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April 10, 1975     The Ohio County Times News
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April 10, 1975

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THE OHIO COUNTY TIMES, HARTFORD, KENTUCKY, APRIL 10. 1975 4 JACK ANDERSON'S Washington Merry-Go- Round With Joe Spear The most unpopular man in the Ford Administration, judging from our mail, is Secretary of Agriculture Earl Butz. We received angry letters from all over the country -- letters blaming Butz for the farm squeeze. He en- couraged farmers to plant big crops, promising that increased demand would keep prices high. But the combination of the recession and the hearty harvests have sent farm income plummeting. It dropped an in- credible $5 billion in 1974. A Montana cattleman told us that he had to sell his calves for 25 cents a pound; it cost him 41 cents a pound to raise them. Cotton, wheat, corn, potatoes and onions have all dropped dramatically in price. The farmers, in desperation, are turning to the government for help. But Earl Butz is largely ignoring them. He clings to the belief that the free market should set the price. That's a fine theory. But there is evidence that the free market is out of whack. While farm prices have gone down, for example, supermarket prices have remained stable. In other words, the middleman is simply in- creasing his profits. The farm state senators, meanwhile, are furious with President Ford. They feel that Ford and Vice President Nelson Rockefeller used dirty tactics in an attempt to .:.:•:.: !:!::i: •%,•°. iii!iL .%%% ,.° i!!ii!i :':.N :i:i:i: %••••. iiiiii!ii!iiiiiiii! ! ii i! !!!iii i! i!iiii!ii! ilii iiiii!ii !iii!iiiiii! !!iili !! !!iiiiiiii ii!iiiiii i! i i !!i!i!ill i!i!!!i !iiiiii!iiiiiii i!!i I ili iii!iiiii iii !iii ii iii! iiiiii!i!! !if! ii ii ii iiiiiiii iili !!ii i! iiiili i! ii ii iiii !i iiii ii !i !i!! iiii ii ii!ii!il iiiiiiiiiiii!iii iiliii iiii iii!iiiiiii! !!i!!iiiii iii!iiiiiiiii!iil !iiiii • Paul Harvey News Where Are All Those Job Openings? By Paul Harvey For every action a reaction. • Any excess inevitably corrects itself. Including inflation. If you'll sit still for an injection of basic economics, you'll feel better. :i:!:i: iiiiiii You're paying more for most everything you buy- !iiiiil -why? Because recently per-man productivity in iiii!il the United States and elsewhere--the amount of ii!.!! goods each worker turned out--has declined '+:" drastically :•:•:.: .•.*•% :::::::' ,%•.o. :!:i:!: :.N.: ::::::; ii!iiii %••%. ::::::: •%%% •..%% %....• iiili! !iiii00 :::::: !iilii -•%% ••...• iiiiii •••%• •.•.•. •••%. ii!ii!: :i:i:i: In five of the last six quarters the work output per • person has gone down. So each thing produced cost more. Again, if we gct the same amount of money or more for producing less--whatever we produce has to cost more. This is elementary, irrefutable. But so's this: When prices get too high and customers stop buying, industry cuts back. Then, with mass layoffs of employees, per-person productivity starts going up again. During a period of peak production-consumption, industry is likely to hire many marginal workers-- workers with poorly developed skills. This breeds inefficiency, oversize staffs, poor discipline, big inventories. As industry cuts back on the work force--keeping repeated every seven years• During a recession those with lesser skills do not have to be relegated to unemployment or welfare rolls necessarily. In Chicago, for example, for every thousand workers now working there are seven unfilled job openings• indeed, certain businesses benefit from recession: bowling alleys, theaters, fast-service restaurants• Many of these have help-wanted signs in the windows right now. Taxicab companies cannot find enough drivers. .There are presently a thousand openings for cab- drivers in Chicago--and it pays well. Door-to-door selling on a commission basis is a vastly underrated opportunity; some such salespersons are among our nation's highest-paid workers. And there are ads in every metropolitan newspaper for such. You'll need specialized skills for these next jobs, but there are many openings for engineers, nurses, insurance salesmen, transcribing machine operators, automobile repairmen, advertising salespersons, machinists, TV repairmen and electricians. For whatever encouragement it may be, the .:.:.. %%. !iiii00 %.,. •,%., ••%.. ••.•. ••%.. ••%. •.%.. %•... %.,•. .•••• •••••. ••••. •%••• •.•%• i.:!iii i:iiiii • •... ::.:.: i00iiiii 00!iiiii %%%• .:.:,:. •...... :1:::: %%••• ::::::: !:!iiii i'!iii! .q•y ..:.:.: ::::: "N' "N" ..%* ••%, •.... ..%, ..... q.:. j.•.. :::::: .•.•.. •••%• .i!iii! %.°... %%..° iiiiii! %.•.•. i:i:!:!: iiiiiil •.° iiiiiii scuttle emergency legislation that would increase farm subsidies. military servants and civilian military grounds w'll be patrolled by military po The President's Wage and Price Stability Council held a press conference recently and charged that the farm bill would cost consumers a whopping $5 million. Under questioning from reporters, however, the council refused to reveal how it arrived at the controversial figure. A few days later, the Chase Manhattan Bank released a study which also claimed the new farm legislation would cost consumers $5 million. Vice President Rockefeller's brother runs the bank, and the farm bill's backers think that's more than a mere coincidence• They think the bank did the study, then leaked it to the Wage and Price Control at the Vice President's request• The bank, incidentally, withdrew its report a few days after it was released. The figures, said the bankers, were inaccurate. House of Warriors: In recent years, the Pentagon has plunged headlong into the recreation business• The brass hats have built camps and complexes in the United States, Canada and Europe. A few weeks ago, for example, we reported that the Strategic Air Command was spending thousands of dollars a year to maintain rustic fishing lodges in the Canadian backwoods. The Air Force recently announced it would turn the lodges over to the Canadian govern- ment. However, there are other fishing camps in Alaska and recreational complexes in Europe• The biggest military recreation center of all is now under construction in Hawaii. It is a $20-million hotel, which is being erected on the shores of Waikiki. The cost will be charged to the Pentagon's "nonappropriated funds" budget, which comes from such things as PX sales• Some congressmen, however, feel this is little more than a means of evading legislative oversight. When completed, the 15-story building will ac- commodate over 800 customers at a time. At their disposal, besides the natural wonders of Waikiki, will be a beachside snack bar, coffee shop, formal dining room, lounges, banquet rooms, convention rooms, a PX and other specialty shops. The guest list, of course, will be limited to active and retired military personnel. They will be waited on by Even more ostentatious than the name. It will be called "Hale Koa." tongue, that means "House of Warriorsi Springtime in Paris: The spring air in brought a familiar virus, called wan d strange disease which strikes congress and compels them to disperse to the four I globe, at taxpayers' expense, i ! House Speaker Carl Albert, D.-Okla., • leader John Rhodes of Arizona, for exam the Easter recess in Mainland China. Thel "Nationalist Chinese worried, since they as one of their staunchest Capitol Hill- But Europe seems to be the favorite this year's jtmketeers. A congressional just returned from a NATO meeting Senate Republican leader Hugh Scott heading up a nine-senator excursion NATO countries. Members of the House Post Office venture to France to "study" post nty Banking Committee, meanwhile, will jour n ge for in Asian Development Bank confere ; ':hris In fairness, we should add that some  lonr( have refused free trips. Rep. Tom Downey,: youngest member of the House, has tur/I junkets since January and will spend the It I Our with his Long Island constituents. | Snow Search: The shah of Iran, say o¢]! negotiating with Utah businessmen to buY ] An expert skier himself, the shah appare* for some slopes to call his own. He is pa te ested, we are told, in a Utah resort called'] Grisly Work: The State Department, a tured bureaucracy, has a "desk" for each f0 the United States deals with. There is a "1tL1  for example, and a "German desk," and arv desk•" Some of the "desks" are   their function. One of these is the =J= unravels the red tape when an America ,oo overseas• Tom Anderson's rtilize itroge t Seed md 3; tie. W Stic d cer $25.9 nitrah Ill.i{ Straight i'i:i¼i, the best workers--overhead goes down, efficiency i:ii!::i improves, production per person increases so that ii!iiiiii!:: prices can start going down again. To a greater or lesser degree this cycle is study of many a biography says something like ii!iiii th" " ' " ...... " :::::: Is: I d still be just a parklngLlot car jockey ex- :.:.:.: cept that during a recession I stumbled into this exciting new career." ::::::: Recently a ,person going under the name of Barbara Waiters whined through what she called the first documentary ever conducted by a female on American TV. I would hope it will be the last, but it won't. The purpose of the documentary was to promote the further destruction of the .family; of the Biblical ad- monition that the man is to be the head of the family. The ! money• Just tell him you resent what you saw o never buy his product again• He unde language• It may be the only thing he und cash-register oriented. If pornography is P go porno, if it's not, he won't. Don't pr punish him. Taylor downgraded the family, Question ,] program marriage and Henry J morality, and promoted the so-called Equal Rights Amendment. Women now have superior rights -- which they should have. Under ERA, women would be "equal" in court, in war, in rape cases, in alimony payments, etc., eta'have cultivated a habit when obnoxious, vulgar, un- Q: Could you tell me if the protein i. on national and international affairs American, blasphemous, sexist programs come on the peanut butter is worthless unless used wit!|. tube. I make a list of the sponsors and write them a dairy product? If so, do you have to eat te,,t message they understand: "I resent your sponsorship of On March 19, 1813, David Livingstone was born in BlanWre, Scotland. On Nov, 29, 1840, age 27, he was or- dained a Presbyterian missionary. Livingstone regarded missionaries as candles burning in the darkness that surrounds the heathens. God and Africa were in him. Then he developed from the missionary into the explorer and to the day of his death at 60 in the Dark Continent, he built an astounding career as a dedicated Christian, courageous explorer and fervent champion against slavery. In the day of our antiheroes, honor the brave! Africa is a large order. It is 5200 miles long and as much as 4,600 miles wide ill million square miles) and half again the size of the North American continent from the Arctic Ocean to Panama. It could cover all of the United States, India, China and 10 Japans. Some years ago I wrote the section on Africa in "The Book of Knowledge" for children. I spent some time in The Sudan, south of Egypt. The Sudan alone is larger than Alaska, Texas and New Mexico combined. The Nile, nearly 3,500 miles long, rises in June and reaches its peak in August. Egyptians commo9ly call it El-Dahr -- "the sea." In the Sudan the great river creates the Sudd region During the wet season this is probably the world's most desolate and dangerous swamp. It covers an area larger than England. In addition to every temperature and climate, this naturally richest of all continents has more of nearly everything than any place on earth. Livingstone journeyed southeast Africa for eight years as a missionary. Then he made, additionally, three tremendous explorations. His Zambezi expedition took six years. His Launda- Quelimanane expedition took another six. And along with Henry Morton Stanley's voyage in the "Lady Alice" down the Lualaba and the Congo to the Atlantic, this remains one of the greatest exploration epics of all time. (Stanley lost 69 men through disease, 14 by drowning, 58 through battle and murder, eight who starved to death and 13 listed as missing in the four-month voyage)• him. Nor did he discover the Nile's source. Men like Raleigh, Cook, Cabot or Livingstone probably never would have been happy while there remained a horizon to draw them. And although Livingstone did not convert the African natives, Africa converted him. He was lost to it as an addict is lost; compelled to suffer intolerable anguish but unable to relinquish the drug. In any case, Livingstone was the first European to cross Africa at its great, most hazardous central areas and map the infested drainage morass of the Zambesi River and vast Lake Nyassa. The New York Herald's Stanley discovered the long- missing explorer (Nov. 10, 1871) on the banks of Lake Tanganyika at Ujyi and greeted him with the famous words: "Dr. Livingstone, I presume• . . " And although the frail, emaciated man accompanied Stanley on two expeditions, he refused to leave Africa. Livingstone died May 1, 1873 in the village of Chitambo in the Ilala district of what is now Zambia. Two of his blacks named Susi and Chama found him in death. He was kneeling in prayer across his bed. Susi and Chama buried Livingstone's heart under a great tree. Then in a horrendous journey that took nine months the villagers carried his body to the coast for what they knew would be a proper burial for a hero. David Livingstone was buried in Westminster Abbey on April 18, 1874, with all the pomp and ceremony that the -British Empire could muster. such-and-such program, and I'll never buy your product again." They understand that language better than any other• They don't understand a!l that "patriotic garbage" or morality, and other "out-dated" stuff. They understand the cash register. The products sponsored during the Barbara Waiters abomination were: Loreal; Arm and Hammer Soda, Dodge cars, Fritos, Tums, Cheer, Sine-Off. You can find the addresses of these companies on their products. This is the only effective way to clean up TV, Back to the Equal Rights Amendment: If it passes the required two-thirds of the state legislature and becomes law, will it then be permissable for a man to jump up on a chair when a mouse enters the room? Before leaving the subject of ERA -- and mice -- I think it is appropriate to report to you that the First Lady of the United States is mis-appropriating public funds by making multitudinous long-distance calls from the White House, promoting the "Equal Rights" Amendment across the country. She also uses govern- ment facilities to address federal and state employees in behalf of the "Women's Lib" project. Opponents of ERA do not, of course, get "equal time" anywhere, and are not tax-payer subsidized. Reportedly, she used to make her living doing some kind of dancing. Maybe she ought to go back to that and make her own money to crusade to destroy the American family, instead of your money. WHAT TO DO Frequently I get mail from out raged TV viewers wanting to know what they can do about vulgar, offensive and obscene TV material in both programs and ad- vertising. One answer, of course, is to turn the dial, or better yet, push the "off" button. A fellow I know down in Texas had an effective answer. He got so mad he ran over to the corner of the room, got his shotgun, and blasted the TV to smithereens. That is an effective way to ii::!::i::!:::.iii!i!!iiiii!i!i:i!!::!!!!iiiii:i:i:i::.i:.::iiiiiiiii!!!iiiiiiii!iiiiiiiiiiiii::iiii!!iiiiii!i!iiiiiiiiiiiiii!iiiiiiiiii!ii!i!!iiiiiiiiiiiiii!iiiii get rid of a TV set, but it also set his house on fire! So that method is not recommended. One "answer" is to write and complain to the Federal Help win the race Communications Commission, 1919 M  Street, peanut butter at the same time9 My frie.Q]] S bors are interested in your answer as theY1 children between them. fill' A: Since peanuts, like other nuts, contai I P protei n, they do not necessarily need ! ; t°ht°?ghi tste t i:ke 't° tails ° f h s°::::n t!J [ whenever it is consumed I find no rese from a reliable source which states peanU butter are worthless without a dairy pr butter differs from peanuts primarily I • somewhat more oil. Q: I wouid like to know if the "non,.si,ce'rl' Y cookware are really safe with fo finish begins to wear off. And can you reallYNall frying if they have a nonstick surface? I ar0'q| learning what to buy for my kitchen. :. A: Yes, the nonstick finishes for cook'g found by numerous reputable research t  entirely safe in contact with food. Even wild | scratched or worn, tests have shown no li i   on food follows• Using such a pan for fryil In fact where dieters wish to avoid fats i :f cooking including baking, the nonstick !i the way to do this without having a diffic- l',i 0] afterwards. Published every Thursday by Mrs. AndY doing businessT/,olas I THE OHIO COUNTY Your Picture Newspaper Entered as second class matter at the P'q rrc| in Hartford, Kentucky. 42347' Julius Caesar yearned to discover the mysterious source of the Nile. He tried; he couldn't do it. Caesar was guided far up the Nile to Aswan-- the site of today's famous High Dam -- by a young Eyyptian nobel. Aswan became the Roman Empire's southmost outpost. There Caesar turned back. And in February 1866 Livingstone, who by then held the status of British Consul General at Washington, D. C. 20554. The "Commission" is, of course, political, but enough pressure might influence it, particularly unless the sponsor of the offensive material happens to be a large financial donor to the incumbent administration. Possibly a better "answer" would be to write the SUBSCRIPTIoNMrS• Andy Anders°n' Publisher Ili*ODave McBride, EditorRATES i ] Ohio County ....................................... Adjoining Counties ................................ large, set out on the same source quest President of the company sponsoring the offensive Elsewhere in Kentucky ....... The brave Scotsman was never at his best while - program and--or commercials. , mm Elsewhere in United Staiesl ........... ,,,,'i. traveling with other white men, but incomparable among [ARH Of: D[[:$ Don t talk about morality, because he probably won t .............  i. natives. This time be took only Africans and Asiatics . know what you're talking about. Don't talk about I ervicemen (anywhere Nevertheless, trouble erupted and Livingstone, . .................................................... ideologv -- his only ideology is to stay on top, conquer • i::ii::!::i::iiiii::iiiiiiii!i!iiii!iiii!i!!iiiiiiiiiiii:i:iiiiiii::iii::ii::ii!ii::i::i::ii!i!i!::!ii::ii!i!::i::i!!i::iiiiii!i!i::iii::!::!i!::ii!ii!i::::!:!i!:, more a'nd more "markets" and make more and more prematurely aged from hardships, saw many desert ......