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July 5, 1973     The Ohio County Times News
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July 5, 1973

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ces Come to visit, feel a sense of their safety. child comes onto Without petrols- when you are 2ould you be case he gets .can, under the doctrine" states. This may be re- something property that to see and the haz- rich young- find at- a tree house yard, where often came to play. The tree house was wob- bly, and one day a youthful climber lost his footing and suf- fered a bad fall. Even though the parents were not home at the time of the ac- cident, a court subsequently held them liable. The court said they should have realized, with a haz- cl so alluring to children, that they were inviting trouble. Furthermore, the thing must bc not only attractive but also a nuisance--that is, faulty in some way. In another case, a boy was in- jured when he fell off an old couch in a neighbor's garage. But there was nothing wrong with the couch. It was therefore not an attractive nuisance, a court ruled later, and the householder did not have to pay damages. Of course, the age of the vic- tim is an important element in the situation. Courts have fre- quently turned down claims of children over 12, saying they were old enough to have recog- nized and avoided the particular hazard that brought them to grief. Nor does the law expect a home owner to spend major sums of money to clear away minor dangers. It is not his duty, as one judge put it, to make his premises "child proof." THE OHIO COUNTY TIMES, HARTFORD, KENTUCKY, JULY 5, 1973 5 i i!ii!iiii!!ii!i!iiiiiiiiiiiiiiil i.iii!iii!i!iii!iiiiiiiiiii!i!ii:.iiii!iiiiiiiiiii!:i!!iiii!ii!iiiii ii!iil ig.::%'.:'ii!i!'ii ii:'ii:'!i!'!i'i".."'ii'" {iiiii'ii!{i'i i ii!iiiiii!ii i i!iiii!ii#iiiil i iiiiiiiiiii i!i i i!iii'.'.!iiilf.!i !i!i!i!ii!iiii !igiiiiii!iii!iiii!'.i!i!iii!'.iiii!'.".i!i: ."ii!'i i!i i i .'!:'i i! .)'! !i.:! i l .'!.-!ii i!i!iii! !-'ii!i ii i!'iiit '.-''  -:ii-":":".',h': ::! .".". i!.'!.'!iiii!!ii i i :';i! !il Henr3 Jo Taylor onnatlonalandmter0000t,on00l00n00i00 The Supreme Court's June 22 antiobscenity ruling strikes a long-overdue blow for simple decency and common sense. Where has all the pandering to permissiveness taken us, anyway? As the Irish say, "The time is rotten ripe." Nearly everyone knows filth when he sees it. You can bake biscuits in an oven and call them apples. But they're biscuits, just the same. So is hard-core pornography. Yet sanctimonious-sounding smut merchants, striking a pose of self-righteous indignation a la "Slick Willie" Sutton, the inexcusable filth "a high voltage jolt of shock therapy." shout that the Supreme Court ruling is "censorshipI" Hokus, hokey, hokum. Their true interest isn't censorship. It's money. These fast-buck operators have the gall of a brass monkey to plead such nonsense. There are always phonies racket? merely filth "done with an anarchistic brush." "X"-rated movies are everywhere. In New York, for Balzac called equivalent books "a literary offal." Yet example, The New York Times is at this moment accepting even the most illiterate book by some four-letter hack, if as the advertising money for seven "X"-rated displays of obscene as "The Happy Hooker" or the author's current absolute hard-core filth, sequel, "Xaviera?" is almost certain to land many at least tolerant, or even good, reviews. From 19 plays on Broadway Time magazine recently LOWERING STANDARDS chose to devote pages and pictures to probably the dirtiest Nearly anyone who can grab a typewriter or tape show Broadway has seen in many a year. Its critic called recorder and produce cover-to-cover filth is acceptable to a Subsequently, Time plugged three additional shows as a presentation of "masochistic thirst," a story of "anarchic nonconformity" and the elevation of unspeakable lechery into a religious cult. The New Yorker magazine, in turn, positively eulogized like this who will wrap the cloak of a higher cause around the "repellent" author of another play for "the courage to any profitable racket. Obviously, it gives them intellectual grind our faces into the mud and leave us there, suf- respectability. But, except in the rarest cases, what a fraud ? FOLLOW BLINDLY It is hard to see how any intellectual opposes -- as some do -- the June 22 ruling. There is just enough truth in their argument to confuse the issue; merely a tiny glint of it with the shine of.a diamond in a garbage pail. But intellectuals, like fish, are notorious for often moving id schools, following somebody. Where he goes, they go; and where he goes wrong, they are often close behind in their great, confused aquarium of opinion makers. Moreoever, don't the important media and the critics have any responsibility not to promote the pornography IN wo00a Q. With so m,lch talk in the past few years about the possibility ofunsaferadiation from TV sets, I am wondering if anyone has checked on the possible safety of all the X-ray baggage inspection systems used at many of the country's major airports to monitor the carry-on luggage. It seems to me this could be a harmful thing. A. The Bureau of Radiological Health of the Public Health Service has indeed been studying this. In April the bureau issued guidelines for checking the safety of this baggage X- ray regulation. Six radiation safety checks are recom- mended before the state authorities can certify the safetyofthisequipment.Manufacturershave indicated they can produce equipment which will meet the new safety standards to protect passengers. Q. Can you suggest a very good program on credit planning andbudgeting that would be of practical benefit to a woman's club audience? We are setting up next year's program and would appreciate any suggestions. A. The National Consumer Finance Association has an excellent "Women's Club Program Kit" which includes a variety of materials. There is an instruction sheet on "It's Your Money," a set of slides with worksheets and a run-down of basic prin- ciples. The NCFA also offers several educational films. To get information on what is available to suit your purposes, write direct to Educational Service Division, National Consumer Finance Association, (M.D.) 1000 16th St. N.W., Washington, D. C. 20036. Q. I am confused with this ad which I am enclosing. In this market where I trade, why do they charge me "10 percent plus" on my grocery bill? They list two prices for each item, one market "Regular Price" and the other "Our Price." A. In theory they are charging the "warehouse price" as a no-profit figure. In others words, the warehouse price is what the store pays wholesale. So they add 10 percent as their mark-up, or profit. How correct their 'warehouse price" really is cannot be told without seeing their own figures for cost and sales.. Quistion. I have just been reading an article which makes me aware of just how unsafe children's clothing is still permitted to be, even though the Flammable Fabrics Act was passed several years ago. In looking at the major mail- order catalogues I find very little children's clothing labeled "flame-retardant." Why is nothing being done to make these safe as the law requires? Answer. The law requires that before a new standard for flame-retardancy be set for any type of t4xtile or clothing, the National Bureau of Standards must prove that a need exists to prevent "unreasonable risk." Priority is given to products showing greatest hazard to the most people. The bureau has already set several new standards, but it takes time to get them into the production lines. Cromw0000 ACROSS 32. Perform 1. Catamaran 34. ;ioey 5. Distant 35. break, 9. A dart comb. form 1 I I..Lll :IINFll I tl. Girl's name 36. Roman I I , N 1 12 Extinct bird emperor c- , n t..I ,.  rr u 13. Great lake 38. Rodent IOllll'lVl qJl:all.lYl 16. Cutting tool 39. Sea eagle 13131N111"lllglrv,q 17. Self-satisfied 41. Smollbite IZl.ll':21111:2111011 19. Man's 42. Book of mops  I Nb/IA MCI IH Nb/ nickname 44. Savor a t' ' t  ' ' " "  , 20. Arrow poison 46. Periods of o    1 -i  o I:rnl:fort Lengton \\;....-,...o,uM/ t i me olution Part of to be DOWN 1. Batters 2. Smell 3. Deceitfully ! I J t ! The world's oldest pharmacy is said to be here. What city I$ this? seSmg \\; of the Ken- first What nation celebrated its 25th anniversary in May? Ioa,sl "of the What town is called the "Pom- peii of ProvoncoV? snlo The 99th running of the Kentucky Derby Year. Started in 1874, it was a copy of Downs Derby. The derby is held the first of each year, and is a gala occasion at preceded by a 10-da, festival. The Museum contains exhibits relating to or three centuries Bruges was one of the cities of Europe. Its hospital has been in the 12th century, and on the grounds is its still dispensing prescriptions. The a collection of paintings by Hans With its mountains and lakes, this of the most beautiful regions of milling, mining and agriculture Telemark's individualism is handicrafts, customs and traditions. t became popular here inthe late 19th 21. Fruit drink 22. Thick boards 47. years ago, May 1948, the state of 24. Footed vase i, a homeland for world Jewry in an area 26. Moslem title 27. Crescent tory. Centuries before, Jerusalem was shaped figure Kingdom under King David. 29 Soft metal kingdom was destroyed, and during the 30. Refreshes periods, Palestine was reduced to a Not until the end of World War II were reclaim their former homeland. In the heart of a rich agricultural belt, for its different religious sects--the and Dunkards. The Amish still dress as did, and in their rejection of modern and buggy for transportation, and ty or indoor plumbing. ius Caesar founded Frejus in 49 B.C. Oc- here that defeated Antony and :tium 18 years later, Numerous here, thus the title "Pompeii of Proven- xs one of France's oldest buildings--a the 5th century. host of critics -- provided the offal is drenched with seducers, wife-swappers, perverts and nymphomaniacs as if this typifies the nation. No wonder millions across our country have asked: What's going on here? No wonder the Supreme Court had to reply. Yes, the world changes. But there are some things that we would like to think will live quite a while, such as common locating." decency, our national standards and the religious un- An utterly obscene off-Broadway play ends with a third derpinnings of the country. Is this the way to preserve act so depraved that it's enough to turn-one's stomach. Yet them? The New York Times found columns of space to praise, Countries that priase the pigs in the pasture don't last humanize and actually glorify the author. And the New long. York Pogt did not find even "Faggots" (a ghastly praising Every internal and external enemy we have knows the of perverts) unwelcome, advantages of destroying a nation's standards. The ad- That's about par for the course these days. vantages are as old as the Trojan horse. And the weakening In theartworldinternationallyrespectedexpert Robert of the United States is compounded by fast-buck Wraight protests the invasion of absolute obscenity. He distributors of pornography--conveniently accompanied by claims that "although there are more critics writing than phony but profitable shouts against "censorship?" ever before, they have brought criticism to its lowest ebb." If the ruling of the Supreme Court on June 22 can, at long Infuriated by the slaughter of critical standards, Wraight last, retard that fast-buck racket at all its blow is on the points out that many critics persistently praise what is side of a better America. " r HOW SWEET IT IS ... Watermelon... Summertime... Kids ... Lemon- ade. The kids, how fast they grow and how soon are college age. Now, while they are young is the time to start a college account for them so when their lazy hazy days of summer are over they'll have the money they need to go on to college and you'll have your summers. Every Friday Night Is BANK NIGHT Open Until 7 The Hartford Bank 4, Toward 5. Rough lava 6. Resin incense 7. Military assistants 8. Demolish 10. Us 11. Myself 14. Knock 15. 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