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August 29, 1968     The Ohio County Times News
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August 29, 1968

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THE OHIO COUNTY Yew Pklure I s er HARTFORD, KENTUCKY, AUGUST 29, 1968 6 THE OHIO COUNTY Yew Pktwt ilwqNttW 108 West Center Street HARTFORD. KENTUCKY 42347 PUBLI SHED EVERY THURSDAY BY THE OHIO COUNTY TIMES ANDY ANDERSON EDITOR AND PUBLISHER MRS. CAROLYN WHITTAKER I: UC ED, Ra I4T, + By Tom Anderson ABE FORTAS, PART III Abe Forms, President Johnson's sive organization). In the 1940'.m incredible nominee to the Job he was a member of the WashingtV~PAcd0a of Chief Justice of the Supreme Committee for Democratic . Court, was an outspoken critic of (subversive organization~Attor~Y General's list). Fortas wl~ s government loyalty security pro- grams in the late '40's and 50's. "Dove" Fortas also plugged for war against Germany before Roosevelt arranged Pearl Harbor (so we could Join our Communist friends in making the world safe for democracy). But supporter of (he doesn't whether he actually Southern Conference for fare in 1947 (listed as a Party front group for three at the time). He the "Gesell Report" for although 31 years old and with no children, he got out in less than Department, aimed at forcing ASSOCIATE EDITOR two months. Twenty-nine days of base racial integration in this was spent undergoing tests and social life, etc. of U.S. ~e; TELEPHONE 502 298 7100 examinations in a New York training Fortas tried to "fix" the camp, where it was decided he had tngton press to prevent the YEARLY SUBSCRIPTION RATES an arrested case of ocular tuber- cation of Bobby Baker's culosls." It has evidently been of the famous stereo to LBJ. O'I-IIO AND ADJOINING COUNTIES... $Z. O0 arrested ever since. He swabbed was highly praised by the Com~ COMMOI~HWEALTH OF KENTUCKY .. $3.00 no decks but immediately returned Party Worker (November 3, i ELSEWHERE IN USA ..., ........... $4. 00 to work for Secretary of Interior for denouncing the firing of ce Harold Ickes, and at 55, after pouring State Department employees f~rc SERVTCEMEN ..................... $1.00 over countless lawbooks during the loyalty as unfair and un-Amen ensuing years, hie eyesight is so Fortas said the firings were th NATIONAL NEWSPAPER MEMBER arrested that he doesn't even wear of a "police state." In aPPe i~ glasses. Thus his "service" career the firing of one Milton FrieC KENTUCKY PRESS also is similar to that of Lyndon from a top-level post in the AS S0C I ATI ON Johnson. Neither couldflnd a uniform Manpower Commission for di--. to fit them for very long. inating Communist propaga re: .......... ~ ........... When the Dominican crisis eruptedFarina pleaded before the Sup I ~~~ i in 1965, Chancellor Jaime BenitezCourt to grant Communist v We L~h ~,~Gr L~o contacted Fixer Fortas as a source opinion and litLcal ex rese*~ Editorials of the ek ~ ~1~'O~1 rI4FFI who would have Mr. Johnson's ear. (1944) PO P Benltez was interceding for his pro- STOP HIJACKINGS BEFORE U.S. IS HUMILIATED BY A FLYING PUEBLO i Communist friend and Castro parmer, Fortas, defender of Comna iiNr;JuanBosch, whowastryingtore-take White House advisor. Grea+t ~~, Ft. l uderdale (Fla.) News By Marilyn Manion the Dominican Republic for the Cam- News Manager and personal So The time is now to stop the hi- a plane, is at stake. But one shot THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM' ! "+~'! munlsts, to Lyndon Johnson, isbrillia." jacking of U.S. airplanes, whichthere through the hull of a pressurized " To~ether with Thurgood Marshall, is Alger Hiss .... nd 0f is strong reason to believe Is en- airliner could cause a mid-air ex- History, for better or for worse, from space. And meanwhile, in Roy Wllkins, Lee Pressman, Nathan Now that you know what ~ _ d couraged, if not actually plotted, by plosion that would mean death for rarely follows a logical path. Earth- this country, certain groups object Wltt, and others, Fortas is an officer man might b'ecome Chief JuStl~.~, ~o=,, and National Committeeman of the the U.S. Supreme Court, don t ;~=nt Fldel Castro. every passenger, shaking events have happened for to the expansion of strategic weapons Internationa! Juridical Association. about a thing, folks. As pre~"d The hijacking must be stopped Knowledge that a guard was aboard strange reasons---and there is nothlng programs. before this most powerful nation In and a show of force, however, would to suggest that things will change.. Despite such objections, Congress In the 1930 s he was affiliated wlth Johnson says: "Have you ever the world is again humiliated by a be an effective deterrent to htJackers. Many observers, for instance, are this year gave overwhelmlng approvalthe National Lawyers Guild (subver- it so good?" Sleep welll flying Pueblo incident, before the Nine times this year, passenger predicting what "last things" Pres-to the building of Sentinel---an ABM D la ranC- lives of another planeload of pas- planes have been seized fordiverston ident Johnson desires to accomplishsystem to protect the United States. Head Bill SayS: sengers are endangered, before to Cuba--five of them U.S. airliners, before he leaves office. It has been That Sentinel is not as comprehensive another U.S. senator is kidnaped byIn all, there have been 12 hijacking suggested that LBJ would like to as some think it should be is un- bandits determined to get to Castro's incidents, including private and crown his Presidential cap with one fortunate, but, for the moment, beside Communist Cuba at any cost. chartered planes, final, glorious feather before he the point. The fact is that Congress By Bill Kennedy Armed soldiers on every plane leaves the White House: a dis- has given a go-ahead signal for at might halt the outrages, however But the officials and the agencies armament agreement with the Soviet least the beginning of a defense sys- costly such a guard would be, until responsible for protecting American Union. For such a feat, according tem for our country. "NOT A DIME'S WORTH OF DIFFERENCE" ,,pt + the nambypambies in Washington lives, and the nation's dignity, have to the liberal Interpretation of things, Surely, then, It was not a mere come to a realization that theircoun- twiddled their thumbs through the would move future historians to coincidence that the Soviet Union's I can see George Wallace nowl a settlement without victorY. rv's honor, as well as the life of latest, and most Intensified, wave champion him as the man who saved offer to discuss disarmament came It's September 1, election year1968.Nixon could do It better." every American who steps aboard of htjackings, the world, immediately after Congress had votedHe Is standing on a political stump They agree that blame for Farfetched, perhaps. But, Just to proceed with an ABM system, waving two bundles of white sheets in the streets hangs hear WHY U.S. CAN'T WIN Des Moines (Iowa) Regi= er as possibly, true. There have been The Russians must know that this of paper. They are the 1968 plat- the heads of society, that .t~ The two reasons why the U.S. up its war effort tn South Vietnam. worse motives in history than that is the best time of all to freeze forms of the National Republican eral Government should de= cannot win in Vietnam reinforce eachRussia and China are now pouring of wanting to be remembered as us in a shaky status quo---before and National Democrat parties--ham- the problem through "brothC other. ~ billion dol!~rS wq~Lhof first-class a hero. More important than the we have installed the protective d,eT,., mered out tn week-long conventions Dick would be a better "'b President's,~eal~o[~.:~ effect of fense. (And, remember, after tl~., 'at Mlami~nd chicago. ...... : ..... They agree that educad~ The people of South Vietnam will i~~.~e~lt. ~eflt~!l~i~iNorth.VioL" what he may do'" ~'W~die man who themselves have installecl' one of their " Wallace is reading first from one,' resnonsibilitv of the Feder not cooperate. One large fraction n~nl,'Wtth, Instructors to teacn now then the other, asking his audienceern~nent. '"Schoolmaster P is deeply committed to the enemy, to use it. The Vtetcong and North signs a broad disarmament treaty own.) tem:ptaem t em tOan gUess which one t. Tnhdt a !Ce !ry mTherYsagthe best.,,r The Saigon Government and its Vlemamese fighting men have been with the Soviets be remembered as h supporters will not cooperate, either, completely re-equipped wlthsuperlor he who saved--or he who lost-- We don't blame Mr. Johnson for They are committed to the war, weapons, this nation? wanting to be a hero. Saving the y " ' 3e tthatce~dentc'g 1 to imagine, even if it isn t rigged.) should be pampered (more which is why the U.S. supports them. In the past yearand a half, the world, for whatever motive0 is an eTAT~i nW!~t; !~ ~id;:? h~Pid~tfu~ii;~d!~?h~ii~i ~i~ ii~h~: But they are also committed to Russian and China have said re- Soviets have doubled their supply admirable quest. But salvation, dtf- wealth =and power for themselves, peatedly they will send "volunteers"of intercontinental ballistic missiles, ficult to attain in any case, will t at the expense of the U.S. and their --that is, organized military units By next year, it is expected that surely not be reached by guaran- country, of their own--if needed and requested, the U.S.S.R. will surpass us in long- teeing the enemy the balance of range missiles. Russia Is producing power. There are many roads to ahead of the Democratic Convention but they claim they could ma Another large fraction of South It Is folly to doubt their word. new bombers; and she possesses an Hell, and most of them, they say, Is because the Republlcans have "done deals and buy more friends. Vietnamese wish the war would end It is folly to argue about whether It" again. They have me-tooed the They agree that we shO and try not to offend likely winners. Russia and China will come Into orbital missile which can be fired are paved with good intentions. P;~rt (,f the Saigon army acts this war or under what conditions they AN UPWARD SPIRAL Somerset (Po.) Daily American philosophies of the present Admin- over "bacl~vards (and keep lactation, claiming only that "we backwards) to meet the new way. will or will not come in. They This is 1968 not 1962, Mr. Johnson. increase in production or general can do it better." They want ative Russian spirit halfW~ With substantially the whole people are in It already, deeply. It should be remembered that in price increases. "Brotherhood" Installed in the Greaton Communism.) "Hasn't of South Vlemam dragging Its heels Russia and China are at odds with 1962 the Kennedy Admtnistrattonpar-The combination of higher wages Society; they want to "save more ready received permission or fighting on the other side, the each other on many important ticlpated actively in the steel labor of the 1965 and 1968 contracts, to-lives" th n the Democrats candurlngMoscow?" U.S. is working against heavy odds matters, hut they are as one on contract in order to effect an early gether with the higher taxes of thesurrender negoUatlons In Vietnam. in trying to fight the war, not to this. Ho Cht Mirth would prefer settlement and thereby avold stock-recent surtax levy justified the recent It's not too surprising that the They believe we should mention the difficult terrain and the not to be too dependent on them, piling of steel, action by the steel companies. In- planks in the two political platforms "create" jbbs and "do moz huge distances, but we give him no choice. After a settlement had been reached, land Steel, which held the line come outo the unemployed and continue The other reason the U.S. cannot Far from blocking "international and even the threat of a strike hadfollowing President Kennedy's bid- come out of the mill cut to the port the refused-to-be-empl win is the determination of China Communism" the U.S. Is recreating been averted, certain of the largerding, appears to be balking at the same pattern. The head of the de- And on and on the bor: and Russia that America shall not the very menace that has been fadingsteel companies announced an Johnson request. Here is the attl- sign department at Miami has been continues. As you can win~ They have told America their away since Stalin's death. America across-the-board Increase in the tude: "Our decision will be based a leading craftsman turning outGreatdependent Party Candidate determination over and over again, is unifying and pulling Russian and price of steel, entirely on costs . . . and not fromSociety legislation over the past four is having a roaring good d: and they have proved they mean It Chinese power down Into Southeast President Kennedy turned on the any noise from Washington." years. Chairman of the Platform It all. by stepping up their aid to North Asia under the mistaken notion thatheat for a roll-back to former prlces, We can blame the steel unions Committee at the Republican You ask a Democratic e Vietnam every time the U.S steps It Is blocking them. arguing that the steel companies had and the steel manufacturers for theConvention was none other than Sen-for specifics concerning wi FORTAS APPOINTMENT SHOULD BE REJECTED Tustm (Calif.) News betrayed him through the price in- higher prices which the people of ator Everett Dirksen (R-re.)--with-have accomplished . . crease. One of the steel companies this country will have to pay for out whom Lyndon Johnson couldn't get double talk, not answers. Although the Supreme Court has in the latter's very questionable Sen-which refused to go along with the goods and services. The actions possibly have passed bills through You ask, or newsmen an exalted, official position onevery- ate election 87-vote victory lnTexas, price Increases was Inland Steel. of these two, however, are merely the U.S Senate. This was the case publican candidate for sped thing, we think it would be well His background ofassoctateslncludes Soon there was a rescinding of the an indication that something ls wrong, time after time--including the timeposals for a different a if Justice Abe Fortas would back such as Alger Hiss and Lee Pressman announced price hike by the major The real problem is the unwillingness the retroactive surtax measure was . . . and you get more doul ,,~ ~-~ recent tud~ment on what's while his legal clients have numbered producers, of Washington to give the coun- passed. The Republicans didn't dareWe asked the waitress ~ po' -nography does seem to lend O en oLfa mOreoagl bbYveBtker, Since that time there have been try a balanced budget, condemn the programs of the presentmy Wallace button away. an aura of Integrity to a man wno s o g Y selected increases, but this is the Like the sirens who lured the Administration, because they joined at a Miami hotel why she up for the nation's highest Judiciary particular medals for Americanism.first time since that roll-back that sailors of ancient Greek lore, theDemocrats in passing most of the Wallace Instead of one of tt annointment President Johnson may be trying there has been an attempt for an attractiveness of government hand-laws and appropriations. That's why candidates for President '-~ ........ ='~ortunatelv does not have to pay off his cronies, but at what across-the-board price increase. ru~,=~,, ,,,,. ,, outs has blinded us to the dangers they had to content themselves with said, "because he is the c a very good background. It stems cost to the Republic of the United A strike was averted this year of deficit financing. So sweet is criticizing the methods Democrats who gives answers when from his allegedly having aided LBJ States'/ by a last-minute settlement, but It the music that we fall to realize used to Implement the programs, him questions. I'm tired of, should be noted that this time the the dangers involved. Republicans agree that the war in everybody give no answers BIRTH EDICT VS POPULATION FACT Bucyrus (Ohio) Telegraph.Forum government put forth no effort to The rise in the price of steel VLemam should be "negotiated" to Me tool And I'm sick of it, Pone Paul s lon-awaitedencyclical or have stabilized at low levels, avoid the stockpiling which is boundis just another evidence of that TRUTH IN GOVERNMENT AID ,, Reuse River (Nov.) on bi~rth control, insofar as it applies But in most countries of Asia, to cut production in the third quarter "cruelest tax of all"--inflation. Its -Having wrestled mightily, and Social Security: Under I to members of the Roman Catholic Africa and Latin America----countries of this year. genesis is government spending, not __ to great fanfare, with the problems ~ram, the Congress authoz faith, is essentially a private matter which include about two-thirds of This fluctuation cuts into profits, the demands of labor or the price of ntruth in packaging" and "truth Executive Branch to comP involving the individual, his con- the world's peoples--not Just over- but that Is not a11. The recent tax of steel. Until there is a balanced Increase is bound to take Its toll budget, we can expect the spiral in lending, it would be a great of you who are employed science and those he looks to for population but runaway population isof profits. Furthermore, since the to continue upward. + service if the Congress would take benefits to those now receivi spiritual guidance, the specter that haunts mankind. 1962 price roll-back, there have been Let us hope that some courageous half-an-hour to Inform the public The program presumes th~ However, the pope's appe, altoworld The in for a long,.hard two wage increases which have not President will be willing to call a on "truth Ln government aid." Congresses will eventually leaders to disavow 'practices pull before tt gets over_ .me nump bocn accompanied by a corresponding halt before it is too late. Perhaps It could authorize a mem- persons wh~,work to pa,~yo~ contrary to natural and divine law" of the population crisis, it ts nothing is of concern to all men and all less than a bootstrap operation that CONVENTION PREPARATION New York (N.Y.) Daily News orandumFederal Governmentt be enclosedbenefit withcheeks,all this"Guaranteedproposed program,Annual Ii cOXthe nations, for we all Inhabit the same must raise the living standards ofWe find ourselves standing in aweand make life miserable for the Income tax forms, census reports will be asked to authorize Live Branch to take world. It is an increasingly crowded world and one which we are beginning to realize has a finite amount of re- sources and a limited capacity to heal itself of wounds inflicted by two-thirds of the world by the end of the century--when world population wlll have doubled--to at least the level presently enjoyed by the other one-third. Since Paul VI has not spoken "In- fallibly," it may be for a later Pope to reflect again on what is divine will and divine plan at this Juncture in human history. men. Overpopulation is not an immediate problem in most so-called developed nations, where birth rates ale falling The American Citizen U.S. LIVING COSTS SMALLEST Of the 10 major industrialized nations of the free world, the U.S.price index for a middle-income had the smallest rise in livin costs family of 4 persons rose 18.7 in over the past decade, and France the U.S., compared with 26.1 o in had the highest, WeaL Germany's West Germany and 64.3 In France, Ec Ministry the said. From 1957 to cost weren't in the of the preparations which the City of Chicago is making for the 1968 Democratic show. The party of Jefferson, F. D. Roose- velt, et al, meets In Chicago August 25 to pick its 1968 Presidential slate. This convention is to be elaborately guarded by 8,000 police In and out of uniform, 5,500 riot-trained national ~oardsmen and 1,000 federal agents. re men will be callable on short notice from the Cook County sheriff's office, the Illinois state police, the Coast Guard, and the Federal Bureau of Investigatton. Reasons for these armed-camp pre- cautions? Numerous :lftsts and civil to invade Chica Democratic conventioneers. Also, a hippie mob calling itself the Free CRy Survival committee hopes to attract 50,000 fur-bearing, fragrant- and-how young hell raisers to the scene. All of which is most harmoniously in tune with the spirit of contempt for law and order which is still on the upgrade in the United States. You can charge most of that spirit up, we believe, to softhearted Judges from the Earl Warren extreme court on down, and to "liberal" snolly- gosters m positions of power all over the country. Do we hear someone yelling, "It's time for a changel"? and all other mailings to taxpayers, which would read something like this: "It is essential that all taxpayers understand the aid programs which the Federal Government has under- taken. So that there may be no misconceptions, we are here outlining the basic programs and their meanings: "Federal Aid: This term is per- haps the most misunderstood of all federal programs. Federal aid act- ually means "free." Federal aid does not cost your government anything. The only cost is to you. Federal aid means that the Congress has authorized the Executive Branch to ake from and it, free, to else. by those who work, and persons who do not work. gram will be sufficiently provide benefits for those work, as well as those who not to work. "Under these possible for our the rewards of planning have seemed imposslble a ago. This planning fashioned concepts thrift outmoded. Live citizens who persist in and saving, and gives it who to