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March 30, 1978     The Ohio County Times News
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March 30, 1978

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Burgess, Centertown, is women currently and exercise. Was a lady approaching any serious health Suddenly she began ex- Severe chest pains. After '.t0rs found her problem at a minimum if she an exercise program The doctors in Nash- quick to assure Jean that were suffering with of 1977, Jean started her life and that of her Jean explained that dedication is needed. That a mother is the one who shapes her family's eating habits. With this in mind she began. Now practically all food prepared in her kitchen is cooked in corn oil, not the animal fat she had always used. She encourages fruit as a snack and serves fewer desserts. The Burgesses have accepted the change in their diet habits very well, and are proud of Jean's success with her diet and exercise program. Jean works out three or four times a week at the Slim and Trim club in Hartford. When asked how she finds time to come to Hartford to exercise, works out several times a week ;it a local exercise club. Jean replied, "You have to make time. You have to say, today I'm going to exercise." If it is impossible for Jean to get to Slim and Trim she tries to do floor exercises at home. Women ranging from their teens to their sixties are enrolled in the local clinic. Each lady interviewed was quite enthusiastic about her exercise program. They would relate their progress and usually that of a friend. Each lady was quick to assure that a combination of diet and exercise was necessary to make any change in her figure. Mrs. Ike Sheffield of Beaver Dam is one of the many ladies who enjoys exercising. She enjoys exercising so much that she has stopped keeping track of the number of pounds and inches she has lost. She exercises because it makes her feel better. Mae Evans, who is employed at the Social Services Office, takes time daily to join the team floor exercises, held five times daily. Several people who are not over- weight enroll in the clinic and work out almost daily as a way to stay in good physical condition. Other women in Ohio County are meeting weekly and talking them- selves into substantial weight losses. The "Willing Losers Diet Club" meets every Monday night at 6:30 p.m. at the Ohio County Health Department. Pat Keeling, Ohio County health nurse, meets with the group, both as a member and as a health office representative. Each lady is weighed in by Pat and a record is kept. Any gain or loss is announced. But a person's weight remains a secret. After weigh-ins are completed, a rap session follows, At this time the ladies exchange diet tips, discuss their programs and encourage each other. Most meetings are over by 7:30 p.m. It has been planned this way so that weekly meetings can be worked into everyone's schedule. This group of women has devised clever ways to keep dieting fun. One idea is the personal showers given for members who have lost 25 pounds and BUrgess, Sarah Geary, Peggy Brown and Edie Whitehead participate ill team floor exercises. TIlE OtllO COLNIY i'IMFS, lIAR rFORI). KENTLCKY. MARCll 30. 1978. PAGE 17 !!iiiiii!iiiii!iiii!iiiiil iilil ! iii iii i!iii!iiiii i ilili iiii!iiiii!iiiili i i iiiiiii i ii!iiii ! ii iiiiiiii!iiiiiiii!iiiii iiii iiil iiiiiiiiii!iiii !!!ii!' :.:.:.:;:;:::. :;:::. :::. :. :. :. :. :. :. :. :. :. :. :. :. :. :. :. :. :.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:, :.:.:~:.:?:,:~:::?: ~:?::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ~:?:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :: ::::::::.':: ::::::'::: :::*:::::::. :::::::: :::::: :::::: :: :: :::: :::::::::::::::: :::::' :: Ann Barnett. Pat Keeling. health nurse, l)el)bie Slier and Joan Bennett prepare to "'weigh in" at meeting of the "'Willing Losers" diet club. kept it off for three months. The club president, Mrs. Margaret Clouse, recommends that anyone planning a diet should first see her family physician. Let the doctor establish a weight goal and prescribe the kind of diet needed. Then attend the weekly meeting and your friends at "Willing Losers" will help you want to stay on the prescribed diet. Margaret suggests th tt a diet is easier to maintain if you can adjust it to your family's menu. Pat Keeling recommends that "smaller meals" of 500 calories or less are better for a person than saving up to eat one large meal a day. Mrs. Clouse expressed the club's interest in attracting teenagers to share their programs. The program is free to any teenager who will par- ticipate. A fee of less than $2.00 a month is collected from regular members. The money collected is used for cash prizes awarded to club mem- bers. The records show some rather astonishing weight losses by club members. Mrs. Clouse has lost 74 pounds. Joan Bennett, Hartford, has lost 47 pounds since she joined the club in early September. Teenager Mary Ann Smith has lost 35 pounds. Now a senior at Ohio County High School, Mary has at- tended "Willing Losers" since she was a sophomore, Mary says her friends noticed the change and have encouraged her greatly. All the willing losers agree that the success of this program is the moral support offered each other. Debbie Slier expressed the feeling that a weight loss in a group li~e this was physic. She explained, "Who would want to stand in front of 15 women and have it announced that you have gained weight." "Willing Losers" invites anyone interested in losing weight to contact the health office or stop by one of the Monday night meetings. ~21,L$:~ ,~, Dr. Robert Johnson agrees with the women involved in these weight- control programs. Following is his letter which lists obesity as the nation's tap health hazard. "The Secretary of HEW, Mr. Califano, has recently stated to press conferences that smoking is this country's number one public health enemy. I would take issue with him on this. "I am convinced that the greatest health hazard which confronts the American public today is that of obesity, the condition of being overweight. (Admittedly, smoking will undoubtedly run a close second!) More Americans suffer from the chronic problem of over-eating than ever before. "We consume more refined sugars, sweets, pastries and highly-processed foods than any other nationality on Earth. We also have the highest in- cidence of obesity, diabetes, and cardio-vascular disease on Earth! "It has been clearly shown that years of excessive dietary intake with its resultant obesity can lead to the development of diabetes in later years. This serious medical disease is attended by a host of complications if improperly controlled. These include stroke, heart attack, premature aging, gangrene, and many other "roll off" with the greatest of ease. Let me here attempt to kill and put to rest an old and popular myth for all times: the one that says "calories don't count". Of all the numerous fad diets that are purported to bring about weight reduction, none not one single diet among them can ef- fectively bring about a significant weight loss unless they include a reduction in the number of calories consumed. "It is a matter of simple body arith- metic. You ingest "x" number of calories and you burn "x" amount of energy. If your energy requirements exceed your calory intake, you must burn body fat and lose weight. "If your calory intake ts in excess of your body's energy requirements, you will store those excess calories as fat tissue. Therefore, no matter how you juggle your ratios of fat, ear- bohydrate, and protein intake, the amount you become overweight will relate directly to your excessive calory consumption. "So, by simply applying the com- bination of increasing your energy requirements by exercise and physical exertion along with a deliberate and moderate reduction of the number of calories you consume, you cannot help but enjoy some control will be obtained. "It should also be remembered that great harm can come to us from rapid weight loss. This is especially true if certain of the special liquid protein diets now in vogue are followed. "This type of diet, employing one of several commercially-prepared "liquid protein formulas", borders on actual starvation and can result in serious and even fatal mineral and electrolyte disturbances. There have already been a number of deaths directly attributed to such diets! "When you get right down to it, all that is really necessary in controlling weight excess is to establish some simple dietary restrictions which will permit a slow, steady rate of weight loss, ideally not to exceed two or three pounds per week. Any weight control program needs to become a long-term way of life if it is to be at all valid. "In the great majority of cases, one simply needs to omit all refined sugars, replacing them with foods which are naturally sweet, such as fruits, grapes, berries, and the like. The heavy starches must be greatly limited; such as light breads. pastries, pastas, potatoes, etc. "More importantly, in-between- meal snacktimes should be markedly curtailed and replaced by periods of cardio-vascular problems. measure of success with your weight physical activity during those times, iJil matter actal the in contro Oro,ra day or hi,hi .here we have ome teractions between this "deadly "I emphasize the word "moderate "food-oriented". These must be triangle" of obesity-diabetes-cardio- for good reason as I am convinced transformed !nto action-oriented "'--.1' vascular disease are as yet in- that any attempt to "crash diet in pastimes, since over-eating is now profession. We do know this much: avoided. This approach, while problem at any rate. o: {Formerly Taylor s l)ept. Store) IIIII i people who suffer from obesity do not sometimes obtaining initial results ' Obese persons should avail ~top In Today and See Our 5election of ]J][] live as long as those whose weightis which may seem gratifying, isusually themselves of every opportunity to within normal range. . doomed to long-range failure, as most modify their compulsive eating "They are also at a much higher people will revert back to their old habits. This may include joining one [Jill iU ;;n ;~ risk for coronary attack and other habits of over-eating when the novelty of several excellent groups such as Rugs, Tapestries, Crushed Velvet, ~ life-threatening diseases caused by of the diet wears off. T.O.P.S. (Taking Off Pounds Sen- Stuffed Top, Antiques Farm re rance deposits of fat and cholesterol, practices are almost always disap- been my experience that only those IIIII ~E ~- I Im'll'.rtl-I'hmw 298-7354 ~ "Our concernforandawareness of pointing in producing any lasting persons who are deeply' enough this frustrating problem of being results. Unless one is prepared to motivated to make considerable Ihmw ,wncr l.ife-Aulo, ~ overweight has created a deluge of make some life-long alterations in sacrifice and to involve themselves in Phone 274-3703 JI ~ Bh,c (',' ~. "~|.hilc Ih,w, ~*t potionsliterally hundredSgadgetsOf fad dietS,are pillS,sup, their eating practice, ithabitswhich become a programsSUCh day-by-day and week-by-week ~~~m~~Jlll and which day-by-day is highly will ~,ver succeed in con ~U.jI.LU~~ posed to make the pounds literally unlikely that any desirable weight Iroiling their weight satisfactorily."