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July 25, 1968     The Ohio County Times News
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July 25, 1968

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OH/O COUN 't Your Pk rt ,, 7 i ~ 'e t ~ ai:i~ : r :',i~ i~ K Y .12347 ( fk i f r, ) , *',"I> '"' ' q " L' d~ , I I T i AKER : # ) By Tom Anderson : LEARN TO PROTECT YOURSELF "Burn, baby, burnl" is the slo- Constitution guarantees gan of the anarchists, Communists, protect yourself by insurrectionists and criminals intent but of late, anti-Americans on destroying our country. If we face government are civil war in the streets what can you pawned off as laws in do to protect yourself, family, and Constitution. Any loyal home? (Your government, using your these perilous times would boa taxes, is through the federal Office to ever list his guns and leare of Economic Opportunity--called the family defenseless. The cittzet~ "Poverty Program"--ftnancing and America own more guns than training revolutionaries to take over combined armies of the world, our country. So a good citizen who America can never be taken ove% depends entirely on government to less acentral protect his interests is being very where they are and take them, foolish.) the message??--The real re.On What can you do? The "American the Reds are so frantically Civilian Defense Committee," a pri- to put through gun legislation.) ~,~i.,),,,:" t't~tlns('lc.)rs, It may be ~ ' I ' ' r ~ , I ('n are moved by other ,~ ~Itr~)i:ttc motives in seektn .... ~,mc.n out federal workers .... . ~ , ~l~t,zs. Ironically, a good ,, ~,~v ,~ these workers owe back rr~ the Federal Government, ~,) ~hi :~)('a the Internal Revenue ..... .'h,~w.~ no faw)rs to anybody. , ,,.~.v, ,, while employes ln prlvate ~.r ways will fall on deaf -.~ ~,,))dy wants to listen. And ~. rncr~-y-~o-round will keep right faction. The outbreaks did not occur because thousands of individual stu- dents came to Individual conclusions about the evils of society. The conclusions came first; they were then Implanted upon young minds. And the campuses were selected as the theatre for this, the first stage of revolution. In this country, the next theatre has already been decided upon: the world of the "working classes." Carl Davldson, National Secretary of Students for A Democratic Society, recently announced that a number of SDS members will spend the and every demand" made by the Poor People's Campaign. Finally, of course, there ls the fourth theatre of action--racial min- orities. "We must make our own world," says Black militant Le Rol Jones, "and we cannot do thls until the whlte man is dead." (Mean- while, however, Jones counsels Blacks that the white man "owes you anything you want." Of looting, he remarks: "No money down, no money ever.") Come the revolution, then, class warfare wlll destroy Capitalism, the poor will riot, and the white man will By Bill Kennedy IT WAS A "POOR MULES' MARCH" where the demon= strators got those poor ole mules that they used for the poor people's march, but I think the folks who turned the animals over to the demon- strators are in about the same class as the yankee slave traders who brought the Negroes here from Africa and sold them to the slave drivers on cotton plantations. Once when I was a boy my daddy Charlie had been so I stopped whipping loose plowllne back to Calming a scared mule not easy and by the time I all straightened out was there. He said, "Whoa the mule whoaed. The waymy daddy looked I wondered If he wasn't take that plowltne loose summer working in factories and be dead. Lofty Ideals indeed, caught me whipping one of his mules, start using it on me. ARAB PROPAGANDA . Baton Rouge (La.) Morning Advocate I was plowing corn on a Saturday He Just kept on looking. afternoon. And it was hot. And "Young man," lie s ld The fact thatSen. RobertF. Kennedy* the politician." Who pushed Slrhan I wanted to be playing baseball, instead "Don't you ever let me was slain by an allen, a Jordantah by iiis "unbalanced speeches and of plowing corn. And the mule httting one of my mules possibly Inflamed by the senator's~ statements on press, radio and tele- was walking too slow for me and after you get as much statements of support for, Israel,' vision." I kept on slapping him with the the mule."' The is yet to penetrate the minds o|~. The elder Slrhan's words parallel plowline to make him walk faster I gathered he didn't the commentators and politicians wh6-those of Dr. Mohammed T. Mehdl so I could get through with the would ever come. fo a for so long have enjOyed beattng~ of New York, secretary-general of job. And when the mule got to That caused me to Americans over the head with alleged the Action Committee on American- stepping fast -- and shying when thinking about mules. vices andweaknessesofthelrcountry. Arab Relations. who said shortly I slapped l',im--he started stepping hit one again, and I have But It is well recognized in the after the assassination: "We do not Arab world, where a counter-propa,- ' condone Mr. Slrhan's act, and we ganda campaign already has begun.X are'indeed appalled. However, his Editorials and broadcasts blast the "Zionists" who, it is alleged, engaged Slrhan Slrhan to do his awful deed as a means of Inflaming American opinion against the Arabs. A dele- gation of distinguished Arab lawyers have come to this country to join In the defense of Sirhan against the vagaries of American Justice. Those who do not blame Zionists for col rupting Slrhan blame Senator Kennedy himself for having inflamed sensitive Arab feelings. The father of Slrhan, at frst silent and even thunderstruck, has become vocal. He is sorry for his son's behavior In killing Kennedy, he says, as "we" have no enmity against the Kennedy family. But he feels no regret for the death of "Kennedy SOCIALmSM IN ACTION An excellent example of Socialism In operation Is seen In a problem "confronting the various restaurants, cafeterias and carryout shops serving the House of Representatives. This group of eating establishments, catering to congressmen, House em- ployes and congressional guests, are currently running an annual deficit of about $536,000. Correction of this disgraceful state of affairs Is, of course, a simple matter. Any privately owned rest- aurant faced with such a deficit promptly takes any of several steps, or a combination of steps to eliminate the need for red Ink. The manage- ment could raise prices, cut the on the row and trampling down a soft spot for them ever eLnce. whole lot of corn. So I promised why I,ftm w0rx~led him that If he stepped on just one the dei~aonstrators us0d In> behavior reflects the frustration of more corn stalk I was going to folks' march. .. ........ many Arabs with American politicians whip him. Naturally, he soon stepped who have sold the Arab people of on another couple of stalks. I 'tldnk lt~ should have Palestine to the Zionist Jewish When we got to the end of the '"the *poor"mules.~ voters." row I took one of the ,plowlines Ls little doubt In off to use for a whip. I held mul had more se!ase The aim of his action committee, onto the other plowline to keep drlVln them. They Dr. Mehdi added, Is to bring about mule from getting away, and Istartedanimals over 520 miles ol a total change inAmertcanpollcies.' whipping him with the loose one. l terstate highway, making Why has so little attention been Every time I hit him Ole Charlle wagons full'of demonstratoi paid to these baslc facts In this Jumped , but I held on; and pretty broiling sun--all the way country? We can only suppose it soon he was going 'round and'round hills of Mississippi across is rather because many people would in that corn patch. He was still to Atlanta,Ga.--before 8 rather cling to their preconceived hitched to the Georgia stock and a train ride to Washinl notions, enjoy a masochistlcpleasure It was dragging behind him as he knew full well the trip from denigrating their own country, circled. Between me and the bucking some of them; they b and pushing for drastic gun control mule and the Georgia stock I guess extra mules to fill in laws and other reforms by blaming we were tearing down more corn fell out, the assassination on historic evil than Charlte would otherwise have I think iF s a dirty shame undercurrents in American life. Palm Beach (Fla.) Post size of food portions, buy cheaper cuts of meat---r go out of business to avoid further losses. But these eateries are under control of the United States Congress. So of course normal business princl= ples do not apply; but the House Appropriations Committee has dealt with the matter in true congress= tonal style calling for a "full scale study of, the problem." MeanwbAle the nation's taxpayers wlll go on picking up the tab for a portion on each meal served in the House restaurants. Anybody for further expansion of Socialism (gov- ernment operation of business ven- tures)? stepped on all afternoon. About the third time around, I saw my Pappy step out of the woods down below the corn patch and start toward us. About then I decided HOOVER'S WARNING FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover has told Congress that well-organized black nationalists pose an Increasing threat to national security. Testi- fying behind closed doors on Capitol Hill)Hoover reported that. followers of Stokely Carmlehael and H. Rap Brown are stockpiling arms through- out the country. Their aim,said Hoover, Is violent revolution. Hoover also disclosed that the Communist Party, U.S.A., had stepped up its activities on the racial front. were not put in wagon traln. Then the In charge could have been and forced to pull the step Of that 520 miles. Human The party, sald Hoover,I ttnk the civil rights and " asslve paigns into one m that can alter "government both foreign and domestic, The FBI dlrector party has deeply called New Left, including for a Democratic Society. quoted Gus Hall as SDSispaxt of the which me party has "1 F Ck'3,. I .... L Sfi'" F SCAI. ' .....