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February 6, 1969     The Ohio County Times News
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February 6, 1969

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hANGE WITH THE "TIMES"- SUBSCRIBE TODAY Real Estate OMETIME5 SHE REALL BOS ME THE OHIO COUNTY ,.,,,__. T/A/ES HARTFORD, KENTUCKY, FEBRUARY 6, 1969 I1 Transfers ! ..... Jean Adams&apos; A Ethel Wherry ofC1eaton, TEEN FORUM00 Kentucky, Roy Wilson of Crown Point, Indiana, Cecil Wilson of Old Hickory, Tennessee, Russell Wilson and Elsie Wilson, his wife of Hammond, Indiana, Irene A MESS: Q. My sister and I share a room and she Evans of Bloomington, In- won't pick up her make-up, dirty dishes, clothes, or diana, Floran Wilson, anything. single and Ruth Johnson of I've told Morn and Dad. This does no good. If they Louisville, parties of the say anything, my siste just gets mad and still doesn't first part Grantors andEs- pick up anything. I r can't stand it any more. What till E. Wilson of Hammond, can I do? -- T. in Omaha, Nebraska Just Lost I "mAT's +mCAV+E +o+ 1 [ "r.E .E00T00m ARouE f'mAT's A L Goop 00OEA / /" _+ U, S. Pat. Off.--All SyndZcolt, Inc. " Indiana party of the second part Grantee all our rights title and interest in and to two tracts or parcels of land lying and being in Ohio County on the waters of Caney Creek. Tract I, con- taining twenty-five acres more or less. Tract II, a certain tract or parcel of land lying in Ohio Coun- ty on the waters of Caney Creek containing 20 acres. Joseph H. Snell and Olive M. Snell, his wife, parties of the first part and Thomas G. Snell and Georgia L. Snell, his wife parties of the second part parcel of real estate lying in the city of Hartford. Claud Smith and Morine Smith, his wife of Louisville, Kentucky, parties of the first part, Grantors and Marvin Smith of Louisville, party of the .secondpart Grantee a cer- tain tract or parcel of land located at Baizetown con- taining 2 acres. Marvin Smith. andFreda N. Smith, his wife of Louisville, parties of the first part, Grantors and Carmol D. Cook as trustee of Hartford party of the second part, Grantee a cer- tain tract or parcel of land located at Baizetown con- taining 2 acres. Carmol D. Cook as trus- tee of Hartford party of the first part, Grantor and Marvin C. Smith and Freda N. Smith, husband and wife of Louisville, parties of the second part Grantees a certain tract or parcel of land located at Baizetown containing 2 acres. Cortis Ray Patterson and Maxine L. Patterson, hus- band and wife of Clauesono Michigan, Anona P. Huff and Marvin Huff, wife and husband of Olaton, Herbert H. Patterson and do Nell W. Patterson, husbandand wife of Horse Branch, Leona May Decker and Russell Decker, wife and husband of East Chicago, Illinois, Michael S. Patter- son and Stella H. Patterson, husband and wife of Louis- ville, Rosco M. Patterson and Martha B. Patterson, husband and wife of Louis- ville, Hazel P. Seabrook and Robert Seabrook, wife and husband of Des MoiRes, Iowa, Lurleene P. Ford and C. J. Ford, wife and hus- band of Olaton, Josie P. Dickerson and J. C. Dick- erson, wife and husband of Royal Oak, Michigan, and Nora P. Wooten and Kenneth Wooten, wife and husband of Madison Heights, Michigan, parties of the first part Grantors and ArgeliaMae Patterson of Olaton, party of the second part, Grantee a cer- tain tract or parcel of land located in Ohio County on the waters of Caney Creek containing fifty acres more or less. Ellis Whobrey and Wilma Whobrey, his wife of Ham- mond, Indiana, Lucille Smith and Frank Smith, her husband of Mount Vernon, Indiana, Jean Box and Rich- ard Box, her husband of Evansville, Indiana, Marva McGehee and Jim McGehee, her husband of Evansville, Indiana, Ronda Whobrey and Estele Who- brey, his wife of Miami, Florida, IRa Beal and John Beal, her husband of Nebo, Kentucky all parties of the first part and Barney John- son of Narrows, Route 1, party of the second part a tract or parcel of land situated in Ohio County containing 40 1/2 acres more or less. 'm 1963, 00H00O00RSEC00 ,N THE UM ITEI <TAT ('AME IoWN WITII A TyI ol := FLU THAT OlP NOT AFFE'C'T" t-IuMAN: ...... <J'T'uI:71ES NOW ltoW A RELATIONS;HI P BETWEEN TT s,W VIRU ANI:7 TOI:TAy HON KoN,'- FLU. A l J TRAN;I;TOR| I THAT LOOK!; [ I TOY TOP II ANP ' NO I I LAIIEI "THAN A | I MATCHBOOK I l MORE POWER/ I RAPlO / Clarence Patton of Route 2, Hartfor d , Vera Smith of Hammond, Indiana, Tina Fishman and E. O. Fish- man, her husband of Route 5, Murray, Kentucky, parties of the first part Grant6rs and Robert Trip- lett or Alice Triplett, hus- band and wife of Hartford parties of the second part Grantees a certain tract or parcel of land in Ohio Coun- ty containing 20 acres more or less. A. Some sister teams and brother teams get along great sharing rooms. Some don't. When they don't it can be tough. Your best solution is to arrange for a room of your own. I realize, of course, that this may be out of the question. If it is, you have two choices: 1. Clean up behind your sister. I believe you'd be happier that way than the way things are now. Or: 2. Give her a little of her own medicine. Drop or abandon things of your own, and be sure they land on her side of the bed, or her chair, or her study desk. Maybe this will shake her up and wake her up. CONTESTANT: Q. Just exactly what are "church clothes" ? I'm our school's basketball queen and must compete with 31 other girls from other schools. The first judging is in "church clothes." I have a short-sleeved, blue velvet dress. Would this be a "church dress"? Should I have dressy ac- cessories? -- A Reader in Texas. A. Church wear is more subdued than party or after- five attire. But, just by changing accessories, you can often make the same dress do both jobs. You can tone down your blue velvet to make it a "church dress." With it wear black patent shoes and pearl earrings, and carry a small, textured black hand- bag. Gloves are optional. Ifyouwant them, carry rather than wear them. You'll look more casual and less formal this way. SEE-THROUGH: Q. What do you think about wearing see-through blouses to high school? I have several of them. If I do wear them, what color slip and bra should I wear? -- C. in New Jersey. A. There's no place for a girl your age to wear real see-through blouses. When warmer weather comes and you're wearing sheerer tops (but not genuine see-throughs), always wear underwear that doesn't clash. Your slip and bra do not have to match the blouse, but they should blend with it. Your mirror will tell you if they're OK. "FRIENDS": Q. I went with a boy for six months. My best friend liked him, too. She flirted with him and told him things about me that just weren't true. My boy friend broke up with me and started going with her. I started liking another boy. My first boy friend told this second boy the lies my girl friend had told him about me. So I lost the second boy. Now I like a new one and he seems to like me. I'm just holding my breath hoping my "friends" don't talk to him. And I'm still snowed on the first boy. Please help mel -- M.S. in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. A. If you haven't already done so, drop your girl friend. Unless you do, history will keep repeating itself. Be nice to Boy No. 3. Be honest with him, too. If you play fair with him he is less likely to believe lies about you. If you make a go of it with No. 3, you'll soon forget No. I. If he went with you six months and couldn't recognize lies about you when he heard them, he's not worth remembering. ' ..  l.dlVlU""" L-_--.. +.+.,""=" ' .... + __++t.,.-,.," ........ 5=--'- 1o, l00l00m+ ,--" ers Ask ! 1 I tl l ,,. .................... i I Q. Why did you use color on the 1040 tax form you mailed me? A. Color is used to draw attention to the lines on the tax form that give people the most trouble. It is hoped that the number of errors made on tax returns will thereby be reduced. Last year, one of every nine income tax returns filed contained an error that slowed processing. If the tax- payer was expecting a refund, it was delayed until the error could be corrected. Two-color forms were sent to about 30 million tax- payers. The balance of the forms mailed to taxpayers and those which will be available at local banks, post offices and IRS offices, are printed in black ink. Q. I mailed a check to a charity in December but it was not cashed until this January. Does this mean I can't deduct it on my 1968 return? A. You may take the deduction in the year you wrote and mailed the check. This means that a check dated by you in December 1968 can be deducted on your 1968 return. Q. The label on the tax return I received in the mail is wrong. What should I do? A. Draw a line through the incorrect part and put in the proper information. Return the corrected label with your return when you file so that your return will be properly identified and the needed correction can be made on your tax account. Q. What insurance premiums are deductible as a medical expense? A. Premiums paid for policies providing medical care are deductible as a medical expense for taxpayers who itemize. No deduction can be taken for life insurance premiums or for those paid to provide weekly benefits in case of disability. Don't forget that medical insurance premiums should be handled differently than other medical expenses. Most medical expenses need to be reduced by 3 per cent of the taxpayer's gross income before they can be deducted. For medical insurance premiums, however, one half of this cost up to a maximum of $150 may be deducted without regard to the 3 per cent rule. The excess is then subject to the 3 per cent rule. This is explained in the 1040 instructions. Q. If I file for a refund of taxes withheld on a summer job, will my parents lose their exemption for me? I'm a college student and not married. A. No, your parents will not lose you as an exemption, so long as they furnished over half your support. In this situation the same exemption can be claimed on two returns, yours and your parent's. Q. When is the next payment due on my maid's Social Security? A. The next quarterly return and payment is due January 31 for the calendar quarter ending December 31, 1968. Also due by January 31 is a statement to your maid covering the total amount of wages paid and Social Security taes withheld during 1968. This statement may be made in any form suitable for your maid to keep. It should show your name and address as employer, your maid's name, address and Social Security number, the total amount of wages paid out, the total amount withheld for Social Security tax. The statement should indicate that the employee's tax of 4.4 per cent includes .6 per cent to finance the cost of Hos- pital Insurance Benefits. For your convenience, IRS has prepared Form SS-14, that can be used to provide this information to household efnployees. Copies may be obtained by sending a post card to your district director.