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October 11, 1973     The Ohio County Times News
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October 11, 1973

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THE OHiO COUNTY TIMES, HARTFORD, KENTUCKY, OCTOBER 1i, 1973 4 Tom Anderson's Straight Talk ISRAELI PEACE? CONQUEROR'S TERMS The Arab and Israeli war is over the possession of that strip of land that runs from Dan to Beersheba, between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. The Jews owned that land for a short time 3,000 years ago..The forefathers of the residents of Palestine owned it for centuries until the Jews took it by force. Some Arabs, of course, still live in Israel as second-class citizens. But Jews mmigrate from all over the world to have first-class citizenship. Israel wants @eace - like Russia wants peace - on a conqueror's terms. WANT JEWISH STATE! Former Israeli Prime Minister Ben Gurion has said: "Israel is the country of the Jews and only the Jews. Every Arab who lives here has the same right as any minority citizen of any country in the world, but he must admit the fact that he lives in a Jewish country." And General Dayan has said: "Economically we can (let the Arabs return) but I think this is not in accord with our national aims for the future. It would turn Israel into a national or poly-national state instead of a Jewish state, and we want a Jewish state." Millions of Americans want # non- Jewish state, but if they so proclaimed such they would be branded as Hitlers. Millions of Americans wish the Negroes were back in Africa. Instead of stealing the Negroes homes from them they'd be willing to buy them at an inflated price and give the Negroes a free one- way, first-class ticket to Africa. Such Americans are known as bigots and racists. THE GREAT WHEAT STEAL It now comes out that before the Russians bought one-fourth of the United States wheat crop from several American corporations last summer, that the Russians offered to trade their natural gas for our sur- plus, government-owned grain. The Russian offer and efforts to promote government-to-government trade were rejected on May 9, 1972, by one Clarence D: Palmby, then an official of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Palmby then found it is still treason, I am opposed to us selling anything to the Communists. But if the sale was to be made, it should have been made government- to-government. The American taxpayer and the American farmer should have received the hundreds of millions of dollars profit which the six mulit.national corporate jackals devoured. We still read news accounts and columnists' observations which talk about the "misunderstandings" surrounding the wheat transactions. Hogwash! The whole thing was crystal clear. The private companies, have made hundreds of millions of dollars in a transaction which (1) should never have taken place at all; and (2) if it did take place, should have been a government-to- while American grocery prices sky- rocket. "Treason doth never prosper, What's the reason? For if it prosper, None dare call it treason." WHAT SECURITY? Richard Nixon is now claiming he was justified in establishing the secret controversial "intelligence gather" under White House control for purposes of "national security". The President rightly states that foreign governments have financed revolutionaries in America. For instance, the government of Libya has reportedly furnished nearly $15,000,000 to the revolutionary Black Panthers and other radical militants. know what's going on -. American people don't. And incidentally, since law against any American money from any foreign to influence, affect or legislation or policy in why does not the prosecute all the Black other revolutionists? Former White House aid Ehrlichman has testifi' President Nixon authorized the called "plumbers" inveS group inside the White House security leaks within ministration and t major internal security .............................................. .....`r............................................................:...:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:...cnvenient to resign his job and go government, no-middle-man, no- What the President does not say is being handled by the ::?:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::k::::::::::::::::::::::::with Continental Grain Corn any profit deal, those private "en- that we could easily stop that: all "security problem" was ::. ,...:.............- ................ . .......... . ........ ............... ........................................................ .:.:.:. P :i ! .:. "!:!:!:!Thus, Continental and five other trepreneurs" can now afford to we'd haveto do is to quit financing the of the Nixon Administra iii .! PAUL HARVEY N,EW.$ "  iiii!trading companies got in on the act deliver quite a sum to the Nixon Zionist steal of Arab lands and ii .i! "  '] ",and made millions of dollars selling administration in the accustomed properties. ii:ii J, . !!ilgrain which our government had suitcases. So now the secret is out ! Whowasit Rumorhasit thatRicl :!::.i '': .'! :!:i:!:bought from Our farmers..As one who And now other traitors have sold held secret from? Only the American now so unpopular he had iii.!!:*.: /,,..\\; I ii::':.iithinks aid to and trade with the enemy 50o,000 tons of wheat to Red China, people! All foreign governments for his cemetery lot. :;:,:,:. , -,.:::. ' :...:::. " " Government ::00iiiii . , Little o wine makers :'.::::i: . .. ' :i:: i:i:i::: l'oliticians sought to buy the allegiance of young people wth prommes :!:i:i:i ,D (., i!!iiiii of legislation allowing young Americans to vote, drink, borrow money, !::i:i: q_/ """ ,,wn property and to do a whole host of other things at lg instead of 21. iiii :.:::.: There was a hook in the bait. When the law calls you an "adult" at 18, you also give up some rights. Box office surveys show that the movie musical "Tom Sawyer" brought many school-agers back again and again, They fell in love with Aunt Polly, identified with Tom and Huck and learned the lilting music by heart. i::i::i:.:." And, despite the deprivation, dangers and discipline endured by the movie's principals, most repeat viewers of the movie said;'Kids had fun :.:+:. in thoe days." iiiiiii Today's 15 million American 18- through 20-year-olds never had it so ii!::i::i:: g, md. Yet their songs never sounded so sad. !!i!!ili Since winning the right tovote in 1970, young adults in.most states are, i:i:i:i: now legally eligible to make wills, own property, sign contracts, marry i!iiiiiil without parental consent and drink. sue also implies the right to be sued. The right to own property in his own name also means he can no ,- ...... :.:.:.: hmger claim support from his family. ":':::::':ii The ri hi to "charge' it" implies liability for the payments And,,tn'causel, 1 accident statistics show that thmr judgment has not , ma urc o ernight, young people still haveto pay higher auto insurance !:   = riles. SeveVral states in which public drinking is now legal at. 18 report a .:  * ...... slmrp new increase in automobile accidents involving young drivers. " jii " Though entitled to credit and bank loans, the young adult will be .-! 40 "0  " lurned down as a "poor risk" unless he is gainfUy and steadily :',,'" " . " ...... * :ii:i: pioyed. - ........................ i'ii !i divorced families, child support payments which formerly continued j!i Io agt 21 may now end at age 18. i.'*.'! The federal government and some states have lowered the required age :.:.ii for service on juries from 21 to 18. Jury service may now be required. i In shawl, they wanted into the club; now the dues are due. . ,,,,,,,,,.,w, !i[ii'.':.: They ve gained prerogatives, but they pay with the increased pressure :.:.;ii of decisionmaking. iiii! The number of young Americans now getting psychiatric treatment at i!ii! established mental health facilites has doubled since 1965. i !!!i! The American Medical Assn. calculates that during our nation's most !!i!i! al'l'lunt year--this one--10 million Americans need treatment for iiiiiii d, oressio,, !i!i!! Suicide " ,'ales are up for our population generally, but, for the young, !!iiiii spt clacularly. ili::ii The Aquarian age of harmony celebrated by young rebels of the Sixties .. .iii!i!  was stillborn: ' . . " !i i!ii!!:: . I,itlk wonder today's sophisticated young seeksolace for an hour in the !!i ii!!ii::i ira of Iss affluence and more laughter--in theworld of Tom SaLwyer and !i!i.'.::! !iiii!! Iluck F inn and The Waitons. " , i!i'!ii! A mericans Face Unique Shortages lowest possible prices to consumers for everything from groceries to gasoline.Those who look with somethingakin toglee at theprospect that shortages will force businesses to forgo promotional efforts show the least understanding of our modern mechanism of production and distribution. The best possible news is that retailers of all kinds-,gasoline and food. for instance--continue to offer such inducements as trading stamps. Even if a service .station cannot fill your tank or a merchant runs low on certain items: he makes it clearly evident throught the giving of those little pieces of paper that are redeemable for valuable mer- chandise that he appreciates the patronage of his customers. For the first time in memory--at least in peacetime--U.S, consumers have been faced with the prospect of not being able to have all they want of certain necessities and luxuries they may wish to buy. They face shortages in such things as food and energy. There is, as yet, little public un- derstanding of the dangers implicit in permitting shortages to undermine in any way the efficiency and produc- tiveness of the competitive enterprise system. People wonder, for example, why companies continue to advertise and promote their names and their products or why they continue to seek more satisfied customers. The an- swer is simple. Even when there are shortages, in fact especially when there are shortages, retailers and businesses of all kinds must work harder than ever before to maintain the economies of scale flowing to consumers from mass production and mass distribution. Only the most shortsighted, to use an illustration, will us shortages as a a lever to kill promotion and advertising, which are the foundation of the high volume movement of goods-that means the This is the heart of the American system, and it would be a sad day indeed for everyone if the. time should ever arrive when the American businessman no longer feels compelled to boost his product and please his customers. These are the factors that. in the long tun, are vital to the perpetuation of a high living standard. Marilyn Manion The door to Red China is open, and the welcome mat is out. The Mainland is the place to visit this year, and the In thing to do is to go there and send back rapturous reports about the wonderful way in which the people live. .The report of.Wu shu.jen is not rosy. But then he is not a Western '*expert"; it took him eight hours of swimming to escape to Hong Kong. Wu Shu-jen, an engineer, was a member of Red China's water polo team, and was selected as a swim- ming b0dygurad for Mao Tse-tung when Mao made his famed swim across the Yangtze River. After fighting with a Red Guard faction during the 1967 cultural revolution, Wu feared retaliation by the army and bribedhis way to the border town of Pao Am, opposite Hong Kong. In 1969, he swam to freedom. While Westerners carry on about life in the Mainland, Wu tells how many people are willing to risk their lives to escape it: ,'According to the official statistics released by the Hong Kong govern- ment. in the last year there were 22.000 people picked up by Hong Kong police Who had escaped from the Mainland into Hong Kong: The H0n$ Kong government also said that for each refugee picked up by thepolice. three others stwak in undetected. So, all told, there were as many as 68.000 people escaping from Mainland China to Hong Kong lastyear alone. There are others Who escaped into 'ther places like Thailand. Burma, furkey, the Soviet Union and even North Korea and North Viet Nam. "Many intellectualS. workers, farmers are discontented with the Communist regime, especially the group of 60 million young people who have been forced to qui t their schools and go to work in remote provinces as farmers. These young people, once in villages, simply do not have the ways to Survive and many of them have sneaked back into the cities. In the cities they have committed many crimes such as burglary, robbery and even prostitution. Once given the chance, these young people will be the most powerful force against the Communist rule. "The Chinese Communist govern- ment would never let any outsiders see the real conditions in Mainland China. As far as I know, there are several model cities and model people's communes in Mainland China especially designed for foreign visitors. The foreigners are provided escorts and given guided tours of these model areas but no foreigners would ever be shown the darker side of Mainland life. For instance, there are so many prisons in Mainland China which are full of prisoners but, may I ask, has any single American visitor been admitted to any of these prisons? "Because of the news blackout in Mainland China and the strict watch over the people by the authorities, I doubt very much that many people there know about Taiwan or about any news of the Free World. But still, as far as I know, many people are listening to broadcasts from Taiwan at great risk of their lives. But even if the people know very little about the outside world they are still escaping in large numbers because they know that nowhere, no place in the world can be any worse than the Mainland China today." marne . Budget Hu More Daily Each day the total cost of govern- ment increases, and it takes another bite out of the takehome pay and the personal independence of the American people. When the actions and growth of government no longer benefit the people and instead begin to disrupt and dislocate the affairs of the nation and the lives of the people, it is time to change directions. There seems little question that we have come to a turning point in history. Up to now, we have been a nation of surpluses. We have had the most productive, vital economy in the history of nations. Our strength was so great that we could afford waste and errors and inconsistencies in government's administration of its own affairs and in its management of matters affecting the basic economics controling the production of such essential things as food and energy supplies. We could almost afford excessive expansion in public welfare programs in an effort to deliver, at taxpayer expense, the good life to all our people. We could tolerate massive federal deficits that would have sunk most countries and have brough a gradually accelerating rate of inflation to our own. But now people of many nations have become more affluent and are competing for the good life. In a shrinking world, there is international competition for natural resources. The U.S. must bid for these. Suddenly, we are no longer self- sufficient in the vital matter of supplying ourselves with essential petroleum products. We must import massive and increasing quantities. We can no longer control the cost of our energy supply and hold that cost at a low level. Other nations are willing to pay more, and we must bid against them. We must export goods to pay for the oil which we buy abroad. Among our most important exports are agricultural com- modities, for which there is a growing world demand. We must reverse a 40- year policy of limiting our farm production to hold up prices. We must encourage the planning of new acres and the production of farm com- modities for sale in the international markets. High demand for food supplies will mean higher prices for groceries at the local supermarket. Like our energy supply, our food supply is going to cost more. Regardless of political pressures, there is nothing that government can do to maintain the tradition of cheap energy and cheap food. Record-high world demand for grain and rising grain prices inevitably mean higher prices for bread. Overall, it is ex- pected that the end of 1973 will see food costs rising from 18 to 22 percent over a year ago, and food prices cannot be frozen or set too low by price controls without drying up supply. We have seen this happen in the case of meat. Government policies must change to encourage American business, industry and agriculture to produce more, no less, and'ttiose policies must change quickly. There are many examples. It makes little maintain stiff price gasoline, heating oil a  petroleum and products when there is a severe these essential fuels.This is not the way to encourage production in the U.S, or struction of new refineries critically needed in this time when there is wo.rldV petition for all natural for markets in which to sell'P it makes little sense to federal legislation cripple U.S. companies manufacturing and facilities overseas. These strengthen markets for goods and bolster our sinking of payments. Yet such is proposed. I makes little cripple with regulatio novative capacity of  maceutical companies led the world in research, ment and introductiion of products and which are falling behind companies of other nationS.: little sense to regulate free market out of market which has always consumer's finest greatest volume and hi goods and services at possible prices. When there are so many matters, it makes little machinery of the federal to be stalled endlessly in of wrongdoing by those who thought the end jP means used to reelect a Congress could better creating constructive, policies that would great engine of competi enterprise to get on producing the things es qualit of human progress of modern ci Justice surely does not three-ring circus a year ormore.The law would be better spent some means to control spending habits, long so to threaten the fi every American. And so goes. These are just the dislocations in our which government pol shaped more by than reality, have role. Perhapsit would be this day and age to best government is still governs least. But, in the, that is happening, it see  reasonable to state better government which governed at less more regard for the world today and for the necessary to the tioning of the economic which every person in States depends for for hi and his future.