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September 27, 1973     The Ohio County Times News
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September 27, 1973

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is a housewife and cents? This question comes up our courtrooms. housewife has died and her family is some amount her dollar value.- lily has lost because the key issue it would cost to housekeeper to the same 'work necesry. Sometimes broken down into the that the de- performing. ? ;HI award may such items (per of services as 'llrs of services as a of services as I0 lurers of services llur, 2 hoi1rs ol' scr- m)kkecper. lherc arc endless variables. Suppose, for instance, that the deceased was excep- tionally capable in her domeslic chores. That couhl increase her worth. 'l'hLIs, Ihc dollar vahlc of one houscwil'c killed in an auto collision, was hehl to bc higher than average because she made most of the family clothing and camlcd considerable produce from her hackyard garden. In allothcr case, the figure was higher because the womitn helped her husband in his plumb- ing business; in another, because she worked part-time as a bus driver; in another, because she gave special nursing It) her ail- ing child. Does the law allow compensa- tion also for the "society, care, anti attention" she gave to her husband and children? Same courts do, on the theory that these Ioo are "services" with a price. ()ther collrls, ho.,.cel', (Jon'l go Ilud l ar. saying such bene- fits arc leo illlallgiblc to be nle,'l- surl[ ill money. l:urthcrmorc, I'ators that may be plus in eric situation may be minus in anolhcr. In one case an award of' $75,000 was hchl tot) righ, kll'gcly because the woman had functioned at a be- low-average Icvt:l in family mat- ters. She 11:,(I been ,,n Unfriendly terms uilh her htisbaml, and, he- cause ,1t' her own frailties, had pl:Lvcd only a minor role in the uphringing or their chihlren. IN WORLD HOPI INDIAN RESERVATION I the oldest 'inhabited ommu- Name it. Norfolk Where did the first legislative assembly in America meet? uolsemar CI Scr4nfon Willies.Bar re City"? A Mas- What city on the Mexican bor- der is a noted health resort? sad I] What country was ousted from the 1972 Olympics? a!sepoqa Hopi Indian village is known to have early as the 12th century. Situated on a high old Oraibi has houses rising three or four from stone with adobe mortar. New a population of about 300. has a trading post i)WN--Jamestown was founded on the James L an enclave of English settlers. Here m 1619 assembly met in the church, under the Governor Yeardley. Among the members of was the first American ancestor of Thomas TIAN-Frotn the tirt shops and brass works of here to the development of cutlery and tool Britian has earned the title "Hardware manufactures include electrical appliances is the largest city on the Mexican border lmercial center. Its industries include g, meat packing and cement manufacturing. It a substantial trade with Mexico. With an about 3,800 feet, and in a region noted for its Paso is a popular health resort. in 1778 a body of British soldiers led a indians against the settlements of the lley. The settlers took refuge in Forty Fort force. After two-thirds of their number the fort's inhabitants surrendered. Many of ter tortured and killed by the Indians. a has had troubled relations with COuntries since 1965 when Prime Minister Ian Rhodesia's independence from Britian. its own constitution which upholds white rule, been strongly criticized for its racial stand. 36-31 the International Olympic Committee from participating in the 20th Olympics its. , THE OHIO COUNTY TIMES, HARTFORB, KENTUCKY, SEPTEMBER 27, lg13 :. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ............ ..............:.: ........:... .........:: :: :: :: :::::::::. ............ :. :. :. :. :.:. :..................... :......-...-.-...-.-. ;.......... ......... -...........-.. ..y.............:...Y.............:.......:......:...:...:...:......v....-..:....v.............:.......................:...;:....:...:.;.v:..:....`..... .-.'.-.. ...... ......: ......v.;.:...:.:.....;...:,... :i:i:i ' :::::::: Henr)00 J Ta0000lor !i00ii on national and international affairs :;:::::.: .:.1":." >:,:::. ::::::;: >:.:.:- .:.:.:.: Our Central Intelligence Agency's operatives in Moscow find much more than meets the eye in the Kremlin's per- seeution of famous physicist Andrei D. Sakharov for warning us against Soviet peace moves and the crackdown against distinguished mathematician Valentin F. Turchin for supporting hime. Behind the scenes the agents see today the biggest, most malicious and most dangerous drive against internal dissent since Stalin's death in 1953. Stalin called fear "the greatest motivating force for mankind." Stalin would know. While Pravda minimizes dissenters as "a tiny bunch" and condemns the Western support, Sakharov-Turchin call "deliberate obfuscation" any questions regarding visits to the American Embassy. SL'I'ER TRAP The embassy stands on the circular boulevard known as Sadovoye Ring, fronted by high wrought-iron gates and a dingy courtyard. A series of Soviet K.G.B. IKomitet Gosudarstvennoi Bezopasnosti secret police outposts are hidden across the street. These allow the photographing of everyone who comes in or out. The initial persecution of Nobel Prize novelist Alexsandr I. Solzhenitsyn began with a purely social visit the American Embassy. So did the arrest of the important Soviet author Andrei Amalrik, who condemned the Com- munist historians' "twisting of history." "UIonovtsi" is the Russian word for slave labor. "Taiga" Q. I'm most discouraged with the sizing problem in pantyhose. I recently bought a pair because of an ad- vertisement which sounded good-offering six different sizes. It turned out there were really only three-and not actually that many. "Stretch" was apparently the magic that made one size fit several human sizes. And there are panty hose about which makers say: "One size fits all." They don't. Can anything be done about this "perfect sizing" situation? A. For several years progressive manufacturers of hosiery have been working on better sizing standards and terminology because of exactly the problem you outline. In fact, one manufacturer started a real campaign to stop pantyhose makers from trying to put "two pounds of meat in a one-pound bag," as he expressed it. The fact isthereare on the market pantyhose designed to fit different sizes and types. There are others that claim to fit different sizes--but don't. The practical consumer hunts for the dependable-size brand--and doesn't buy any until it's available. Q. My husband feels I spend too much on various cleaners for bathroom, countertops, glass and furniture. Every shopping day we have a discussion. Is there a way to cut down? A. Yes, to a certain extent. The same cleaner, if it is a good one, can be used for bathroom, countertops, and even for burned-on food in pans. But glass needs a different cleaner, and furniture must have still a different one. The wrong cleaner could cost more in damage to surfaces than the weekly cost of the various basic cleaners you need in a household. Q. I am in the process of buying a new kitchen stove and had my heart set on one with a self-cleaning oven but have heard so many conflicting statements on the safety of such an oven l don't know whether I should buy one or not. I heard of one not shutting off and getting so hot the owner had to call fhe fire department. Can you tell us about how safe this oven really is? A. Underwriters' Laboratories, which is a nonprofit laboratory testing products for public safety, has set up a series of very tough tests for self-cleaning ovens--if they are to carry the UL listing symbol. For instance, the oven door must have a locking mechanism that keeps the oven locked during the cleaning process, and until it has cooled down afterward. All parts must be of a character to stand up to extreme heat without losing durability. A careless or ignorant consumer can still create a danger by misuse not vet imagined. But a responsible user who reads and follows directions and makes sure the oven carrie.theU.L, listing symbolwill find such an oven safe in normal use. Peneds cf time 26. Compass p,.h nt 27. biock 29. Trcnsgres- sions 1. Former Russian ruler ACROSS 33. Carry . Pry 5. ron, I-LIOIwId!011iSIs]xl 1 6. Spring month chemistry I I. Organic 37. Mercury Islslol12JoZIi compound antiseptic 14, By 39. Emploser 15. Arrow poison 4l, Possessive 16 Ohve genus pronoun ]7. Cover 43. Ceose [sllImlli] II 21. Prlntlng 46 Fll chestnut measures -',8, Musical 22. Eternal instrument -1.), S:ut:on 24 50. Digraph DOWN 5]. Ophccl 6. Paid notice instrument '1. Weighing 7. For 54. Wigom device 8. Chest rattle 2 Endemic 9, Newspaper 55. Adlusted 3 Either paragraphs 4 Wide sash I0 Rent 5, Small body ]2 In this place of water i3, Period of time is the slave labor's barbed-wire cage. Amalrik was sen- The usual excuse for the horrible madhouse charade is a' tenced, along with the other living dead, to three years in a "certificate" issued by the Serbsky institute in Moscow. It" ghastly Arctic tundra taiga. The only witness permitted to is ordinarily signed by a Prof. D. R. Lunts under the.' defend him was his wife. Gyuzel, who was then arrested, direction of the KGB. Ostensibly the man in command of all this is Yuri V. Andopov. who functions as chairman of the Soviet State i'ART OF RED ARMY Security Committee. This means the dreaded K.G.B. Moscow's police force is a part of the Red Army militia.: It is commanded by Lieut. Gen. Andret P. Koslow. It is BREZIlNEV TOP MAN backed up by an elite motorized divisiOn and Koslov rules, Officially, the K.G.B. is a government agency at the them both from a shadowy, six-story building at Petrovka, ministry level. Actually, the true authority is the Ad- 38. But our CIA finds that, for the first time, Brezhnev ts ministrative Organs section of the Communist party's incorporating the force into the K.G.B. Central Committee Secretariate. This is headed by First Brezhnev is using three legal pretenses in the current Secretary Leonid I. Brezhnev. persecution of dissidents: It is Brezhnev himself who has direct and absolute control of the infamous K.G.B. Andropov is merely his 1) They are charged under Article 190-1 of the Soviet" lackey. Brezhnev elevated Andropov to the Politburo some Criminal Code, which is a catch-all for any kind of arrest. months ago. That merely guilds the lily. 2) In Chapter 10, Article 206, Paragraph Ii - Crimes The K.G.B. has 15 directorates and they are headquar- AgainstPublicSecurity, Order and Health - the code llst tered in an immense, grim, stone, former insurance "'malicious holliganism." The Kremlin defines this as  company building in Moscow's downtown Dzherzhinsky nearly any public safety violation. The punishment ts a year Square. The square is named for Felix Dzherzhinsky, the in prison for the first offense and five years for the second.: Soiet Union's first secret police chief. And the t3) Lastly, there is a new provision, the so-ealk headquarters includes the Lubyanka prison where ira- ('riminalCaseNo. 24--the latest improvisatton against "anti. portant persons are questioned and held where K.G.B. chief Soviet agitation." The first dissenter to go on trial under it, l,avrenti P. Beria was shot. June 19, 1972) was astrophysicist Yuri Melnik. He was Putting dissenters like illustrious writer Zhores Melvedev sentenced in Leningrad to three years in a Siberian Tiaga.) in the madhouse in a K.G.B. function, although this is If the Kremlin masters want you to be guilty you are always denied. K.G.B. Lieut. Col. P.T. Smolikov, well guilty, or they make you so. And our CIA agents in Moscow known to our CIA, is now conducting most of the trumped- see the Sakharov-Turchin crackdown as certain to becmne up investigations, a standard form of Kremlin cercion. IT'S NICE TO COME HOME... especially when there's someone spe- cial waiting for you! It makes you feel like you really belong. There's another kind of good, secure feeling . . it's the confidence that comes with knowing you're prepared for financial emergencies.., because you've been saving regularly at Every Fr,'c ay Nigh t Is BANK NIGF-T Open Until 7 The Hartford Bank And Trust Company THE BANK THAT DOES MORE THINGS FOR MORE PEOPLE MORE OFTEN Hartford, Kentucky o,.00c.o.s OFFICERS Mrs. Andy Anderson __ -- Mrs, Andy Anderson, President , R, T. Baker 6' "7 James H. Higginbotham, Exec Vice President James H. Higginbotham " / 00Tr.' 7 20.18 ObhgationB,de Regular Personalized Cecil P. Taylor, Vice President '. t r.. . . r- Hayward Spinks !" '3 23. Summer [:)avid C. Brown, Cashier bnecKs rurnlsnecI tree c.o,,, [] -- flower Roll Tichenof  25 Supercilious p Ter'-' zl l 2. personsco.ds EMPHASIS ON-ACCURACY AND SERVICE zv -- 30. Portico -- -- 32 Motor port 4. Get free Worehoos, - TELEPHONES- 298-3261  38. Timber wolf -- l[ate..h dpotttor ioeured to $20,000 ,li TWO BRANCH BANKS ilI00 I,00I 298 3262 T 40. Spirited horse IPUI[ 1 298 3263 . Centortown And I 47. High cord ,. She . . Centertown Branch 232-4231 - 52. Note of scale Sp nks Shopping Center ,,o,,.,o,.o,,,,.,,.o,.,,o. Hart I I I  ,op ford Branch 298-3285