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Hartford, Kentucky
March 3, 2005     The Ohio County Times News
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March 3, 2005

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TIMES-NEWS, HARTFORD AND BEAVER DAM, KENTUCKY, MARCH 3, 2005, PAGE 8-B *Rock *Sand *Marble *Fertilizer *Slag *Lime *Dirt *Coal Robert Leach Owner Free & r,ts is a dr.att. ,,ers o. of facts taken from the book 1102 Town Square Drive, Beaver Dam of I SamJel intending to some of the customs of these (231 South) ancient and tradttLonal times 270-274-0760 AVID SiUl.,l Ray Jones Trucking, Inc. "Special in Bulk Hauling" " 3 Ray Jones. Pres. 12701338-2417 Fax 3.~8-77..5 2296 State Route, H% 181 South GreenQile. KY 42?,45 Hwy. 231 N.- 274-3449 Mon.-Sat. 5:30 a.m.-10 p.m. Sun. 7 a.m..10 p.m. FLORIST" v.~.,o~. 237 S. Main St. Hartford, KY 298-3079 / 298-9043 / 1-800-224-O642 Propane 1 One Inc. of KY 82 l N. Second St. 754-2575 E-mail: www.propane t PROPANEI @MUHLON.COM Ohio Coun Cgristian "It's All About Jesus" 713 W. 1st Street, Beaver Dam, Ky 42320 - 270-274-7602 ~; Son Shine Inn Oaycare Bi-Lingual Service 3 p.m. Sunday Ohio County Christian Academy (K-12); His House" Food Pantry Mon. - Fri. 8-5 Sat. 8-1 2 724 5. Main Hartford 298-4040 Community Oxygen & Medical Equipment, Inc. We stock everything you need for home medical care. 274-5050 24 hour emergency service 1-800-844.1601 1215 N. Main, Beaver Dam Mon.-Fri. 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Bank of Olfio Ready Mix Concrete. Concrete Construction . General Hauling. Equip. Rentals "Service is our trademark" 107 E. I0 St. Beaver Dam, KY 274-7177 I)rug 1 209 N. Main, Beaver Dam 274-3318 ONE HOUR PHOTO "Eveo'day Low Prescription Prices" ': 431 Moun HoMEs HWY. 70 CENTRAL CITY 754-9514 270-338-3831 800-338-3832 G S E, xY 600 N. Main Greenville, KY 42345 FordsviUe NURSING AND RFJa J31UTATION CENTER Fordsville - 276-3603 Fac* Serving The Community For Over 35 Years 920 North Main St. r nville, KY 42345 1-877-243-9880 270-338-5040 4147 E. By-Pass, Powdedy, KY 42367 1-800-338-7972 270-338-7972 OOO00 405 Everly Bros. Blvd. Central City, KY 42330 1-800-880-2600 270-754-2600 iJiinlil Nrxt l rk q"his evorionai and irecwnj made possible rfiese businesses who encourage allofus to attendworshi_p services. I~Wl UBEKW ~ Bkrq~T StR~ GROVE ~ OF CI~U BEECH VI&LEY I~ BETI~ I~OSTOUC CHURCH OF ~La~y B~, paslu Ho,~ ~c~, Kera~q ~ ~s~. ~a~ CHt~ . P~, ~m~ BmCt~N~I r~T~ ~ B~qtST BOIJNG CHAPEL UNll~ NEI~[~ C~LVARY APOSTOUC TB~E ~ ~ R~ 0~J~ ~0r~ CHU~ OF~SOS CS~ST ~~ ~ w, seoo~ slalom ~=w ao~ ~T~T L~'r~ ~Y 9~T'~ Cem'ERTOW~ umeo m'nmom Cl'a~~ , ~ ,Ge~Ge~,mstor-274q937 3~Le~ySt,~-Ge~Ca~fr.Pm~ Peg~y~mmu OF ~00 H~ 23!- ~ ?a'.~ 279290 OHIO COUNTY CHRISTI~ CENI~ Bo. Me~e F~ ECHOLS ~ OF GO0 HARTFORD U~ITE~ IETHODIST Rev. L0mie ~, pas~ 277602 Past~ Eddie ~ 27(~256~771 LISER/Y ~ S~r,~ 00ug~s, ~as~ ~THWAY MISSIONARY BJLPI'IST CHURCH OF GOO ~ UNII~I) UETHOO~ST AOABL~ BAJ:'T~T CttURCH 3973U.S. H*y.23~ SBeave Dam ~& ~y~0~ ~ F~t ~,Pm~o~ C~ry ~, pastor I~ Baymond VVard E~D DoeCE paslu ~ R.EAS/~T I,NTED ~ AtJ~K~ B/~rI1ST CHORCH ~ GRO~E B,~rnsT ~ BR~UCH CHUI~ OF GO0 Rev, W.E I~0wn 683-3~Fon'esl Heanin, pas~B~t~, ~ T Geary.27~ NO CRY_oK UI~ METHOOIST BARNL~ CREF..K BAPTIST PtEASANT I~ BAPIlST OAK GROVE CHURCH OF GOD ~-m, mue ~d. Ga~ Hines, p,~t, tu A~ How~. pastor 274-7227 H~ 505 C~ "C,:xw St C~r p~ BEAVB=I DAN BAPTISl' CHU~H PONO RUN BAPTIST CXURCH B~, St~ Lea:r, ~m Ot.D ~ UII'EO ~t, lO(~ C~n ,~r, st~j, 2744500 Ste~ Sotr~ p~tu 2~-34,~ PLEXS~ RI~ Cl~ OF GOO,e'~ ~,~ ~k BAPIlST CINCH PROVIOE~ BAPI~ CHURCH Eva~ Teddm RO~l~ UNlllD IIElll~OIb~ ll~ CI~RCH OF GOO 2o~-995~ Bo~ Bat, y, p~tu 274-3169 ~,B~ 1377 B~ Rd - Paslo~ D Peie~ SHLOB UNffB) IEIHOOIb~ BB.LS mJN B~ CI~ I~B~C~ ~ ~a,~ T~ BBLE BELE3/B~ FELLOWSHIP 274-3611 Ve~ Tir~dal~ CP~es A~ p~s~ 2744)534 ROCKPORT BAPllST CHURCHCl~RCH O~ GO01~04~CY IXI~ ~~ CENI'BT011~ B/L~IST CI~RCH Tey ~,pas~ ~ Green 276-3782 Rev. ~ ~f, pes~' Howard Mab'~ws, pasto~ BO~NE BAPllST C~,~CH CHURCH OF GOI} PRO()H~CY 270-281-5191 ~ 316-1783 I~ck Be~,d, peslu 270.&16-3801 CttUFICH OF O(O) taf~OPHECY ~ &~j~, paslu ~E~ RUN BAP~ CHt~CH SLtrf C~EK B/~ST Oa~[k ~ C,0~ UN~B ~ COI~OI~ ~AI~ST CXI~X R~. Trun~ ~l~m~ i~I~l~Jl~ OF C~ PROP~ M~e Ta~ 274~90 ~de I~t~. pamu ~4756 SlLtU..H0~ B&=11ST ClM~CH Pteas~ P4~e COOL SPRINGS BAPTIST ~m ~ pa~tu 2324713 NON-OB~IIW~ ~l:tl, - Je~y~ 75I~~ Ste~& pa~-St l~.~S:~CBITER/O~ CSgI~H OF 600 OF BMV~ 0~1 ~ O, MICH GA(}~E BIBLE ~ PROPHECY G H You~, p~ DEANEF~ BAFllST C~RCH AND Ch~S'n~ AU, OBY Pas~ C~is t.~ Z~.~7 CENTERTO~ T~ERNAO.E Don ~, pas~ Eddie C,~ 233,91~ BROAOWAY GENERAL B~M~TIS'r Tmm~ ~,o09~s, pastor 274-4183 EASt' FOflK BAPTIST CHURQ, f TAYI.0FI ~ UNIteD BJIJ~IIST J~r~ ~ CI,Y0~ff,/F/~TH CH/~B. PIilor MIIn JIt= J~d~ ~o1~ p=tu CEDAR GR0~ GBEP&L B/~T'6T ~ ~,~to~. p~s~o(274-77t5 ~ 8~aqlS, r Rllll~ ~ST P0181" BAFI~ CSUItC8 FJ~ r4Ji~ C~NES~ 8~rlST N~' H0R CHOR~ ~.~,M~-J~ ~ G~I~,~ ~.t~.~ w~rr~ ~x~, ~=0r ~.~2~4 FAffH BAPTIST CHI~CH WEST P~ B$,PI]ST ~ ~ BJL~I~ST u 277077 u 2'32~19 226 E Ist SL Beaver 0era Baby Bad(, paslor Dm~ B~,~, ~ I:R.Ctl~ OF CHRIST CI~,IRCH H0eSE BI~ICH GENERAL BkPTIST Tmm~ Coo~', pastor 2744328 WO(O)O~ VNJ.EY BJ@TIST Terry T~rraxe pastor I15W C,m~, ~ 29~796~ ~ BkPIIST CHURCH ~tm (Doc) Cro~, m~orH~JlBLE V~LLmt GBERAL BJ~FT~'T J~ ~,p~o~ ~ B,I~SI' Ct~I~I ~ ~t,~. & ~4 ~ B~IST C~ ~Jo~ Ch~ R~ Rey~s St~ Pa~T~ De~ ~ CHURCH Da~Vo~,~ D~dB~ L~CH C~RL G~ B~PI~ E~F~S~D~ ~, ~4, ~. Ro~ H~ 274.3~ ST.~0tWS c/~mouc Da~ s~me~ pas~ THE~SHOP~ GRIE~ I~ER BAFI~ CHURCH Ft Eac O/~ey~st0~, Sis~ Maaa Mict~ LOI~ STAR GENERAL BAPTIST COMMUNITY Q.I~RCH ~/F~i~ pastor ff~y. ~3t ~ ~, p=~ =soc Fom~, 27~198m ~C~k Pmx, D~n~ ~ EtP11~' CIIURC8 HOLY RB)EEiER CglHOUC LONGV~ GENERAL BAPl~ ~ A,~IIBLY 4'15 Libe~y Stm~ - Ed Mitch~, p(=to~ Ft F~c O. Ritey, i~0~, Sis~ Ltisa B~& Kemy BK)~e, pasi~ Lea~ C..w~m~ i~o KtlrFom sco~ BtPllsr p=~ a=oc~ ~. ot~ GBEP~ etPI~ST ~ ~ ~ENANT TAB~NA~ 10 H ~t!ite ~Je PI~ 1.~ paslor ~ W~IY C,~NER~ B~ST Br~. ~e Cal~ ~74J065 IIi)EPB~ICE IlSSl0ttA~ B,~=IlST t~FOFI0 ~ ClM~OI Home Be~ ~ M)6 I~I.IIESS Bo , s. r, EC0ST OF 0m m I~o, I~ Taylor, pasto(Route I, For~v~ (2~) 274-3+~ ~ ~YIEFUA/( ~ &~n'~"T CtMCH I~ W~e, m,~sw 8~2.35~5252 ~ Jae~ ~st0~ Scoey ~e~,pes~ HARTFORO ~ OF CHEST,B,IOVk~ Wn'NSS K~i~OII I~.LL HCKORY CUWB~LA~ MOUNT CARMEL BAP1]ST Wesl W~ SL S~ St Bem~ Dam. 2744699 ~ 274.-44~ ~ev, C~n)le Fe~, pa~ 607 Buford Rd. ~ - Frank Bentm, paslor D~-q P,0gs~, ,'~is~ 290.3800 ~ SEVENTH ~Y k~YOfflSI lff. Z~ BAP1]ff ~ CSt~C~ OF Clf~ ~U~f~ ~ DAY ADVEXTIST Bona~d Holmes ~ ~. Bea~ Darn P~y Taytx, pastu ~ BF~R I}AII ~ tL~HO01S~ ~ ~, pasau 757-1419 N/~RON~ Bau~s'r CHt~CHNEV/BAYIII~ CHt~RCH OF CHRIS1" ~smr 274-7440 KE ,Grocery & Feed Store :L: 106 Main St. Fordsville, KY. " Phone: (270) 276-5120 Compfiments of ald's Hwy. 231 Beaver Dam, Ky. 274-4070 Insurance Agency, inc. 848 Main St. Hartford, KY/424 Main St. Beaver 298-3242 / Royal Bottling -~ (270) 274-3251 OHIO COUNI"f OSPITAL 121t MAIN ST. HARTFORD, KY 42347 1270) 298-7411 Owners: Keith COMPLETE COMFORT HEATING & COOLING, 274-4281 ~ 298-7217 Shephard & Mart~ MO1443 Pizza Hut Hwy 231 NorW Beaver Darn 222 William L. Dan s FuneralHome N. Lafayette, Beaver Dam Morticians 35O5 MOBILE HOMES Highway 60 East - Owensboro, KY Phone: (270) 683-4519 Lae~.eneral Manager 1750 US Hwy. Beaver Dam KING D and Home ~arma~ Respirator Equipment 321 Silver Beach Rd. 198-7224 Party Room Available @ Tabitha /? Kountry Kettle 931 S, Hwy. 231 - Hartford B 'S New & Used Fumiture We buy,used furniture & 10706 Hwy 431 South Carrolfton, Ky. 42374 COMMUNITY b lJ " We Trw Herder " FrVE LOCATIONS TO SERVE yOl~ Cn'een~ d~ H~uaford Ccnt=x~n 3~R-21252~8-32612324231 www.c Ohi0 C0unty Times 270-298-7100 338-4326 Outdoor POWer Equipment and Repair .~m,~,~ 626 Greene Drive BEAVER DAM HEALTH CARE ADVENTIST CARE 1595 US Hwy 231 S. Beaver Da~ 274-9646 Fax SUPERCENTER 1701 N. Main, Beaver Dam--