organizations promote their projects. | Visitors are always honored guests. o p.m. Chrlatlan Enaeavor tieneral IlanllS! ?,a, pm EWn/ng Wnrah]p rtev. JonnC. Coomer, t'Htor 7 p.m. Evening Worship P ..................... 10:30 a.m. Sunday School between 16 and 25. Beaver Dam residents will recall that she and the Speer R0sine Church Sulphur Sprin"~S q:30 (2nda'm" andMrning4th Sund~y~Wcrslal Mrs, William E. 30nes is Family came to Beaver Dam to aid Mr. EIHs Patton | Rev. W O. Hanson Dean Gray _ . Rev. ClarenceBurdette Mathndist Church ..oh V~|lau director of the Girls Auxll- when he lost his eyesight in a construction job. Mcthnd,tt hureh Pas~r " u,,u,, """'1 lary with the followtngcoun- l Minister Minister of Music mv~nvv,,~t v,,~.v.p 10 a.m. SundaySclaool' Rev. Waynes Lyle0 Paator Idstkad:,t ~,.,o,,L selors: Mrs. Truman Tay- I Rev. Joe Alexander, astor 1l a.m. Worship Service 11 a.m. undey School INgltllUUl}lt bnalvn lot, Intermediates; Mrs. lOa.m. Sunday School 8rim Saturday Worshln 10 e.m. Morn,ng Worehlp WNES ~'O~O I HAVE YOU HEARD THE GOOD NEWS? IL a.m, Morrdng Worship'" " " (2nd and 4th Sundaya) Rev. Wayne Lyle, PastorPaul Tarrents, 12 year old .... t, .... ,,. a.. hiloh a.ra. Sunday School girls; Mrs. Charles McKen- Central City, Ky. UellS Kun oe,e,,,, U~] ~." "" 9 a.m. Morning Worehlp Hey,11 year old girls; Mrs. [ The best news ever heard in Meth0dlst Church .,,d,,. Baotist Church Adventist Church c B Embry, tO year "VOICE IH THE WILDERNESS" r ......... P Rev Joe Alexander, Pastor old girls;and Mrs. Gordon | .e*or ,, Ohio County will be announced this Rev. William ~.)bert, 2:30 p.m. Sat. SabbathSchool ;~ ""'=, ";:~',,"..*,.~'~,'-~7,,,-,,h,,, I ;k.,.. Ch/nn, 9 year old girls. I , Pus, tot. 4 p.m. Church Service ................. ~s ...... v I.|llgl|I Mrs. Charles Ashby Sr. is Directed By Sunday 9:45 A.M. | !110 a.r~.SundayScnoola.mWor .,p, vo.m P0nd_ . Hun ..t,,e.,.t"'"a;" .ns,""'"".,, Sunbeam director. Thelead- RICHARD CASEY - COMMUNITY CHURCH i Sunday night. Don't Miss .,.,.. Baptist Church Bill Sire eon Pastor ers are Mrs. Charles Ashby u,.tu,, p I G New Baymus ., , ......... 1o a.m. Surday School with Mrs. Ben Powell and . ......... ,,an; lnnnl! ............... |:nuren Rev. CharlesHarr|eon.pastor 7 m" IvlYF It am Morning Worship Marilyn Montgomery as G'0iP'Et .... M EEiiNG..... '1 oodNews Far Yo,,! 5nurcn ul I;nrlst s s helpers for the 8 year old ...... Rev. John,;.,:oom~r, Pa, tor !ga.m.:undaY .ch . 7:~0 p.m. Evenlng Worshtp Sunbeams; Mrs. NoahPhelps A Sermon Presented At The 10 e.m Sunclay Scnoot Q.30 a.m. Morning Worshtp 11 a.m. Mormng worship 7 30 p.m. WednesdayEven- II a.m, Worship Service ' ' (every 1st Sunday} 7 p.m. Training Union log Prayer MeeUngJr. with Mrs. Ray Brackett helper for 6 and 7 year I Oh, ty olds and Mrs. Ralph Gard- 0 COUrt $( N0 Services At . Ladies Of nerchildrenfOr 4 and 5 yearwith Kathy Haynesld ~ Beaver Dam ,, :; y Ad ' Seventh-Day Advent,st October 14 Christian Auxilary ers.and Laura Hudson as help- eventh-Da vent,st Church No servlceswlll be con-ent, oftheKentueky-Tennes-U..-,~ T...J.. Humble Valley Church Of Christ [ ducted at the Ohio County see Conference of Seventh- rebel, luesuil By The Minister Seventh - Day Adventist day Adventist churches will Church t~s Sabbath, ecru- be the speaker at the 11:00 ']'he ladies of theChristJan TO Hold Revival r,o,-,, a.m. worshlphour. uxlllary met at the home of The Humble Valley Gen- October 13 Through 20 I Pastor Claude Steeti The congregation willpar- , Services will begin with .Mrs. Stanley Murphy Tues eral Baptist Church will hold I at9 0am OH, .,to ooo ,oo ta= oo0 , meetin attheAdventtst Central Standard Time. The members present. They are October 16. The nighflyser- i Sunday Night church at i'. itchfield, Ken- public is cordially Invited. Mrs. LucyDavison, Mrs. O1- vices will begin at 7:30 with i Pastor Steen ......... Presld lie Radcliff, Mrs. Minnie the Rev. James Campllnas Ed Walker Of Sheperdsville October IS, At 7':30 tucKy, v. L. ~aney, - Leach and Mrs. Malle Mldo evangelist. He will be as- ' ' I kiff. An Church Hews Cal Y : ' Refreshments were served sisted by the church's pas- tor, Clarence Burde,te. Ever!one Invited [ You Are Cordially Invited!, by the hostess. All enjoyed a Everyone is cordially in- THE OHIO COUNTY TIMES 298 7100tmppy afternoon, vttedto attel d.