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October 10, 2002     The Ohio County Times News
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October 10, 2002

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TIMES-NEWS, HARTFORD, KENTUCKY, OCTOBER 10, 2002, PAGE 4-A LETTERS TO EDITOR EDITORIAL i i /111 i ii i i ,,i, ii if , , i 4 Is television advertising going the way of R-rated movies or some of the trash that's shown on MTV, a popular music channel? All one has to do is turn on a television and watch the commercials -- particularly beer commercials -- to get the answer. There was a time when Coors Brewing Company, with roots in beau- Colorado, gave us all a little boost with comm showing those snow-covered mountains, and dear, crisp springs fl m which the company claims water for its product comes. Even if you're not a beer drinker or reject anything having to do with it, mnmercials were oftentimes beautiful to behold. Then there was Budweiser, with its roots solidly stitchedin St. Bud didn have any mountains to show offb t they did us with a lot of commercial humor with a couple of liza., 19 cvmmercials., i Remember Frank and Emie? ' i Miller Brewing Company used famc as sports several in the same commercials -- in an attempt to boost Sales of* products. It was effective and clean adv . While we didn?twant ::our children partaking of these various beverages, we dida parUcu- - mrly mind them ........... watching the commercials. The lizards were entertaining, the moun- tains were spectacular, and the sports heroes were interesting. So what happened to that decent advertising?. What got into those beverage finns that caused them to switch from something nobody ob- jected to in favor of something a lot of people are offended by? The three businesses now are featuring scantily-clad women per- forming some heavy sex riented dancin__g to get their messagm across. Perhaps they took a page from Pepsi Cola and some of its sex-clogged commercials. However, despite drawing a lot of attentien, Pepsi's ora- mercials are mild compared to some of those employed by the some of the beer spots. We have to ask what vulgar and suggestive bodil__y have to do with efforts to sell beer? We also have to ask ffthe have no respect for children and family values during prime time hours? We did away with cigarette commercials and a tsbecause almost everybody agrees the products are detrimenta] good healt ii ii f WASHINGTON -- Follow the money. We heard this during Watergate. Weheard this during Iran-Contra. It is the watch phrase for all sorts of nefarious activities. It is the watch phrase States. Because oil is fungible, it does not matter if the United States buys it from an ally or enemy. If the United States buys oil from Mexico, a friend, then another oil can't some of that money be used in other areas that need road work? This had been a constant battle for us for many years. We are tired of tn nf phohe calls and attendtn meetil gs. We are taxpayers like every other citizen and should not have deal with such a burden. Old Cabin Lane is not ask- ing for much, just what we were promised. We would also like for you to remember us when you cast your vote in Novemo her. May I remind you, wears in the Fifth district. Ben and Starr Givens 799 Old Cabin Beaver Dam, Happy BirthdayV pro- claimed the greeting card. "Just a reminder for screening and vaccination programs... Don't wait, early treatment works bestV Colorfully illustrated with balloons and streamers, the card detailed warning signs for breast cer, eolorectal cancer, cervi- cancer, heart disease, diabe- tos and pneumonia. The second greeting card read, "Happy Birthday! Now is a good time to make sure you are fully covered for long-term care insurance; it was signed by my insuranoe agent. Does he know something I donS:? I used to look forward to re- ceiving birthday cards, lingering over pretty penmanship and kind words written by my near and dear. The handwriting often revealed which envelopes con- tained money (Aunt Garnet, Grandmother Ruth, Uncle Gus, all gone now) and which ones didn't (everybody else). An envelope's dimensions also pro- vided clues about the sender- Lane 42320 - morn and dad always chose over- The AI Old Cabin Lane was promised road repairs. It has been three weeks and nothing has been done. We have not been supplied With a full load of gravel for over ayear. With every road, except Old Cabin Lane, being chip and sealed down Highway 269, we figured that we could at least the road grated, graveled, and maybe a layer of oil. If you ever happen to drive through Prentiss; take a look at the condition of Old Cabin You will see nothing but holes and mud. Also the fact that we are the only road that is not chip and sealed. Many roads in this county Dear Editor, are black-topped and chip and Recently attending an Ohio- sealed for miles and not a unty Fiscal Court meeting, single house on them. Why LETTER TO EDITOR Fiscal Court taking its time with road improvements forts and educational and economic activi- ties. It is the last of these that holds the greatest prospect for ultimate success, because glo- bal terrorism cannot be conducted without and substantial flow Ironically, much of the terrorist money comes from the United enough oil to meet the food and medical needs of his nation. But we know that he is using much of the money to develop weapons of mass de- struction. He is also the only world leader Jack Anderson to openly support ter- syndicated rorists, which is columnist what happened when he offered to the family of every funds, suicide bomber who attacks Is- raelis. a regular $25,000 of The Bush administration is ementary. mates talk about how they don't to sit on the floor either, so I decided to write up a petition for anyone who didn't like to sit on the floor and asked them if they And what does Iraq's Saddam Hussein do with that oil money? He is theoretically limited to selling just as sufficient to confirm the Saddam-terrorist connection, directly from But Iraq only has the second- ment. The largest pool ofoil reserves in the 11 suicide world. The largest is in Saudi nationals. Arabia, America's longtime ally But, as in the Arab world. It is a strange Hussein, alliance, ing After Iraq invaded Kuwait in rorists is 1990, its forces spilled over into though logic Saudi Arabia, where the U.S. show such 82nd Airborne Division stopped takable. them. The ensuing Desert Storm So, in the campaign to flee Kuwait was as national much a campaign to protect Saudi Arabia. even if the Saudi Arabia is a kingdom ruled by one family. Women are prediction: without rights. The laws are medieval. The countryis militar- size aspects ily weak. So, like other small, ics in the ating in sized sentimental cards. I was taught that, no matter what age, birthdays are special occasions to be celebrated. More than once I've stuck a single lighted candle in a cupcake, made a wish and blown the candle out by myself. It's the thought that counts. When the computer- generated, doom-theme cards started arriving this year I was ag- grieved; somewhere a medical database was tracking actuarial tables to predict how long Iql Tad Bartimus live, what I'm likely to die of, and when I'm go- syndicated ing to depart. This is not columnist the sort of present to welcome in the mailbox. This week, however, I was again reminded of how lucky I am to have health insurance when the government released figures that show 41.2 million citizens -- 14.6 percent of the population -- is uninsured. Be- cause I have coverage, I can walk into a hospital or doctor's office, hand over a plastic card and get treated immediately, no ques- tions asked. That isn't to say it doesn't cost me money -- I pay 20 percent of "reasonable fees plus a monthly paycheck deduction. But if I wasn't insured, I'm not sure I'd be alive because of my chronic, incurable illness that sometimes flares up without warn- ing. With steady medical supervision it's not likely to kill me; without medical oversight it could. My widowed, 60-year- old friend was without health insurance for the year between the death of her husband and find- ing her new job. Every day that year she was terrified she would get sick and lose everything to pay hospital and doctor bills. Her 33-year-old son, who lost his job six months ago, still is uninsured as he searches for new employ- ment. Until he gets his health insurance back, neither mother nor son will have a peaceful mo- ment. Like my friend's tween being class erage while party with ees because afford to hit by able to find their slack. ers tivity -- 12 percent cans are million kids insurance, one in 5 whO It is through the care tenuous Which is my best year, or plastic carry Thank you for your support, Edie Render, grade stu- dent, CentertoWn 42328 and students El- My dad also went tothe the survey that was sent tO our School Board meeting and Mr. . parents did not expl to them anty told him to go back to the that we are being forced to sit Base Council with this prob- on the gym floor. So, with your lem. This makes the third time help, maybe this time they will we are bringing this issue back hear our voice! tO them. Please attend thil meeti This is where we need your Tuesday, October 15, at 5 p,m., lp! I have listened to my class- at Western Elementary hool. ers, who can understand why, if we have bleachers that are in good shape, we are being forced to sit on the floor. We are always taught at school that we can make a dif- ference, and that we all have a voice. But the first survey that the teachers gave us said we did not want to sit on the floor. Also, ooI Board members for help, iind was told he didn't see any- wrong with it. a war.) These include want to sign it. Solar, we have military operations, in- around 130 stude te' names, telligence and counter- Also, some ofthep have ]ntellig'ence opera- formed a petition about this tions, diplomatic ef- know, we are being forced to sit on the gym floor in the morning. Some of the students sometimes have to sit on the gym floor 40 to minutes, depending on what their bus arrives. ii We have asked one of our Dear Editor, We, the students of Western Elementary Sch , eed your pport on Tuesday, October 15, 5 p.m. at Western Elementaryproblem and they have School. 200 names which consist of par- For som of you who don't ents, grandparents and taxpay- (~,' sit on e (We have previously ex- p'lained that to call this a war is to give legal standing to the terrorists. It is not mmounce that it is waging a elsewhere, say fromlra% en- te orists --the maWrial gath- ..... War on terrorism on several emy. ............ ered ..... not been' .... acknowledged ' Would the beer producers like to see the same thing happen to them morality and apublic's .!" to watch, televi- the figl t. terrorism, consumer who might, have pur- li ce officer and Moham d I ael. smut?. ......... '* .... TheB ii administration has chased from Mexi 0,: i'buy it Att ,*-t e e a [er of the 11 ! o er tial evidence -- plus a reported meeting between an Iraqi intel- ing and trying to find a smoking gun that rich links Saddam and his oil dollars protection. to AI Qaeda terrorists. Although it from the there is substantial circumstan- But it alsO