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July 3, 1968     The Ohio County Times News
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July 3, 1968

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THE OHIO COUNTY Yew Pklm IkwmlJet HARTFORD, KENTUCKY, JULY 3, 1968 6 ) THE OHIO COUNTY Y0w Piclm llwslmer 108 West Center Street HARTFORD, KENTUCKY 42347 PUBLI SHED EVERY THURSDAY BY THE OHIO COUNTY TIMES ANDY ANDERSON EDITOR AND PUBLISHER MRS. CAROLYN WHITTAKER ASSOCIATE EDITOR TELEPHONE 502 298 7100 YEARLY SUBSCRIPTION RATES OHIO AND ADJOINING COUNTIES . . . $2.00 COMMONWEALTH OF KENTUCKY . . $3.00 ELSEWHERE IN US& ............... $4. 00 SER V/CEMEN ..................... $I. 00 NATIONAL NEWSPAPER MEMBER [A~c0"~ KENTUCKY PRESS ASSOCI ATION Editorials of the ANOTHER TRY THE TIMES JOURNAL Russell Springs E filactment of a so-called gun law is little short of being downright silly. The idea is remindful of some of our Supreme Court decisions, and causes one to wonder just how naive grown people can get. As George Wallace so aptly put it, a gun law would result in law abiding citizens obeying it while criminals paid no attention. And there are also some phrases in the Constitution which guarantee citizens the right to bear arms. Instead of a gun law that would hamper ordinary, peace - loving citizens in the ownership of fire- arms, it seems to us that there should be a law requiring such people toown them -- for the protection of them- selves and their families. Any stum- bling block in the way of gun owner- ship will serve no other purpose than to take away more Constitutional free- dom, and strip us further of the avail- ability of first-line defense. The Supreme Court, by its Commun- istic decisions, has already tied us to the point whereby we cannot expect much pt'ot~Ctl0M fr0~ the law. Now, if they ta~ our guns, look out.., be- cause the criminals are going to keep theirs. The very same hypocrites in Wash- ingtosa who are advocating a strong gun law, will argue out of theother sideof their mouths that Prohibition (of al- coholic spirits) will not work in this country. While contending a theory to make it difficult to buy guns would at least ease the already violent sit- uation in this country. While con- tending a theory to make it difficult to buy guns would at least ease the already violent situation in this country, they will not agree that POLITICAL BRAINWASHING The little sixth-grader brought some of her schoolwork home. It included something called "Senior Weekly Reader, Vol. XIX, Issue 15, Jan. 18-22, 1965, copyright 1965, Wesleyan University, Middletown, Conn., publisher." "This is about the Great Society," she told her parents, and she pro- ceeded to read: "The Great Society Defined... "it is a place where no one is poor, where schooling through college is free, where all sick people are cared for, and where cities and countryside are made beautiful." The little girl turned to the quiz questions on the back page, and oh- making it hard to purchase whisky and other spirits would help assuage drunkeness and alcoholism and death and destruction upon the highways that are directly caused by liquor. Yet, every time a riot starts in a city the first business they close down city the first businesses they close down are the bars and liquor stores. And so, we have here pure, low- down hypocrisy.., of strolSYfederalng hypocrls prin- cipally on the part officials, who, from their overt ac- tions, would sell this country down the river to criminals and Commun- ists. CROOKS OF ALL KINDS We probably won't have another Volstead Act that created prohibition that was indeed a failure from its be- ginning in World War l, and which also made bootleggers, gangsters, crooked politicians and crooked cops by the tens of thousands. But we are also reminded that the act's repeal at the start of Roose- velt's first administration spawned opportunists and a type of new-rich, such as old Joe Kennedy, who through political maniuplation and devious means, was able to corner the U.S. market on imported Scotch whiskies. And the vast wealth of Joe Kennedy, wrapped securely in Scotch whisky, spawned other politicians, wild young idealists -- his sons -- who gained their way Snto the highest positions of this land.., and violence. And their violent deaths, especially the recent one, will more than likely bring another act of prohibition--not on whisky but guns, instruments of killing, yes, but also means of self- preservation. Omaha (Neb.) World-Herald served that she had marked each true or false answer correctly. One of the true or false statements was: "The Great Society is a place where people pay for their schooling." The child said she really knew better, but she had marked that state- ment false, for that was the answer that was required if one expected to make a passing grade. Iler father suggested a trueor false statement which the quiz did not ~n- elude. It is: "Political liars don't waste any time getting their brainwashing propaganda into c lassrooms." If you mark that false, you're flunking. AVOID EMOTIONAL BINGE There are st)me of honest intent and there are somewhat are merely opportunists trying to take advantage of the sadness of the American people over the murder of Sen. Bobby Ken- nedy by a Jordanlan immigrant. Pass this law or that one as a "memorial" to the killer's victim, some say. And already, there is urg- ing thatSen. Edward Kennedy be thrust forward as a presidential or vice- presidential candidate. If there are laws that need passage, merit not memorial should recom- Chattan ga News.Free Pre mend them. If there is higher office in prospect for Sen. Kennedy, he should by no means be disqualified for tragedy nor qualified by tragedy, but should be considered on merit. It would be injustice even to him to do otherwise. Let us always be shocked by awful crime by and against men. Let us always feel compassion. But let us not go on an emotional binge or ir- rationality at a time when sound judgment and stability are needed more than ever. THE GOOD NEIGHBOR An uplifting example of the good neighbor policy occurred recently in New York State. An Amish farmer's barn burned to the ground, leaving his farm without adequate facilities at a crucial time. True to their way of life, a host of Amish citizens from near and far ap- peared at the site next morning. Work- ing all day with materials many had brought and contributed, the group completed a 70-foot barn by nightfall. Then they set out, many by wagon, Dillon (S.C.) Herald to return to their own farms. Thus what might have been a trag- edy, resulting in hardship ordespair, was immediately righted by a group practicing what amounts to the good- neighbor policy in their own coun- try, with a fellow citizen. What a positive contrast this con- stltutes to destructive violence by some who would destroy what their neighbor has because they are dis- satisfied! MOONLIGHTERS Shreveport (La.) Journal New York City's police and fire cans work after their regular era- departments have been struggling with ployment to acquire more money. a problem called "moonlighting." It is Short hours make this possible. a term describing men and women who hold side jobs to supplement income Employers frequently are eager to from their full-time employment, hire moonlighters. Many say they are The problem is not exclusive to the most energetic and ambitlousem- New York City. Millions of Ameri- ployees on the payroll. 0E/ ol ,WN WIT/'I :ZL , By Marilya Manion WHAT THE WORLD THINKS OF US AND WHY It is all but forgotten now, except for an occasional story buried in the pages of the newspaper--an article describing a "confession," perhaps. The families of 83 men have not forgotten, though. They can only wait, and hope for the release of the Pue- blo's crew. Their hope dims with every passing, do-nothing day. blo were known to carry. "When it was disclosed that a Soviet cargo plane took off from North Korea with a load of equipment presumably from the Pueblo within 24 hours of Its impounding at Wonsari, the same U. S. officials who had so confidently turned to Moscow for help at the outset could By Tom Anderson WELFARE, ANYONE? The Information CenteroftheOfflce sons, I0 left without notice, 9 W.~t~ of Economtc Opportunltyhsaavailable Into the service, 8 took another joel a 700-page publication entitled" Cats- 5 "didn't like the work," 3 retu~ log of Federal Assistance Pro- to school and there was no later grams." Its first 143 pages contain matlon on 13. . _..A a listing of approximately 2,100 fed- Seven thousand six hundre~ eral assistance programs. The next forty-two employees "work" for 450 pages describe the programs and War on Poverty administratlon~ a!.~ tell the reader how he can obtain as- average salary of $8,900. Total lJ[ slstance under each program and oth- roll of the "workers" who trala tp. er vital information. The budget for non-workers is $77,000,0001 the Information Center of the Office A Democrat-controlled commltt~,. of Economic Opportunity is "only" in Detroit, called "a spectalcom~ some 2 billion dollars. That's billion tee of the Michigan House of dollars, 2 billlonl sentatives," has examined the More than a million people in New on Poverty in Detroit. York City alone get some kind of reports: "One of the most government welfare. One New York frauds one can commit upon family "on relief" has been reported is to promise something you as receiving $160 a montb for rent for cannot deliver. The receipts a swanky four-room apartment In an bursements for 1965-66 and attractive area, plus $112,70 a month fiscal years reveal the same for food, plus $5.90 monthly for laund- There Is so little money leR for ry, plus free medical and dental care. after salaries and fixed On the average, each American faro- one can no longer refer to this lly will pay more than $3,000 as its as sn Irregularity--one must share of the $180 billion federal bud- what it ls--a fraud." So what's get. The same thing has been One reason for much of the "wel- with foreign aid all these years. fare," the politicians and "liberals" little of it trickles down to the tell us, Is that .so many of the tom to the people who need It. proverty-strlcken laci Job training.In governments and the bureaucrats the 1967 fiscal year the Job Corps it to perpetuate themselves In "trained" 39,000 enrollees. The cost and In comfort. of each enrollee: $7,640. Maybe we Sixteen Job Corps centers would get out cheaper Just continuing closed. Twenty-four million to give them welfare! The United have been Invested in the center$' States Chamber of Commerce checked of them, at Swlftblrd, S.D., up on a random sample of 195 Job even been opened. But Corps "graduates," names of which, had been spent on it! The along with employers, were obtained cost per enrollee per year In from the Job Corps. Of the 195 who centers which have been were trained, only 43 were still era- $11,270. The average cost for ployed. Thirty-seven of the 127 who riding a college education in a quit work had no explanation. Thirty institution Is less than $3, were fired for absenteeism or poor year per studentl work. Twelve left for "personal" rea- Had enough? Branch Head Bill ? TV MORE MISUSED THAN GUNS By Bill Kennedy only express shock and dismay." John F. Lewis, associate editor of That the Soviets managed to pirate Many of the same people who "de- ship to become a ( the American Security Council's our secret equipment is bad enough, "Washington Report," was a gueston but it is not the worst aspect of the plore all the violence and sordid been in recent contact with the Manlon Forum program a few story. The seizure of our ship by deaths depicted on the TV screens asCommunists. .~a~ I~ "bad influences on our young people" The accused killer of King "_,.. weeks ago. His subject wasthe Pueblo the Communists signified to much ofrecently endured four and five-day wanted criminal who could. f affair, and his testimony, which we the free world that the United States murder and funeral spectaculars in ably have been hired by anyvou~/,hit print below, should makeeveryAmer- Is no longer able to defend herself, their living rooms and dens withouthe was cunningly secreted out ol ," lc,a,n stop and tttlnk: much less her allies. When the USS Pueblo. was ,sur- so much ss a whimper, country. . RoI~I '~ ........ : ....... ~'' L " ": .... *" ,:;:cr,::~:T'el6velt~f6tt Is ~qgll ~trlowh for ttS L And the man charged wlm "~,~r.~ rounded, boarded and capture~ ~y The non-Communist world.haflnot~ ,-- forgotten, said Lewis, thatln 1962,rerun gitnt~Ick, but the number of Kennedy's death was a citizen O~y~/ four North Korean CommuniSt gun- " boats on January 23, the Unlted States the U. S. stood flrm In the face of the times the media reproduced the kill-dan, Communist supported enS lost far more than 83 men and the Cuban missile crisis only torewardalngs of Senator Kennedy and Dr. American supported Israel. ., sophisticated electronically-equipped Kremlin back-down by guaranteeing King--during all the days spent em- It's hard to believe that a~J vessel. Communist Cuba's lmmunltyfromany phaslzang and ballooning the traged-"brains" of the NBC "It demonstrated our military further threat of liberation stemming lea--must be some kind of a rerun could spend five days weakness, Washtngton's seeming in- from Cuban exiles given asylum on record. If the networks didn't sell three ability to cope with a crisis requlr- our shores." Other not-forgotten it- murder to our youngsters as an "at- posing and musing over ing immediate and effective response, eros: our trading with the enemy who tentlon getter" with these prolongedpossibilities, and never once to and our government's utterly naive finances North Vietnam, and our el-promotions, then the shooting of a this angle despite all the and pitiful assumption of Communist lowing the Soviets to achieve nuclear crook in the streets by a movie herotakes little mental vision to reasonableness." "parity" with us. The Pueblo is doesn't have a chance to make a dentviolence in the streets, on Lewis recalled the fact that our simply the latest indication of ourin- in their little minds, pus and in the trigger diplomats Immediately begged the ability to stand up to our enemy. We do not Imply that the nation assassin all work to disrupt Soviet Union to help settle the Pueblo Shortly after the seizure of the should not be informed about such of American citizens. They incident for us. ,"The appeal was Pueblo, two anti-guerilla experts tragic events. We do imply that the distrust and fear, break the promptly snubbed," he observed. It were Invited to South Korea by thathypocritical concern and attention to shake the confidence of had long been clear to our intelll- country's government. They were detail--including the invasion of fam- the same as they have worked J genes agencies that the Russians were from Israel--a significant sign of what lly privacy--enjoyed by the network countries--to create the chaos going to try to get their hands on the the world thinks of us today. Israel newsmen is more than unnecessary. Itclimate needed for revolution. super-secret coding equipment that knows how to win wars, and actions Is bad taste! so-called "spy" vessels like the Pus- speak louder than words. Most sickening part of the whole And anybody who doesn't ordeal of "reporting" was when the this time who Is working FIRMNESS IN CHICAGO New York (N,Y.) Times liberal commentators sat stupidly climate and that revolution Slnce the University of Chicago Is that the epidemic of lawless trespass around--with cross-country hook-up sort of a nut. They are deservedly one of the most prestigious that has been afflicting campuses the yet--speculating on the causes. Mostforces working daffy of American academic institutions, country over will be ended by any of their speculation was silly. Theydisarm individual United the example it has just set in deal- one or even a few cases of suc- were playing politics, izens with a ban-the-gun ing with a student sit-in is likely cessful administration resistance. They invariably arrived in verbal Not only are the bi to have wide influence among harried But the example set by the University tripe at the conclusion that the Amer- mentators (most of campus administrators. When more of Chicago and the similar strategylcan people, all of "society," really writers, helping them with than 60 Negro students seized the used a few days earlier at Roosevelt killed these people. Nothing could be the-gun legislation, they are university's administration building, University in Chicago--and at the further from the truth...and most ately lending--no, Insisting imprisoned the staff working there, University of Denver-show that un- folks know that. All three of the --their powerful influences to and cut off all outgoing telephone iversities are not without defenses, publicized klllings--JFK's, MLK's the stage for revolution. calls, they were quickly met with The right to attend a university and RFK's--were marked with evl- as they are using It Is a fa an ultimatum informing thetrepassing is a privilege. Those who abuse dence that they were committed, or dangerous threat to America students they would be suspended If that privilege by striking at the free- paid for, by enemtes of the Americanweapon in the home, which they did not vacate the building by dora of the university have no justpeople. There are further indications need to protect your life 5 p.m. and expelled if they did not cause for complaint if thelr mls- that each murder may be a part of even If you never plan to go leave by 6 p.m. 7he students with- conduct leads to actual or threatened some carefully designed enemy plot. Propaganda is still themOSl drew before the first deadline, expulsion iron the community whose (George Wallace has long since been ful weapon In the world. And It is probably too much to expect rules they refuse to accept, warned that he Is on the list of in-lionel networks are the tended victims.) ful propaganda machines SCRATCH ONE FLANNEL-MOUTH MYTH Washington (D.C.) Star The alleged killer of President Ken- If we are going to ban sore l'he arrest of James Earl Ray structure could not be trusted, nedy had renounced his U.S. citizen-Let's ban TV. should, after the legal process has The truth, of course, was quite CAMPING REFUSED Roudebush's News run its course, provide the answers to different. Seldom--perhaps never-- a series of disturbing questions that has an international manhunt been Congressman RlchardL. Roudebush D.C.," and told Congressman arose with the assassination of Dr. mounted to equal the world-wide net (R-Ind.) reported recently that the bush he should directthe Martin l.uthcr King, Jr. that slowly closed in on James Earl Johnson-Humphrey Administration ily to camping sites In First and forem~stisthequestionof Ray. lhe case was given top priority, has refused to grant a camping per- Virginia. Ray's guilt or innocence. Ifhewasin- with 3,000 agents assigned to thehunt mlt in Washington, D.C., for a Peru,Roudebush said he wasdiSa~ volved, was the slaying the work of one on a full-time basis. Some $1.4 roll- Ind. family wanting to visit the nation's by the Administrati diseased mind, or was the assassin, as lion was spent in the 65-day search.Capital this summer, noted that the Hoosi has been widely suggested, a hired The active cooperation of foreign po- In a letter to Congressman Roude- cifically said they were gunman? If so, by whom was he hired? lice was sought and obtained--a co- bush, the Indiana family Indicated in camp sites outside of Was it lunatic left or rabid right'? Or operative venture that has now paid that they could not afford a trip towhere fees are char could it have been the work of a for- off. Washington unless they camped out. "Apparently this sign conspiracy, bent oncreating rac- The Hoosier indicated he did work does not view all ial turmoil in the cities of the United It would be shocking enough if the and was not protesting anything, butequal," Roudebush c States? false charge regarding the FBI's me-merely wanted to provide his family the so-called Great In addition to providing the answers tives was spread by uninformed, mis-a visit to the nation's Capital. people have special to these legitimate questions, the ar- guided individuals. The charge be- Roudebush forwarded the requestto rules and laws do not appl~ rest should produce another positive came deadly serious, however, when President Johnson and Secretary of "I suppose If our result. It should put an end to the tr- it was voiced by the Rev. Ralph the Interior Udall, who have granted a quit their jobs, grewbeards responsible charge that was tossed David Abernathy, successor to Dr. camping permit on federal land near ed protesting and around concerning the failure of the King and chief spokesman for the the Potomac River In the vicinity ofagainst this country, they Federal Bureau of Investigation to Poor People's Campaign. the Lincoln Memorial to 3,000 per- anywhere they wanted produce the fugitive as promptly as Abernathy should know that in thissons through June 16. White House lawn even , everyone--the FBI conspicuously in- time of tension and emotion, such Roudebush's request was re- bush commented. eluded--would have wished, charges can hit with the impact of aJected by Mr. Harthon L. Bill, Act- "I would also dispute The FBI, it was said, wasn't really live hand grenade. Considering the ing Director for the National Park lion that the National trying; if a white man had been killed, national stature that he has claimedService of the Department of the In-does not have a camping Ray would long since have been in for himself, he should havehadenoughterior, the limits of Washington, custody. The failure to make an ar- sense of responsibility to determineMr. Bill/Jtated, " The National Parkis obvious to anyone rest, so the myth went, was yet an- if the charge had any basis in fact Service does not have a csmpingarea lnity of the Lincoln Mer~ other proof that the white power before he started talking, wtthin the limits of Washington, Roudebuah concluded.