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May 1, 1969     The Ohio County Times News
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May 1, 1969

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COUNTY THE 0 H ,O TIMES Your Pkluro Ilowspopor HARTFORD,  o,,o couNn, YNr Pidm  I l.r..J' .LJJ, J'  108 West Center Street HARTFORD, KENTUCKY 42347 PUBLI SHED EVERY THURSDAY BY I THE OHIO COUNTY TIMES ANDY ANDERSON EDITOR AND PUBLISHER TELEPHONE 502 298 If00 YEARLY SUBSCRIPTION RATES OLIO AND ADJOINING COUNTIES . . . $2.00 COMMON-WEALTH OF KENTUCKY . . $3.00 ELSEWHERE IN USA ............... $4. 00 SERVICEMEN ..................... $1.00 , ( mIJAIPNAL i IWE IW P00'IPER % Editorials of the Week THE SMOTHERED SMOTHERS BROTHERS Wink (Tex.) Bulletin And CBS finally smothered the Smothers ]Brothers! Who knows? There may be hope for television yet . now, if NBC would just smother F'ro'ntley and Pinkley, maybe some of us would stop throwing rocks at our Boob Tubes. When a program is too bad for CBS to run, brother, it's bad, and the Smothers Brothers were that bad. We had to think about it for about a week to decide whether or not we wanted to be placed in the position of agreeing with CBS about anything-- including the Smothers Brothers--but we finally decided in this case it was worth it. It looks like the Smothers Brothers tried to pull off a demonstration that didn't work. qOm Smothers told reporters March 26 the show had considered leaving CBS, but then decided "to help force a new policy . . . by being on the air rather than off the air." that it was "abundantly clear" that Tom and Dick Smothers were un- willing to accept the criteria of taste established by CBS in time for review by the network program practices de- partment. Wood pointed out that the Smothers Brothers had consistently failed to deliver tapes of the program to the network in time for review by net- work executives and local stations. On several occasions parts of the Smothers Brothers show have been cut by the network, and a show sche- duled for January 5 was replaced with the tape of an earlier show. The objectionable material in the January 5 show apparently was folk singer Joan Baez's dedication of a song to her husband, a draft resister presently serving a jail term. In a telegram to Tom Smothers, Wood said the tape of another show had not been received in time to be reviewed. Strength To Your Hand, Mr. Nixon! Branch Head Bill Says: By Bill Kennedy "LOVE THOSE MEXICAN TOMATOES" A wire from the Florida Tomato Committee told us about tomatoes on the Florida peninsula rotting in the fields because farmers could not effort to pick them. (Florida--that's the state where Senator McGovern found so much starvation in the rural areas.) It took very little checking to veri- fy the fact that tomatoes were actually going to rot. The reason: Tomatoes imported from Mexico are taking the winter Market (December to May) But for once CBS didn't surrender "On the basis of our information to the nuts, pinkos and crackpots that about parts of that program," Wood away from Florida growers. are apparently dominating the entrr aOded, "we believe that the program This, too, was easy to check. A taiment field these days. ............. cluded at  ttte Vqr .%  iit't*4cwetgmng'4n 5outh Alabama In a telegram dated March 27, monologue which in our opinion would revealed that in store after store all Robert Wood, president of CBS-TV, told Tom Smothers, "You are not free to use the Smothers Brothers Comedy ttour as a device to 'push for new standards.' If you cannot com- ply with our standards--whether or not you approve of them --the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour cannot appear on CBS." Three cheers for him! The network statement announcing the cancellation of the proKram stated I AM CURIOUS (MONEY) As was not entirely unexpected, the Swedish movie known as "I Am Curious (Yellow)" is doing tolerably well in its first ten days in Wash- ington, Variety, our guide in these matters, calls business at Janus I and II "terrif," with a $42,000 gross in the first week. One used to believe that the only legal license to print money was in owning a television station. But no; a dirty movie does quite handsomely. What has impressed us here is the highmindedness of the entrepreneurs (Grove Press in the case of "Curious.") There was a wonderful ad in the trade press, alerting theater owners to yet another film from the camera of the fertileSwedish director, Vilgot Sjoman. It is a film called "491 ," and when screened a few years ago was greeted with this hosanna by critic Judith Crist: "... a violent and admittedly shocking film; we go beyond homosexuality into per- version and sadism . . ." Now, in THE CONTROVERSIAL CROCKETT There's been much in the news- papers about the March 29 incident in Detroit where black extremists shot it out with police, killing one law enforcement official and wounding another. But most of the stories have glossed over the background of Judge George W. Crockett, who caused a nationwide storm when he ordered the release of six suspects, ruling that the police had illegally made nitrate tests of their hands to determine whether they had recently fired any weapons. According to Crockett, who admitted he might have plowed new legal ground, the suspects were entitled to a lawyer when the tests were being made. Crockett's left-wing background, however, provides another possible clue as to why he was so sympathetic to the suspects, members of the Re- public of New Africa. While the news- papers chose to describe the RNA as a "black separatist" organization, the outfit, in fact is honeycombed with Maoist revolutionaries and its titular leader is Communist revolutionary Robert Williams, who currently re- sides in Red China. Crockett has long been sympathetic toward the Communists. In 1949 he defended in a major trial two of 11 Communists convicted under the Smith Act for advocating the over- the tomatoes on the counters came from out of Mexico by way of Nogales, Arizona, and an Atlanta packing house. (A food chain that refused to buy California grapes was full of them.) Something was obviously out of kilter somewhere. A Florida crop wasting in the field--driven off the market by imports coming into the country near the Pacific, shipped crosscountry to the Atlantic and thence South to the Florida border. I already knew about hams from Communist Poland--and somebody told me about imported beef taking the hamburger market in some of our metropolitan areas--but this is too much. Florida tomatoes are marketed under a Federal Marketing Order. The regulations growers operate under called for shipping Oly certain of the higher grades--to prevent flooding the market and breaking the price. Agricultural Marketing Act has a provision that requires all imported vegetables to reetthe same grade requirements as vegetables sold by domestic producers under a marketing order. Under this Act the Department of Agriculture imposed the szme grade regulations on toma- toes coming in from Mexico. And be considered to be irreverent and offensive by a large segment of our audience, therefore, unacceptable even If this were not the week of the Eisenhower funeral rites and even if Sunday were not Easter Sunday." One thing's for sure . there are still plenty of nuts masquerading as entertainers parading across the screens of our idiot boxes, but when CBS smothered the Smothers Broth- ers, we got rid of two of them Washington (D.C.) Post the light of the astounding box office success of "Curious," it is being re-released with this advertisement to the trade: "If you are curious . . . You Must Make Money with "491'... check these facts . . . Lena Nyman, the girl in 'I Am Curious' is the same Lena Nyman in '491' . . . Vilgot Sjoman, the director of 'I Am Cur- ious,' is the same Vilgot Sjoman of '491' . . . You MUST make money with '491.' " It's enough to make you glow with pride. How grand it is that these Swedish marvels that take us right into the bedrooms of other people are being brought to Washington in original uncut version," full of all that "serious artistic intent," and the distributors and the theater owners all get rich as Croesus. As Lenny Bruce once said, if it was legal you could find guys who would charge $10 to watch kids get run over in the street. Human Events throw of the U.S. by force and violence. When Presiding Judge Harold Medina held him in contempt of court and sentenced him to four months in prison for his disruptive activities during the trial, Crockett effusively praised the Communist party. At one point he claimed: "So far as the Communist party is con- cerned, it is probably more accurate to say that Negroes have used the Communist party (rather than vice versa). It is the one party in which they feel free to speak and to act like Americans. It is the only party that seemingly cares about the plight of the Negroes in this country." Crockett also called the party the "conscience of America." Since that time, Crockett has defended and been in the company of scores of Communists. Sen. Jim Eastland (D.-Miss.) had this to say about Crockett in the February 3, 1965, Congressional Record: "In 1962 Crockett went to Mexico, where he associated with individuals known as among the more active members of the American Communist group there. In 1964 Crockett was registered under the Foreign Agents Registration Act as an agent of the Cuban Communist government of Fidel Castro." the Arizona importers squealed. They said it was unfair to Mexi- cans, even went to court and got a temporary restraining order, which was later vacated but which permitted the importers to move I don't know how many shipments. Senator Gold- water (he is from Arizona) champion- ed the cause of the Nogales importers in the Senate and presented the argu- ment to this writer that we shouldn't damage trade relations with Mexico by placing this "embargo" on their tomatoes. Hogwash! We .-ave woriod  ,much .aouv trade and political relations with other countries (friends like Mexico and enemies like Poland) that we have driven thousands and thousands of American farmers into bankruptcy and off the farms. Mexican tomato growers, through Arizona importers, have increased their share of the U.S. winter market from 16% in December, 1967 to 62% in January, 1969, admit USDA officials. While Florida growers have no market (except in Florida) for the lower grade tomatoes restricted by the marketing order, Mexican growers sell their lower grades at home and in Canada. (Florida growers can't sell in Canada at all--some other fool trade agreement.) What's more, the Mexicans harvest their crop with cheaper labor and can live with a lower market price than U.S. pro- ducers who live with a federal mini- mum wage law. (I'm told a good worker can make $25 a day picking tomatoes in South Florida.) It is just another case where our Federal Government is so busy being godfather to everybody else (with our tax money) that it is making a com- plete mess of domestic affairs. And it proves yet again that as a handier and marketer of farm products, USDA is a complete flop. A LOOK AT THE BOOK THE EYES OF THE LORD By Dr. Bob Jones With the gaze of the Divine eye, God sees the deeds of men, whether performed alone and in secret behind a closed door or in the presence of a great company. God sees all that is done, both openly in broad daylight or in solitude and darkness. But God sees more than the deeds of men. The secrets of the thought and the intent and purpose of the heart lie open to His gaze. He Who hid the treasures in the earth and veined the hills with gold reads the secrets of the minds of men, and "the eyes of the Lord are in every place, beholding the evil and the good" (Proverbs 15:3). Though the searching eyes of God are on both the good and evil, He does not gaze upon them both alike. His eye sees the evil that evil may be judged. God looks upon the good that He may bless. We are told the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth to show Himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward Him (1I Chronicles 16:9). God looks upon the man whose heart is per- fect toward Him that He may, when He sees a special need in that man's life, meet and supply; that when moments of weakness come He may be there to uphold and strengthen; that when sorrow comes He may be present to comfort and sustain. And to the righteous man God makes this promise. "I will guide thee with Mine eye" (Psalm 32:8). God's all- seeing eye which can gaze through the darkness of midnight and which can see the end from the beginning- God's eye which pierces the unre- vealed future-is the eye that guide, s God's child. Modern science has developed instruments which send a ray through fog or clouds or dark- ness and pick up any object concealed there. So God's eye sees things hidden from our sight. As a plane flying in the midst of heavy fog is led to the airport by radar, so is the man who in faith relies upon the wisdom and power of God guided safely by a Divine eye. By Tom Anderson SEXUCATION--PART I Some readers will doubtless be of- fended by some of this. But the fol- lowing is a small sample of the so-called "sex education"-and I have deleted some of the worst of it to spare us all embarrassment-which is now presented in an estimated 70o of the nation's elementary schools and even to three-year-olds. If it can be taught to our children, can we afford to stick our heads in the sand and refuse to face it? Sexucators brag they've taken sex out of the rest rooms and put it into the classrooms. Many naive people say it's better for children to learn the "facts of life" from teacher than in the back alley. Actually, it's not. While the back alley descrip- tions may not be entirely accurate, at least the back alley does not con- done and promote it. The best expose of American sex- ucation has been done in the wonder- ful magazine'American Opinion by the highly readable and responsible Gary Allen. Allen reports: "SIECUS (Sex Information and Education Council of the U.S.), pronounced Seek-us, is the principal organization which has spread its tentacles into a large per- centage of the schoolrooms of Amer- ica. Mrs. Calderone, SIECUS executive director, says: 'Sex edu- cation must be thought of as being education-not moral indoctrination.' SIECUS treasurer, Isadore Rubin, an identified Communist, is editor of the pornographic magazine, Sexology. SIECUS founder, Dr. Lester Kirken- dall, and other officials are also con- nected with Sexology. Kirkendall and Rubin claim that patriotic unity is immoral but sexual activity, no matter how obscene or degrading, is good and healthy." Typical "educational articles" in salacious Sexology magazine are: "Group Sex Orgies, .... How Important is Sex Organ Size?," "Adultery: Can It Save Marriages?" (written by a SIECUS board member, "Brother- Sister Incest, .... My Wife Knows I'm Homosexual, .... Can Humans Breed with Animals?, .... Why I like Homo- sexual Men" and "Unusual Sex De- mands." Kirkendall has revealed that Sex- o]ogy is currently being revised with a different cover and title used in schools. "According to the late, : lamented, Saturday reports Allen, "Mrs. that sex education should the nursery. Around the the child should as ledge, along with the inology for sex organs. teachers should then im clinical details." Allen adds: "As you might the SIECUS executive has very progressive homosexuality. As she is telling youngsters: body has some attraction of the same sex . . . I demn it. Every boy ir environment,' she says, have a homosexual advance him, and,therefore, he stand what it is and what hiS about it and about himself "And what should that Concerning homosexuals, the commander-in-chief smirks in her lectures: '... you person your responsibility standing, even if you don't conviction.' Dr. sadly, that 'it will be some homosexuality receives ceptance.' Unless, of 'educational' efforts on SIECUS are successful. "Mrs. Calderone says, sex for? It's for fun not something you turn faucet. If you do, it's The healthy Mrs. Calderone ued: 'We need new values lish when and how we sexual experiences.' Whe n ager asked her: 'What t opinion of premarital sex among teenagers?' Mrs. snapped back: 'What's body from on high this. You determine it . .' believe . . . the old Thou S apply any more. Sex is not rogative of Christianity." Watch this column next more on the insidious zation and the threat it your family. By Marilyn Manion MUST YOUR PRIVATE LIFE BE PUBLIC RECORD? Have you been married more than once? What is the value of your property? How many babies haveyou had, not counting stillbirths? Do you share your shower? If someone, arrived at your front door and proceeded to ask you the above questions, no doubt you'd be tempted to tell him to mind his own business. But y6 .'d better learn how to resist the temptation. Chances are that someone will knock at your door next year, and that he'll ask you these very questions. If you refuse to answer them, you'll be liable to receive a $100 fine, 60 days in jail, or both. The "someone' knocking at your door will be a United States Census taker. He will address his barrage of personal questions to one household in four-the other three-fourths will be required only to answer the few stan- dard and necessary Census queries. You have no way of knowing whether you're in the unlucky one-fourth, so you'd better get ready. There is, of course, a perfectly valid and Constitutional reason (Arti- cle I, Section 2-14th Amendment, Sec- tion 2) apportions Members of the House of Representatives among the States according to their populations, and requires a national "enumera- tion," or census, to be taken every 10 years. Thus, you have an ob- ligation to "be counted"-but you are not Constitutionally obliged to tell all. Yet, under existing legislation, the Census Bureau can ask you just about anything. LINDSAY SHOWS COLORS New York Mayor John Lindsay, who is so disdainful of voter intelligence he's asking for a nw term in office, is troubled, he says, by the high priority the Nixon administration has given defense spending. It might be thought that Lindsay, who is a Republican, would be less eager to find fault with his party's leader- ship, but the mayor apparently is out again this election year, as he was his last time up at bat, to prove him- self worthy of the Liberal Party nomination. At any rate, he finds the matter of defense spending as proposed by the White House "very troublesome" and the Nixon position on ABMs "a foot in the door that's very worrisome." FIRST THINGS FIRST The moon landing is months away, but already the empire builders of the federal bureaucracy are battling over which agency will have first crack at the 80 pounds of moon material to be brought back by astronauts. Department of Agriculture officials insist they have priority because they must examine all parts and crops entering the country. At the Customs Bureau they say they get the first Just who wants to know shower arrangements-and you have television, and bedrooms you possess? man Jackson E. Betts of pearing or the Manion Fort program, identified the of the forthcoming invasion privacy: "Statistical users, to programs, or as a means industry determine where the: go with new sales promotionS" "I don't think that you as individual should be a jail sentence or a fine fusal to answer a questi, the end simply furnishes to some statistical user as can best sell or market his or to some bureaucrat it to formulate some gram" at the taxpayers' If you, dear reader, a the Congressman, there is you can do, if you act in Betts has introduced a gress that would make year's Census questions volU this bill should become laW,) be fined and/or impriso you refused to answer tions on sex, marital status, relationship to head of visitors in the home at SUS. The Betts bill is pendi Resolution No. 20. Congressman and Senators them what you think about it. Jacksonville (Fla.) Instead of spending all on defense, Lindsay Government ought to be into urban areas (where it could be used to like Lindsay). "There can be no highe than the urban crisis in this he avers. Well, we can think of national crisis of just might be no cities enough to have any crises those dollars going into fense. Or would Lindsay like life--that the Russians use those SS-9s? Cleveland (Ohio) look at anything coming borders. The Public people say they have because they have to disease. University s are vying for the honors. Why all the fuss? T] who really has to be some dairyman. CertaJ know if it is SwisS, or muenster.