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March 4, 1976     The Ohio County Times News
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March 4, 1976

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T THE OHIO COUNTY TIMES, HARTFORD, KENTUCKY, MARCH 4, 1976 4 '9 With Joe Spear WASHINGTON -- The Shah of Iran is putting the :squeeze on the United States. His oil sales have dropped more than 1.5 million barrels a day. This is costing him around $4 billion a year in revenues that he had an- ticipated but isn't getting. So the Shah is upset. He has brought quiet diplomatic pressure on the State Department to compel U.S. oil companies to market more Iranian off. Otherwise, he has :threatened to cut back his purchases of U.S. military equipment and nuclear reactors. It is doubtful that the State Department can force the oil companies to produce more Iranian oil that they cannot sell. The sales have fallen off because of con- servation measures and mild weather. However, Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has always tried to appease the Shah. Kissinger wants to encourage American companies, therefore, to market more Iranian oil. But his colleague in the cabinet, Secretary of the Treasury William Simon, would rather encourage American companies to reduce their Iranian production. This would give the United States more bargaining power, he has argued privately, to force the Shah to reduce oil prices. :i.i :i i ii i.i i ii:i:i:iiii. iiiiiiii.i iii.i !i i! iiiii.! Paul narveyN, *s iiiiii Do You IVant ii !ill To Pay ent. " " iiiiiii iii::::::i There's a family of four living in a high rise in the enlarged bureaucracy which w!!l implement it. ii::::::!:: !i!i::!:: Chicago. The family has an income of $8,000 a year. How did Congress sneak another Section 8 past iiiiiii iii!!ii But they have to strain to pay the $278 a month public scrutiny? It's easy to bury riders in utterly :i:i8 i::::iii rent on that three-bedroom apartment, unrelated legislation, most of which the members iii!iii i i ii: Will you contribute $100 a month to help them pay of Congress approve without a personal reading, i!::!::i:: .o.*... ...... their rent? ,%,,,o .:.-.-. i;!!:.:i Oh, yes you will? !iiiii!i Last year Congress approved a rent subsidy program under Section 8 of the 1974 Housing Act. Since January you've been seeing newspaper ads may be eligible for some of your money to help i!!i!iii them pay their rent. ::i::!i!::! We're not yet out from under the absurdity of the much-abused food-stamp program, when along comes this "rent-stamp program," which will tax you to help pay the rent of families earning as much as $15,900 a year? iiiiiiii About 600,000 families are eligible for rent sub- In Minneapolis, when,housing officials first of- iiii!ii fered the rent-subsidy certificates, applicants were ii!ilil lining up at 6 a.m. In Chicago there will be thousands more ap- plicants than certificates, and officials expect some ::::::: illicit bartering for the documents which are worth i::iiii! to the holder from $5 to $200 a month, i.:iii!i Despite the best efforts of city and suburban iii!iiii authorities to devise crook-proof procedures for !iliiiil allocating the certificates, abuses will occur. :i:!:i:i There will be voluminous forms to fill out for both iiiii!i! tenant and landlord, and Chicago Housing iiii!!ii Authority Director Kenneth Wallace says. "If I :!:i:i:i ,,,,,.,. were a landlord and someone gave me one of these iiiiiiil contracts, I'd tell the applicant to stick it in his !:i:i:i'. Imported Labor: Thousands of faceless men and women and their anonymous children constantly move with the harvests, stopping only long enough to pick a crop and to earn enough to subsist until the next stop. They are the migrant farm laborers, who help make American the best-fed nation in history. Yet they themselves are often undernourished. At least 4,000 of these pickers, according to a Florida man-power survey, were eager to work in the fruit or- chards of the East Coast last fall. They desperately needed the money. But Virginia apple growers somehow persuaded the Labor Department to let them bring foreign fruit pickers into their orchards. The Virginia growers imported 978 Jamaican workers to pick their apple crop. T.his may have saved them a little money, but it deprived hungry American migrant workers of jobs. Why would the Labor Department discriminate against American workers? We can only point out an interesting coincidence. One of Virginia's largest apple growers happens to be the powerful Senator Harry Byrd. We have determined that the H.F. Byrd orchards hired 180 Jamaicans to pick their 1975 crop. A spokesman told us that the Senator's brothers make all the business decisions. But whatever the cir- cumstances, the Labor Department chose to be kind to the Senator rather than to the jobless migrant workers. Sky Spies: Secret intelligence reports claim that the Soviets are using Cuban airstrips to spy on U.S. naval movements. The latest report states that two huge Soviet turboprops landed in Havana on January 23. Along the way, the planes conducted surveillance of our East Coast. This was the 22nd time since April, 1970, that Soviet military planes have flown to Cuba. Each time, they have engaged in aerial spying. They photograph U.S. Navy ships in ports in Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida. From Cuba, the Soviet planes also fly reconnaissance missions into the south Atlantic. Invariably, the Soviet planes are picked up on U.S. radar. U.S. interceptors rush up to meet them fly alongside them, snapping pictures. pilots exchange signals. These Soviet flights, of course, can be used as a military base. There is no however, that the Soviets have constructed military facilities in Cuba. Poor Little Rich Lady: Imelda Marcos, Firs{ the Philippines, was named by last December as one of the ten richest world. This is quite an achievement for a who was a bank receptionist only a few years she married Ferdinand Marcos, and he President of the Philippines. Their sudden rise to riches, however, is want to advertise in the Philippines. They censor Cosmopolitan magazine. That would attracted attention to the story publicity. So the Marcoses quietly arranged with friends to buy up all the copies they hit the Philippines newsstands. Thus, disappeared from the newsstands overnight they could reach the people in the streets. Crime War Cutback: In the early 1960s, torney General Robert Kennedy turned the Department's big guns against organized lately, the investigation of organized crime lagging. The number of days spent in the field by crime investigators, according to our sources cut in half. And the nmnber of court government lawyers in organized crime cases cut conmderably. Now, we have learned, the Justice secretly preparing to eliminate the special which were established to fight organized work will be turned over to the local U.S. Many Justice Department officials disagree proposed policy. They fear it wilt further government's battle against the crime iiiiiiii sidles, ear?" iii!iiii il *- Development (HUD) believes that the rent subsidy San Antonio and Denver, have encountered should be welcomed because it is a faster, simpler, resistance to the red tape. cheaper way of housing families than previous The Chicago area has been allotted 1,373 cer- subsidies for private builders and for public tificates with more promised later in the year. housing construction. But abused or not, the whole program is ob- This program, we are told, offers better housing noxious to taxpayers who earn their pay and buy without forcing families to move into public housingtheir food and pay their rent and expect nothing for i:: ii projects; indeed, the families need not move at all. nothing.. "Why are you against so many things?" the man and resisting all efforts to our But it'll be no bargain for the average taxpayer And it sadden us aiLto the.once-proud ..... ........... .o . For boycotting all newstands, wh will have t pay the subsidy plus the American gle holding aloft a tin cup ' ' ISI se [' gaz stSomany because peddle sexuality, pornography and ,,, .-..o-, .... ., - .o-. ...... o.o....o ..... ,.---. -. ..... o.,.,.o.o..~.,-...,~o.,.o o.,.....,.o-,.o.o, .o.,.,.o. -.-o-o-o-o-o-,-,-o-o-.-o-,-.-o---,.~o- -,O,-o-,-o-,.....o......,~ o -o-...,-o,..o--o.o- -..o.o..o.o..,.,.,.. o .o.o..-o.....,---o-- o,, :," ..:.:.:. :~:.::::::::::: .:.:. :: :.:.::: :::: ::::....; .:::::-:::::::::.:.: :...::: .:::: ::., ::,:,: .:.: .:.,.:.: .::.::... :, :, :, :. :. "., .:::: .:.......:.:. :.:. :.:. :::.:.:.:.:.: ,:, :,:. :. :. :. :. :. :,,, :.:,:.:. :::. :.-.:... :.:.:: ..:" :,:, :,:.....: ::.:::::.:.:.. ,, :,-,:..,..:-:.:.:.:.:. :. :. :,: .: .:.: .: ... :.: .:.: ,:, ,,:.:...: :...:-, ,,- ~.~...:~~...:.~..~.~.....~:~~.~.........~..~....~.~~..~~.....~..:....:...~.~.~..~:~~~~~~.~~~.:.~..~~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~~~.~.~.~.~...~.~.~.~.~.~.~~~...~~~..~..~.~~~~~.~.:.:....~~~.:.~~~.:.~.~.~.:..~......:.:.~...:.....~...:.~................~~~..~~.:~:.~.:........~~....:.:..~....~.~:......~~~~~:.~.~.~.:~.~..~~~.:~:...:~~.~.. O i:i:i:": many i things are wrong," I replied. i!i!iii! "Why not be "for occasionally?" he pursued. i:i:i:i: "O.K. I'll say what I'm for. But like the fellow who had :i:!:i:! .to ride with his mother-in-law at his wife's funeral said to the undertaker: "I'll do it, but it's gonna ruin my whole day." Seriously, there are many things to be for since our blessings are manifold. In spite of the many freedoms we have lost, we still live in the best country in the world. I'm for letting New York City sink or swim on its own. For restoring our capacity to defend ourselves from the combined strength of all our enemies. on national and international affairs Spain relinquished the rich territory. Then Madrid negotiations allowed the Spanish Sahara to be in- corporated into Morocco and neighboring Mauretania. And Hassan signed an agreement with Mauretanian President Moktar O. Daddah to divide it up. Revolutionary Algerian President Houari Boumediene, forever enemy of Morocco, opposes the Hassan-Daddah plan tooth-and-nail. He is demanding that Spanish Sahara belong to Algeria. Beyond the phosphate and other riches that Spain developed, Rabat palace officials privately tell me that Boumediene is especially interested in overland railway access to the Atlantic for Algeria's iron ore. Accordingly, Algerian forces have invaded the former Spanish territory. Boumediene supports, as well, a local guerrilla organization, the Polisarto Front. Moroccan and Mauretanian forts have fallen. Moroccan army regulars and their armed patrols are heavily engaged. Algerian planes have shot down Moroccan U.S.-bullt jet fighters. Boumediene's relations with the U.S.S.R. are as close as a mosaic. As in Angola, the Soviet is likewise involved. It operates in the Spanish Sahara from a Leipzig, East Germany headquarters. That headquarters is sending in trained undercover personnel and U.S.S.R. arms, chiefly East German and Czechoslavakian. The leader in the Spanish Sahara is Edouardo Moha, Soviet-trained in Moscow. It's a war within the worldwide wars -- and on an unrevealed scale that threatens the stability of pro- Western Morocco and Mauretania alike. Published every Thursday by Mrs. Andy Anderson doing business as THE OHIO COUNTY Your Picture tlewspl t Entered as second class matter at the Post Office in Hartford, Kentucky, 42347. Mrs, Andy Anderson. Publisher Dave McBride. Editor SUBSCRIPTION RATES Ohio County .............................................. S3.00 Adjoining Counties .................................... 53.00 Elsewhere in Kentucky .............................. $4.00 Elsewhere in United States.: ..................... .$5.00 Servicemen (anywhere) .............................. $2 00 With bitter fighting flaring in the Spanish Sahara, re- inquished by Spain, Moroccan King Hassan II has a whale by the tail. He sent former Prime Minister Mohammed Karim Lamrani to Washington to confer with Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger - with no success. The fiery impasse is back to Square One. During my recent visit to Morocco, Rabat palace of- ficials corrected my reference to the country. The Kingdom of Morocco is officially the Sherifian Empire, The "Meghreb" is the name given the North African Arab countries and with Morocco's north coast washed by the Mediterranean (its west coast by the Atlantic) Arab geographers name Morocco the "Maghreb el Aksa" -- The Far Sunset. South of, and adjoining, Morocco's border is the vast Spanish Sahara withits incredible sea of billowing sand. Morocco and neighboring Mauretania want the tremendous phosphate and the other raw materials Spain developed in the Sahara. It is a place so eerie that you have to see it to believe it. The whole Sahara covers three million square miles; the Great Gobi Desert only 500,000. The Algerian Sahara alone is larger than India. The Spanish Sahara covers 102,000 square miles. When I reached there the daytime temperature averaged 122 degrees and at night the cold was positively Siberian. The silence is simply over- whelming. The camel is newcomer. It has been in 'these sands (from Asia) only since about 1,200 B.C. One of the few things to survive with the nomads for at least 6,000 years is the vulture. This was the domain of the crack, colorful, 6,000-man Spanish Foreign Legion with its immensely picturesque Camel Corp. The Spanish Foreign Legion was based exclusively in the Spanish Sahara and was straight out of "Beau Gest." Unlike its French counterpart, there were few foreigners in it. Membership was a personal honor in Spain where honor and all tests of bravery entrance the passionate Spanish sOulo Most Spanish Sahara dwellers are Berbers, not or- dinary Arabs. They have their own special dialect, a peculiar accent that originated before the year 1. They are known in the dialect as Morehob ("Blue people") because of their indigo robes. All the women are veiled at nine years old. At 20 most are grandmothers. In the Arab world people wave their shoes to express contempt, but the women never do this. Men and women alike, however, throw dust on their heads to symbolize their subservience to a sheik. The sheiks practice the ancient Rule of The Tent. You must extend your home's hospitality to your enemy for three days. Then anything can happen if he has been foolish enough to deliver himself into your hands. King Hassan staged a dramatic, 300,000-man "peaceful" march to the Spanish Sahara's border before For ending the $7 billion "farm program," Urban Renewal, sandwich coins, Medicare, O.S.H.A., postal subsidies, so-called "Fair Trade" laws, "renti-care," double taxation of corporate dividend. , tax exemptions for Foundations and co-ops and government and municipal bonds, for killing withholding taxes, the Federal Reserve System, the Department of Health, Education and Welfare, federal aid to state and local governments, public housing. For less government-control-of-people and more people-control -of-government. For returning all public "welfare" to state and local governments and to churches and private charities. For publishing periodically the salaries, expense accounts and income tax statements of all public employees. For returning complete control of all public education to state and local governments, as the Constitution in- tended. For putting an end to "police brutality" before all our policeman get maimed. For supporting our local police Q. I am on a low-blood sugar and low-cholesterol diet, but it seems as if the cholesterol is always too high. Could you recommend a book on cholesterol for me? The only thing I know that has cholesterol is an egg. Please, if you can, help me. A. Who put you on this diet? Have you seen a doctor? A doctor should be consulted when undertaking any diet. Admit your ignorance about cholesterol to him and ask him for advice. He can explain your problem to you so that you understand it and he can give you lists of recommended foods to eat and foods to avoid. There are special diet books for those who must lower the amount of cholesterol they consume, and your public library should have several books for you to look over. One you may find helpful is "The American Heart Association Cookbook." It contains a wealth of information, but costs $7.95, which many people today feel they cannot afford. Look for it at your library. Basically, foods high in cholesterol should be limited in your diet. Avoid -- or eat only the minimum amount allowed by your doctor - of the following foods: egg yolks -- The American Heart Association says to eat no more than three yolks a week - whether straight from the whole egg or contained in such foods as baked goods, puddings, sauces, gravies, etc.; Shellfish -- oysters, clams, scallops, lobster, shrimp and crab; organ meats of all animals -- liver, heart, kidney, etc. - ........ Q. I want to earn some money at home, and the ad- vertisements offering to pay people to work at home have caught my eye. They say one can mai e as much as a hundred dollars a week doing things like addressing envelopes. Can I trust these promises? boycotting all newspapers which run pornographic advei:tising for movies, which boycotting almost all newspapers. For and T.V. programs and advei'tisers who run illustrations which are in bad taste or writing all involved telling them why you will their products. (That's the language they best). For returning to the gold standard. For and T.V. stations which are still Fascism give equal time to fighting Socialism. For killing the T.V. networks. For restoring* the House Committee on Activities and the Senate Internal SecuritY committee..For supporting our F.B.I. and C.I.A. deporting or hanging the estimated 8,000 to Communist spies now in this country. For requiring a vote of two-thirds of the confirmation of Supreme Court judges and all officers. For mandatory retirement of all judgeS appointive government employees at age 72. For a Constitutional Amendment all Supreme Court appoint.ees to a nine year eventually there can be a natural year, one going and one coming. For limiting the Presidency and United Senators to one six-year four-year term. It would be a revelation how government we'd get by having making honest mistakes. (Remember, Nixon had vast experience) What we need is perience but integrity. A. The Postal Service and other groups that fraudulent offers for about any ad that charges you for information send for to start the job, since this seldom advantage. Be suspicious of claims be true. And before doing anything, find out you can about the company; the Better Busines can probably give you a report on its reputation. Q. I wish the companies giving coupons would date of expiration on the bottom of the coupon have poor eyesight, can read it readily, and store cashier does not have to read through coupon before deciding to honor it. Much trouble could be saved. I am sure many will agree with me. A. Yo have made a very good point and I will that your recommendation reaches industrieS .coupon-approach in their ads. t Q. I don't understand what is meant by oils." How are oils changed when hydrogenated? A. Hydrogenated oils or fats are oils that made solid by being treated with hydrogen. emulsifiers are added to keep the particles evenly through the product. The proce .. preparing various kinds of foods where liqula be used without spoiling the texture or However, it should be noted that make even a polyunsaturated vegetable somewhat saturated.