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May 11, 1972     The Ohio County Times News
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May 11, 1972

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,., o.,o TIMES HARTFORD, KENTUCKY, MAY 11, 1972 8 Editorial Daily Newspapers Finally Report That Cannibals Got Young Rockefeller In its issue of April 10, 1960, The Councilor reported that the son of New York's Governor Nelson Rockefeller had been killed by can- nibals in Indochina. We received the story from Jakarta. On November 18, 1971--One hun- dred and thirty-six weeks later the New York Post reported the same information from a Port Moresby source. A magazine published in New Guinea says Dutch authorities in that area knew almost immediately after Michael Rockefeller disappeared what had happened to him. But it seems that for political reasons they were to keep the story hushed up. The story published in the New York Post agrees with The Coun- cilor's versions that the cannibals were from the Asmat Tribe, exactly as reported by the Shreveport publication in 1969. The Asmats are reported to be negritos, with kinky hair and African-type features. New accounts carry one ridiculous note. They claim that the story was censored because Dutch officials didn't want the rest of the world (America?) to know that there are cannibals in New Guinea! The story didn't appear in U.S. papers (except The Councilor) but the reason must have been otherwise. The reason for censorship in the U.S. was quite different. A New York source told The Councilor that the reason was a matter of American pot DUreSs: Z ::Gov. Nelson Rodkefeller is a member of a family which has campaigned for one-world govern- ment on the premise that people all over the world are basically the same. The loss of his son was a tragic blow to Governor Rockefeller, but the exposure of a false teaching would have been an additional loss. Governor Rockefeller is the man who gave the land for the United Nations Building in New York City. He is a leading backer of the "one- man-one-vote" program. He used the term "racist" to deride well- intentioned men who seek to show that different groups have different and conflicting customs. (Editor's Note: It is not our desire to deepen the wounds that Governor Rockefeller has felt in the tragic loss of his son. We have sympathy for him in this loss. Our desire is to prevent loss of other fathers' sons in the terrible course of international relations and world government charted for us by Governor Rockefeller and associates. We pray that Governor Rockefeller will allow the life of his young son to count for something worthwhile, and that his sacrifice not be in vain. The lessons are clear: 1. Cultures ARE different. 2. The earth is not ready for one- world government if it will ever be, and 3. The right to vote would be an even more dangerous weapon than spears when placed in the hands of those who can not overnight absorb 4,000 years of white man's culture. Another lesson suggests itself: If we have world government, then all of us ust compromise culture sdmech'ween cannibalism and civilization; it is easier for civilixation to take a step backward than it is for cannibalism to take a step forward. --The Councilor Lies Make Men Slaves Above all, there is one thing which all Rightists love, and that is Truth. This is because Rightists know that what is based on a lie cannot endure, and that lies make men slaves but that Truth makes them free. Undoubtedly the lie most vicious because it is most accepted is the lie of human (individual and racial) equality. Certain groups are bent on making this lie into a full-fledged religion, and they have all but suc- ceeded. Men and families of men (races) are not equal in inherent capacity and ability and all attempts to treat them as equals must necessarily backfire because God hates a lie. The bigoted refusal to face the harsh Verity of racial inequality is fast making this Nation a shambles economically, religiously, politically, legally, culturally and socially. It is making it a shambles economically because of the terrible economic drain on White taxpayers of both North and South caused by un- productive, slum-creating masses of Negroes. It is making it a shambles religiously because of the false doctrines of "brotherhood" and the collectivistic, enslaving "social gospel" peddled by sentimental, brainwashed preachers. It is making it a shambles politically because of the un- conscionable politicians it produces who are eager to sell their own bir- thright and their constituents into slavery to ensnare the Negro bloc vote, which is peddled to them on a "for sale" basis by extreme agitators. It is making it a shambles legally because of the extremes to which corrupt judges will bend to placate he implacable demands on this bloc. It is making it a shambles culturally because of the fatal in- fusions of jungle music, mores and morality into the bloodstream of ,our White civilization. And it is making it a shambles socially because any attempt to "equalize" by fiat inevitably means the superior must be enslaved, or at least brought down to the level of the lowest. No honest and informed person can possibly deny this. Only dishonest, bigoted or ignorant people will deny it. Continued and deliberate ignoring of these facts can result only in the final end of hope for America's future. The race issue is not a legal nor a political problem. It is far more than that; it is a social problem and all of the laws in the world will not--and can not--solve it. --The American Mercury VIEWPOINT JESSE HELMS There was a time when a pretty good political dispute could be provoked by the mere suggestion that America is moving towards the welfare state. Now even the political "liberals" acknowledge it, usually with a satisfied smile at their ac- complishments. It is no doubt a matter of wasted breath to say it again, but neither the United States nor any other country can long survive a socialist system. The destruction of this country can be pinpointed, in terms of its beginning, to the time that our political leadership turned to socialism. They didn't call it socialism, of course. It was given deceptive names and adorned with fancy slogans. The people were trained to think in terms of something-for-nothing for them- selves at somebody else's expense. We heard about "New Deals" and "Fair Deals" - and "New Frontiers" and "The Great Society." We became obsessed with "federal aid" and we were promised "free money from Washington." Now the country is beginning to realize what it really / Y0U DON'T HAVE "I"O SE A PARENT 'To /AY AND PAY AND PAUL HARVEY NEWS II THE WORLD IS A TRIANGLE by Paul Harvey Next President Nixon goes to Moscow. The axiom, "East is East and West is West," is outdated now. In 1972, for better or worse, the world is a triangle. The unpronounceable president of the Sudan in Africa, Maj. Gen. Jafaar Numeiri, says his relations with Russia are "very bad." Last April he signed a deal with Moscow whereby they were to provide him with guns. Now, he says, "They want to run my country." He wanted aid, not domination. He wanted a hand-up with no strings. So now he says the Sudanese equivalent of "nuts to them"; says he'll manage without Soviet weapons. In one African country after another, the Communists have been thrown out. Both Russian Communists and Red Chinese. What I'm saying is that Communists, who would dominate the world if they could, can't. The appetite for national identification is everywhere. Leaders in Africa, as elsewhere, have rediscovered that home folk want a home-flown flag they can salute, a home-grown government they can respect. They do not want domination by Moscow or Peking any more than they want intrusion in their affairs by us. It's not a global tug-of-war between "them" and "us" any more. The world is a jigsaw puzzle of many parts, three big ones. For us, the balance is less precarious than it has ever been. A. Doak Barnett, an "old China hand," says President Ninon'stripS=t0 Peking and Moscow are not designed to "change" anything; rather to recognize a change that has already taken place. He believes if you were Russian, Cinese or Japanese you would have more to worry about than we do. Not that our geographical isolation means anything any more, but because the pressures of disproportionately distributed populations have a way of creating internal combustion. Now, about Formosa. President Nixon did not decide in Peking to "withdraw our troops from Free China." That intention was announced during his first year in office when he traveled Asia personally and publicly to "sever the apron strings: to make known the fact that "the future of Asia would be left in Asian hands." Nobody has more admiration than I for Chiang Kai-shek, but one cannot honestly oppose American involvement in Indochina and favor it in China. Americans, whose reach has exceeded their grasp, are reverting to their own enlightened self-interest. And during the inevitable reshuffle of the Third World, we will serve beth them and ourselves better with trade rather than aid and by minding our own business so well that we may again be a worthy example for emerging nations. got. We were reading a piece recently about Sweden, which has gone all the way into socialism. Sweden prided itself on being showcase welfare state. Sweden isn't proud any more. Socialism there has gone sour, and the Swedes are in trouble. For example, the Swedish govern- ment is now in almost absolute control of housing. More than 80 percent of the new houses and apartments being built are govern- ment owned--for the simple reason that the government has stifled free enterprise in the housing business. And how has it worked out? Well, today in Sweden, the high school graduate automatically goes down to the government housing office to apply for an apartment, knowing that it will be at least ten years before his name will rise to the top of the list, if then. There are 8.000,000 people in Sweden--and there are 500,000 names on the waiting list for a place to live. More than 800,000 people live--the better word is exist--on government pensions, and at least 130,000 of these have no bathrooms. There are more than 450.000 families with children who live in government housing consisting of two rooms and a kitchen. So this is the "ideal" life in a socialist, welfare state--which so many American politicians advocate for this country: Swedish citizens have to stand in line for everything-- housing, medical care, all the rest. The Swedes are becoming in- creasingly disenchanted--even 1hough they are constantly told that they are getting everything "free" from the government.' Free': The graduated income tax in Sweden runs up Io 87 percent of a worker's income. On top of that there's a variation of the sales tax (called the value-added tax) which has increased the cost of countless items by an average of 15 percent-- such as appliances, automobiles, etc. Even electricity is taxed 10 percent to the consumer. Even the socialists in Sweden are becoming alarmed. Gunnar Myrdal, the sociologist upon whose notions the U.S. Supreme Court based its original racial integration decisions, has warned that Sweden's economy is now out of hand. In a recent in- terview, Myrdal said that in Sweden, "The organized welfare state has gone mad." It hasn't "gone" mad. It was madness at the outset. Socialism is a deprivation of freedom of mankind. It is government control. It is the substitution of governmental edict for human initiative, resourcefulness and creativity. It is the surest formula for failure. There was never a chance that socialism would work in Sweden. There's not the slightest chance that it will work in America, or anywhere else. Yet our own politicians press on, with more and more proposals to push us more deeply into the welfare state. They are buying votes with promises of something-for-nothing. They think only of the next election, never of the next generation. STRAIGHT TALK TOM ANDERSON This is an apology for an editorial I wrote in 1968. In part, the editorial said: "Conservatives are now badly split, again, Wallace vs. Nixom Actually, neither Wallace nor Nixon is a con- servative. Wallace claims there's not ten cents worth of difference between Republicans and Democrats. But there is: Humphtrey is a Socialist by compulsion and Nixon is a Socialist by compromise. Humphrey would collectivize us at 100 miles per hour and Nixon would collectivize us at 50 miles per hour. Which is worse? The destination is the same. And more Americans would wake up at the breakneck speed. The road to hell (which some of us rednecks still believe in) is a slow, steady and moderate descent. "Wallace is a protest against the Establishment. Unlike Nixon and Humphrey, he is against the in- ternational-banker, Eastern Establishment, which is merging us with the enemy. And he's for America and local self-government. "Humphrey is more conservative than Gene McCarthy, and Lenin was more conservative than Marx. To 'liberals,' morality doesn't count. Expediency reigns. Everything is relative. Socialists like Humphrey and McCarthy are now called 'moderates' by the Liberals. Get to the left of those guys and you fall off the world. "On Vietnam Hubie is changing his mind. The new mind doesn't work any better than the old one. Hubie-dove is now shedding any responsibility for Vietnam, or any other war. Ever since the draft board almost got him in World War If, Humphrey has been so draft conscious he won't even drink draft beer. He is for surrender and 'peace,' for making love, not anti- Communism. The story of gasbag Hubert's life should be entitled 'Here With the Wind.' Humphrey's views and my views are parallel--they won't meet, even to infinity. "When the President read his 'I won't serve again' announcement in private to Hubert, Hubert had a good cry the thought it meant Bobby would get the nomination). Humphrey is like the chameleon that turned brown when placed on a brown rug and turned red when but who died a tra put him on a November 5 he'll die and cry, "The whirlwind the harvest is at hand. Nixon with his makeup can't George Wallace. never be saved by mayors, even if by some we get good ones. of dictatorship, and surrender mainly were brought there by they did it deliberately, jailed or hung. unwittingly, they al shouldn't be allowed service elevator. "Thinking back on Chicago, Humphrey, Abernathy bring aphorism (that means 'When shall men shadows, it is almost What I want to readers, is for would collectivize us at hour and Nixon at 50 miles per hour. The no-nothings, Republicans, and love to ask us: " rather had Humphrey? Certanly ! embraced, sL both major enemieS hundred-billion proposed a fantastic "family assistance engendering im proceedings. And The sure way to lose is conservative. Nixinger destroyed the t movement. Nixon is servative than Brezhnov is more Mao Tse-tung. The servative Nixon is tr Yes. Thomas once told us more progress under Eisenhower than either Truman or we've certainly come Communism under either Kennedy or MARILYN MANION Has the Civil Rights Movement gone so far that it has come full cir- cle? A lot of people think so. A decade ago, the cry was "equality for all"--a goal which was to be reached through integration. Today, though some people still support integration through busing, the black militants want a special kind of "equality." They want to be just a little more equal than anybody else, and they are quite willing to be separate in their super-equal state. Some of them, indeed, want to be so separate from the white establishment that they suggest overthrowing it altogether. The subject of reverse discrimination is a touchy one, and nobody has written more sensibly about it than Mr. Lionel Lokos, author of "The New Racism--Reverse Discrimination in America." Mr. Lokos appeared on the Manion Forum radio program not long ago, and of- fered his thoughts to the listening audience: "If the Liberals who support Black militant groups were to read the Black Panther, calling for bloodshed, violence, terror against the authorities of this country, against the policemen of this country; if they were to read the Muhammad Speaks, the Black Muslim paper, to find out the vicious anti-white hysteria generated by the Black Muslims, such as the fact that all white men are devils; if they were to actually read this and find out what is actually happening, they would feel very differently toward these black, fanatical groups who are, in my opinion, opposed as much by the majority of blacks as they are by the majority of whites. "In the case of the Black Panthers, they have been lionized by some rather influential whites who should know better, but don't. The result is that they have achieved a certain Tal00 stock in America. Buy U.S. Savings Bonds. most guilt-st liberals in the "Reverse the college level. are being admitted their avera not acade simply because of skin. Whites with averages are being against because they "This system hurtS black students who because of their color in effect, that they ability to get into own; that the push him "No one wants to not terribly what the black and of course he "It hurts the bla cki into college grades because he together with the hurts anyone who that particular says, in effect, that longer worth the "This system militant groups who revolution because establish nationalism in prestigious What happens is revolutionary limits to whites have a situation colleges to haY4 fraternity, have an "My point is: treatment to both It, is just as against whites as against blacks."