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March 28, 2002     The Ohio County Times News
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March 28, 2002

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TIMES-NEWS, HARTFORD, KENTUCKY, March 28, 2002, PAGE 20-A Continued from page 1-A about Lee's alleged conduct with male students. Mere was a lot of talk and a lot of suspicions," the teacher said. "A lot of us thought some- thing legally should have been done but then nothing came of it until 30 years later. Lee is accused of having sexual contact with boys from 10 to 17 years old and were former students of Lee's. According to the KSP, a vic- tim of Lee's (now deceased) told a third party he had been mo- lested by Lee. Before this investigation, Lee served two months of a 12- Continued t~rom page I-A "The rest of the money is go- ing into savings," Jesse said, adding that they were inter- ested in purchasing a new ve- hicle eventually. When Jesse first went to pick the money up from lottery offi- cials, she discovered her identi- fication card had expired. It tery game. "There are eight different ways to win Powerball, and people don't usually notice that," Cunningham said. lot of people don't even know about the secondary $100,000 prize. You do NOT have to have all the numbers to win money. Also, we a of 17 " O took another trip back in order to claim the money. Jesse's win is pretty unusual for Ohio County, but she joins Barbara Lowe of Beaver Dam, who won $100,000 on February 3, 2001. Also, in the past month, Vio- let Ward of Beaver Dam won $1,000 on the" Instant Powerball television show and Janice Geary of Horse Branch won $24,000 in an instant scratchoff Cash Stash game ~ at the Beaver Dam Rally Btation. The employees of Bishop's Grocery were happy for the Jesse family. "Tommy Jean Whitter, an employee here, answered the call and was really excited," noted Melinda Bishop, who runs the store with her husband Joe. "We didn't expect it, but we were glad someone here in town and someone everybody knows won the money." Bishop's Grocery began its business almost 30 years ago, and founder Grace Bishop ran the store up until last year. The store has been in its current lo- cation for about four years. Jennifer Cunningham, a state official who works with the lottery, noted that most people do not understand about all the ways to win in the Powerball lot- month sentence for'falsely re- * porting a crime to the KSP in November of 2001. He claimed his car was stolen in McHenry after being held at gunpoint. He later pleaded guilty to the false report and ordered to pay $552.62 in restitution to the KSP.i recently added a new feature called Power Play, which costs $1 extra and can multiply win- nings up to five times." As for Betty Jesse, her next plan of action? To continue playing Powerball. "I'm still playing," Jesse said. "I just missed the Powerball by six numbers, and that would have been $26 mil- lion. I'm just hoping to win a million. New Boundaries for First, Second districts Continued from page 1-A In Hartford, the original First Congressional District precinct (A-104) will hang onto 138 regis- toted voters and the new Second Congressional District precinct (A-103) will have 542. That location remains at the EMS building (formerly the county garage). In all, the First Congressional District will have 9,086 regis- tered voters and the Second Con- gressional District will have 6,978. "This change meant a lot of man-hours and a lot of work for our office staff," Johnson said. timing just wasn't the best on the part of the Kentucky Leg- islature. The general boundary lines for new precinct B I05 include the First and Second District magisterial boundary line, the Natcher Parkway, Bethel Church Road and the Wendell Ford Parkway. The boundary lines for the new Hartford precinct are much more complicated. Part of it is bordered by the Natcher Parkway, part by the line dividing the First and Sec- oxxl districts, part by the line dividing the First and Fifth magisterial districts, the Halls Creek Road, a section of Rough River along Hartford's north city limit, Park Ridge Road, part of the line dividing the First and Third magisterial districts, State Route 136, U.S. 231 and a section of Mud Col- lege Road. Check us on the Web It's been more than 16 months now since that con- troversial election in Florida that left a lot of people won- dering just who should be president of these United States. Of course, we all know how it turned out. The U.S. Su- preme Court stepped in like it always does when it's not needed or wanted and made a ruling that handed the nation's top office to George W. But it really didn't end there, you know. The dispute lingered on and festered and finally a lot of Democrats and a lot of Republicans got to- gether to finally settle the is- sue in what they thought would be an acceptable man- n6qr. What they did -- God bless their partisan hearts -- was to get the two candidates to- gether for a little winter fish- ing. The one catching the most fish in a frozen area of Wis- consin would be declared the official winner. So, all of the Democrats and all of the Republicans took their main men -- George W. and AI Gore -- to that lake in Wisconsin and left them to do their thing. In the mean- time, all of the Democrats re- mained on one side of the lake and all of the Republicans gathered on the other side. After the first day's compe- tition, AI and George W. came back to shore. To the disap- pointment and dismay of the Democrats, George W. had 10 fish and A1 had none. After the second day of fish- ing, the situation got even worse for the Democrats and it began to look like the fish were oing to do the same thing the Supreme Court did -- pick sides. This time, George W. had caught 20 fish By Dave and AI was again shut out. a plata One of the Democrats -- a not fellow by the name of Bill dirty "Slick Willie" Clinton -- called I Al to one side for a little coach- egg ing. ever "Look, AI," Willie said. ored "Something's not right out egg there. I'm beginning to hen think George W. might be I do cheating so you keep a close eye on him." day but Al promised to do that very my 70 thing and the two men went what out for the third and final day have to of fishing competition. Pity the tion poor Democrats. When the fi-I've nal horn sounded, George W. death had a string of 40 fish and AI times in had none. "Did you do what I told you?" Willie asked. "Did you try and see if George W. was cheating?" "Yes I did and he certainly was," Al said. "George W. was cutting holes in the ice." Mount found There mention if you times out, waS egg. With Easter just a couple of days off now, I thought this would be a good time to corn- favorite. pare or evaluate holidays and to holiday seasons, maybe Yes, I know that each holi- than day has its place and reason I for being and if they could sons talk, they would mightily de- Easter fend their importance in the or annual listing, at That not being the case or with possibility, it's left up to us to eggs pick and choose. And since I'm Papaw the only one writing this col- them umn, my vote, it seems, is the and only one that matters at this to particular time. This is not going to get any exclaim- better, so if you want to stop reading at this point, please I'll be feel free to do so. giving Easter, in my ranking sys- tem, rests somewhere down in the middle of pack. Rabbits are not my fitvorite animal and I my eggs on me from paw, can . Some "SlTa/ght Ta k= On Ban/dng Today.. That Can Ma/m Bank/ng For You... ii I i i ii iiiii I Good old kkas call w w'neszT p i ng , - ram service m your clmck accom, work- on a Ira, explaining the of a Moray Mad it be Onr policy is do it way shoald be-. or do it at all 0 By Dave McBride Times-News The first half of Richard Frymi~'s 2001-2002 winter forecast fell miserably short of accui-ate and the second half is faring a lot worse than that. What all that means is that Frymire, the noted Breckinridge County prognos- ticator had a bad, bad year. But, Frymire's annual effort at telling us what our winter is going to be like is done in a spirit of fun and humor and this newspaper's comparison of fact with fiction is done along the same route. Frymire has been doing his October-to-April thing for a lot of years now and goes around telling everybody his accuracy rate falls somewhere between 80 and 85 per cent. If that's the case, his method for checking what actually happened against what he said would happen apparently was done someplace other than Ohio County and the surrounding area. Back at the gitgo of this year's forecast, Frymire missed with his guess on when the first killing frost would come in early October and the parade of misses continued through to December 24 when he said we would get a couple inches of snow in time for Santa Claus. Woe be the effort he made from that point until this week. Starting off the new year, Richard said we would get an inch of snow on January 2. That didn't happen. Then Richard said the pe- riod between January 5 and February 8 would be very cold. We went back and checked every one of those days and found that the average daily temperature for all of those 35 days was a very pleasant 49 degrees-plus. In fact, there was only one very cold day and that came on January 8 when the tem- perature dipped to 17 above zero. We did have a 25 and a 31 for highs but that was the extent of anything close to "very cold." During that period, we had eight days over 40, eight days over 50, seven days over 60 and one day when the mercury climbed all the way to 70. Getting back to kinder misses, Frymire said we would have four inches of-snow on January 11. The high that day was 52. He said we would have another five inches of snow on January 15 and the high that day was 46. Frymire said the coldest day of the winter would come on January 17 when the tem- perature would dip to a frigid 10 below zero. On that day we actually had a high of 49. We were supposed to get four inches of snow on Janu- ary 24 but we just don't get a lot of the white stuff when the temperature soars to a warm 66. It was 64 on January 31 when Richard said we would get another inch of snow. Moving into- February, Frymire said we would get an inch of snow on February 6 but there was no precipitation on that date.. He said we would get an inch of snow on February 13 but it was too warm at 51 de- grees. We were supposed to have sleet and hazardous driving things hapPen cury were snoW- make were all over flurries on similar ture