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July 3, 1975     The Ohio County Times News
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July 3, 1975

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THE OHIO COUNTY TIMES, HARTFORD, KENTUCKY, JULY 3, 1975 4 JACK ANDERSON&apos;S Washington Merry-Go-Round WASHINGTON -- Attorney General Edward Levi has told associates emphatically that the CIA law violations (should not go unpunished. The Justice Department, he said, will prosecute the violators of federal laws and will turn over to the states any evidence of state violations. The Rockefeller Commission withheld the names of the alleged offenders from its public report. White House , sources assured us that all the evidence, including names " and documents, will be turned over to the Justice Department. It will be interesting to see, however, whether the top officials who issued the illegal orders are prosecuted. For example, five newsmen were kept under sur- veillance by the CIA in violation of federal statutes. We are personally interested in this case, since Jack An- derson and two members of his staff were among those under surveillance. Our sources say the illegal spying was ordered by former CIA chief Richard Helms. He is supposed to be subject to U.S. laws like any other citizen. Now we will find out whether the laws apply to CIA directors. A blue-ribbon commission, meanwhile, has prepared a list of recommendations for restructuring the American intelligence community. We have obtained a draft copy ! iiiiiil arv e y iiii ' :.;.:.: ....... iii!iii .:.:.:. !iiiiil ii!iii! ;.:.:.: ....... :-:.:.: :.;.>: ....... ....... i:!:i:i ...-... :!:i:i:i !:i:i:i: :.:.:.: .:.:.:. iiii!!i: ....,.. ....... ....... .......  ".'.'." ....... !iiii00i !i!i!i! ....... ....... ..,.... :.:.:.: ::::::: :.:.:.: .%.... ..o :.:.:.: :.:.:.: :i$i: :-:,:.: ..,-.,. :::hi:: SiS ....... iSiS .%...., .:.:.:< :.;4":. Paul Hi News The Scaremongers t By Paul Harvey The professional scaremongers are a crummy bunch. Whether they are on the left or the right; whether they are merchandising fear of blacks or whites, whether they are wrapped in our Flag or somebody else's -- they are a miserable bunch of misan- thropes. Southern California is a favorite haven for these merchandisers of fear, yet many of their nefarious organizations are headquartered elsewhere. The paranoid patroits who support these outfits are expected to bring in other dues-paying members, so eventually somebody sencls me a sample of their inflammatory propaganda. Some of them use fear of fluoridation to found profitable organizations for themselves; some of them convince wealthy, WASPish old women that "we have to gang up or we'll be done in by the Jewish bankers." Still an effective catalyst for many is the negative religion of anticommunism. You can't imagine how many decent Americans give money to the support of calculating crusaders who believe, or pretend to, that the National Council of Churches intends to overthrow the U.S. government. Probably most of these negativistic cults are harmless and are entitled under the First Amend- ment to shout warnings, however absurd. But the worst evil I see in the scapegoat concept they merchandise is that misled Americans dissipate their energies and resources fighting ghosts when they should be confronting the very real threats to our survival, not the least of which is our own lethargy. The lousy Communist is nowhere near the menace the lazy American is! Another of those outfits which imagines that our nation is threatened by a super-conspiracy calls itself Citizens for American Society. Its promoters pick the pockets of deluded disciples by telling them that an international "Communist-Russian-Marxist-Zionist conspiracy" is trying to destroy the United States. One Edward Hatfield, head zealot of this clan, recently told a fund-raising dinner that President Ford is the latest in a succession of "Presidents who have practiced pure treason by setting a Communist-Zionist foreign policy." He wants President Ford tried as a war criminal; he says Vice President Rockefeller is worse; he urged Americans to "overthrow this alien govern- ment of political scum." Why turn the news spotlight on such promoters, thus to enhance their unearned prominence? Only because without it incendiary kooks might sneak up on us in the dark. :!:i:{: .:.:.:.: ........ .:.:.:.; :i:i:i: iiiiiii00 iiiiiii iiiiiil = iiiiiil ....... ....... :.:.:.: ::::::: ....... ....... ....... i;iii00' .:.:.:. :.:.:.: :!:!:!: i:i:i:i .:.:.:. ....... iii00iii .%..., SiS !:!:i:! :.:.:.: .:.:.:. :.:.:.: .:.:.:. ....,.. :.:.:.: ......., .....-., .:.:.;.: iiiii ....... ....... ....... ....... ....... ...... ::::::: i:i:i:i ::::::: ....... ....-.. iiii!il !:!:i:i ::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::;::::::::::::::::::::;;:.:::::.::::::::::::::::::;::::::::;:;:::;::::::::::;::::;:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::;:::::::::::;::::::;:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::>:::::::::..?: :.:.:.'if......-.-.-.-.-....i... :i___i. ............................................................ . ...... ......-.......................':::::: Henry J. Taylor on national and international affairs At 3:15 a.m., Sunday, June 22, 1941, five months before Pearl Harbor, Adolf Hitler attacked Russia with more than two million men, 6,000 vehicles, 750,000 horses, 7,200 artillery pieces, 3,000 tanks and 1,800 planes across a front of nearly 3,000 miles. Worse judgments may have been made but, as the saying goes, this will do for a starter. Hitler's attack was a surprise. Stalin had signed a nonaggression pact with Hitler. Stalin was called Koba by his few intimates in the Kremlin and the evidence is indisputable that up to the very time of the June 22 at- tack, Stalin insisted that they trust Hitler's intentions. Warnings from Washington, London, and Brussels did not impress Stalin. Moreover, 24 German recon- naissance planes had trespassed Russia. One crashed at Smolensk. A camera in it showed these were military .. photographic missions. The German army had 3,000 generals and 320,000 of- ricers. All were quietly screened. The best were sent into the Russian attack. But the logistic problem was ap- palling. Each infantry division required 130 tons of general supplies daily, each Panzer tank division 300 tons, each Army group 18,000 tons. In total, this was equivalent of 180 trainloads - trainloads -- a day. The strategic plan called for a triple plunge. One Army Group stormed through the Baltic states to Leningrad: 21 infantry and six armored divisions. A second group (17 infantry, five armored, four mountain divisions) headed for Smolensk on the way to Moscow. A third (15 infantry, 15 armored) invaded the Ukraine, aimed at Stalingrad and the Caucasus. : Within 51 days Smolensk -- the gateway to Moscow -- fell. Five days later Kiev fell. The Germans had destroyed more than 1,000 Russians tanks and 5,000 ; artillery pieces and taken an astounding 660,000 Russian  prisoners. Behind the scenes, however, the attack had been postponed. This postponement was unknown to us and largely remains unknown, but it was critical. The June 22 attack was delayed two months by diversions into Greece and by the tremendous guerrilla : forays in Yugoslavia of brave Gen. Draza Mihajlovic apd his Yugoslav patriots called the Tchetnltsi, detailed in this column April 4. . The logistics problem would have been bad enough in balmy weather. But, as Winston Churchill said after the  Nazis were bogged down, "They should have known it snows in Russia." . Russia owes her salvation to the Battle of Stalingrad, although the Russian people today are not even allowed to remember that. It is now officially called the Battle of : the Volga. I was at that moment on Turkey's Russian frontier with gruff, able Turkish Marshal Fevzi Chakmak. He predicted to me the Soviet victory at Stalingrad and my dispatch from Turkey giving this appeared in "The New York Times" June 30. Throughout the war Stalin seldom visited a front. He always shunned this, to his intimates' embarrassment. Chakmak told me Stalin hadgone secretly to Stalingrad. He called for his maps, pointed to the juncture of the Don and Vorenzh Rivers and told me the Russians still held the vital railhead at Voronezh. He said that Russian Marshal Semen K. Timoshenko had assembled and concentrated large, fresh forces above Voronezh. "The Germans are stretched into Russia for 1,000 miles," s/id Marshal Chakmak, "I know Timoshenko and am sure he will drop his armies straight down on Stalingrad. Timoshenko's descent from the north will be decisive o the whole war. Hitler will be defeated at Stalingrad. And he will never recover from his coming defeat." The great Turk was right on both counts. When Hitler ultimately took potassium cyanide in his Berlin air-raid bunker, he was no longer in control of himself. His sallow complexion was flushed deep red; his eyes had turned lifeless and fixed; his uniform was stained by food eaten with a shaking hand; he walked with dragging footsteps; his voice quivered and was toneless; he had just turned 56, but he was shriveled up like a very old man. Marshal Chakmak called the turn at the very moment when the apparent German successes in the Caucasus thundered in the headlines throughout the world. Published every Thursday by Mrs Andy Anderson doing business as o,,o 00o.00.TiMg S Your Picture Newspaper Entered as second class matter at the Post Office in Hartford, Kentucky, 42347. Mrs. Andy Anderson, Publisher Dave McBride. Editor SUBSCRIPTION RATES Ohio County. ................................... . ......... S3.00 Adjoining Counties .................................... $3.00 Elsewhere in Kentucky .............................. $4.00 Elsewhere in United States ....................... $5.00 Servicemen (anywhere) .............................. $2.00 With Joe Spear of their confidential report. The completed study will be turned over to President Ford and Congress at the end of June. Among the commission's proposals are these: -- To enhance his authority, the CIA director should "have direct access to the President" and "establish offices in close proximity to the White House." -- The director of the CIA should supervise the entire intelligence community and use a deputy to run the CIA itself. -- The CIA's work should be continuously and in- dependently evaluated. This job, the commission suggests, should be given to an existing group called the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board. -- Convert action, otherwise known as dirty tricks, should be continued but only in extreme circumstances. All such activities should be reported to Congress. -- Finally, the panel suggests, the CIA "should be retitled the Foreign Intelligence Agency." The CIA, in short, would get a facelift and a new name. But it sounds as if they would be playing the same old game. Moses Factor: Those eternal optimists -- the White House economists -- are once again trying to put a rosy face on a gloomy picture. The economic indicators are bad, they admit. But they quietly point out that they're not sliding as fast as they were. They predict that the recession is "bottoming out." But privately, the talk is not quite so cheerful. They are worried about something they've dubbed "the Moses Factor" -- something to lead us out of the recession and into the promised land of prosperity. It took World War II finally to end the great Depression. In more recent times, the auto, steel or housing industries have led the way to economic recovery. But all three of those industries are still on the skids, and no other Moses is in sight. Administration economists, therefore, are grasping at straws when they point to things like reduced inventory stocks as a sign of recovery. It will take a major resurgence in a key industry to get the economy moving again. Or, as they put it, it will take a Moses. Big Decision: President Ford's sources, are considering a Hollywood parts of the Watergate movie, "All Men," on White House grounds. The our sources, has given its permission, moviemakers don't bring in a "cast of would create horrendous security House, however, is leaning against because it could strain relations and former President Nixon. Tempting the Turks?: At a secret strategy session, Secretary of State recently warned that the Turks might on Cyprus if Congress doesn't end arms aid to Turkey. "There will be a the part of the Turks," said Kissinger, out of spare parts to use them." John Who?: Shortly after John chief of the Drug an employe pushing a hand aides' offices and cleaned the walls tures. They simply wanted to make sources that no one stole the surrounded Bartels' smiling face. Washington Whirl: Sen. George to his most intimate associates that he for the presidency again in 1976. been overwhelmingly negative... feisty Ohio Democrat, has run for the Ohio governor's mansion Agriculture Department experts are that 20 million Americans will be on end of June . A recent "Doonesbury" comic strips, prizewinning cartoonist Gary Trudeau, visitors, including Jack Ford, son of favorite targets . . . The special probing the CIA recently bought "debuggers" to make sure they aren't The company that made the equipment, has close hes with the CIA. Tom Anderson's Q. What did George McGovern hope to accomplish in Cuba? --E.G. A. To help the criminal communist enemy. On returning from his visit to his idol Castro, Senator McGovern summed it up by saying: "Let's play ball with the Communists." NBC's Barbara Waiters went with him to Cuba and she too had nothing but good to report. Have you ever seen an anti-Communist program on NBC? Or CBS, or ABC? May I suggest that you may want to write the the F.C.C., 1919 M. Street, NW, Washington, D.C. 2054 and demand that some American patriot be given equal time to tell the truth about killer Castro and the Communist con- spiracy? Q. How come you are so opposed to the Food tamp program? Don't you think we have an obligation to help those less fortunate? --C.J A. Charity should be voluntary -- else it is not charity but compulsion. The Food Stamp fiasco was perpetrated eleven years ago with 117 federal employees and a total annual cost of $31 million (million not billion). It now requires 2,000 federal "employees" and steals from the workers $5 billion to give to the shirkers. These include strikers, college students, and profession congenital and incurable bums. The Department of Agriculture even uses your tax money to advertise the program so that more bums will get on the government teat. The Joint Economic Committee of the Congress has predicted that the number of Americans on food stamps may jump from the current 17 million to 50 million by the end of 1976. That would mean one-fourth of the total U.S. population. It would also mean accelerated inflation, controls, and inevitable bankruptcy and dictatorship. Had enough? Q. Years ago, President Johnson and others told us there was no shortage of silver coins and that it was stupid to hoard them. Soon they disappeared from cir- culation and are now worth three to four times their face value. My question is: What about pennies? Copper is said to be short too, but the penny shortage seems to have ended. What gives? --Penny-Wise? A. You'll probably never get rich hoarding pennies. But since the government insists that there is no shortage and that we'll not have "sandwich" pennies, or wood pennies, or 2-cent pieces replacing one-cent pieces that is a strong indication that one of these things will happen. For on matters of money, all governments are liars. Q. What's the difference between polities and govern- ment? -- M.P. A. Politics has been called, among other things, "The art of the possible." It is also the art of rewarding friends, punishing enemies, stealing for self, and lying to the people. George Washington said "government is like fire -- a Consumer's Q: Do children ever lose their hearing when they are still very little? I have always understood that hearing loss is a defect of old age. A: Deafness can result from many things, not merely the advance of age. A study conducted by the Gallaudet College for the deaf in Washington, D.C., and reported in < Straight T dangerous servant and a fearful So both politics and government held down, controlled, purified, Q. Is inflation over?  0tlf A. It's probably just gotten started good. A. It's probably just gotten started budget deficits (possibly $100 billion mean that the government must continue and more and to print more and more which are worth less and less. disease, like alcoholism, and our willing to prescribe the cure. Q. I was in Washington D.C. recently s new, automatic elevators in two of buildings, nevertheless have an there. Why? Are these kinfolks A. The taxpayers recently paid modernization program involving Longworth Building and eleven in the This outrage is just another typical American taxpayer is getting Q. How many nations taken over by the have recovered their freedom? A. None. When the Communists personal firearms; murder all collaberators, (even those they're not t9 be trusted). They facilities, all land, all businesses, everything. How can the people overthrow their Q. What is the so-called "domino A. Stand dominoes up about an inch a and push the first one over. The rest It's not so much a theory, as a fact. One most notorious murderer, Joseph salami tactic," meaning that the the world one slice at a time. Here's a list of enslaved peoples, were "dominoes." Albania--1946, Armenia--1920, Bulgaria--1946, Byelorussia--1920, Cossackia--1920, Cuba--1960, East Germany--1949, East Prussia--1945, Georgia--1920, Hungary--1949, 1940, Lithuania--1940, Mainland 1924, North Caucasus--1920, North Vietnam--1954, Poland--1947 PORTUGAL--1975?, Silesia--1945, SOUTH VIETNAM--1975, 1975?, Tibet--1951, Turkestan--1922, Yugoslavia--1946. Q. If all men are created equal, how graduated income tax? A. We shouldn't have a graduated to have an income tax, it should be exemptions for rich or poor. Ten maximum, even in time of war. Question the American Speech and "Journal of Speech and Hearing mumps, one of the most common may lead to hearing loss in children. Ii children studied, which this type of deafness affect a child's hearing.