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January 27, 1972     The Ohio County Times News
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January 27, 1972

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TWA;;,.. / THE OHIO COUNTY TIMES, HARTFORD, KENTUCKY, JANUARY 27, 1972 13 .% New Lib J 00ary Books A shipment of new books Children&apos;s Books THE OLD POWDER f,L\\; !  r. ] :-r,r, \\;: /  haSDepartmentbeen receivedof Libraries.frm the ALL ABOARD, by Mary LINE, by Richard Parker. "" " ( -'P"C'J [' !/..i(! I Elting. The history of Danger and adventure "  -r D Among them are: America's trains is traced in awaits Brian on a strange 0!  w.o'6  t.E AMPHIBIANS AND words and pictures from the railroad trip. 7-9 -a&, wo; a REPTILES OF KEN- first experimental engine to PEOPLE IN YOUR A. ! TUCKY, by Roger Barbour. the jet-powered trains of the N E I G H B O R H 00 D A valuable addition to the future. 4-6 SESAME STREET. A /   library f bth the pr" BLACKONWHITEAND delightful presentatin f fessional and amateur READ ALL OVER, by the people who make up a naturalist.useful not only as Albert Barker. A history of neighborhood. PreS-2 a field guide but as a printing, from the early QUARTERBACK - - reference, wooden letter blocks to the CARSON, by I.S. Young. !!--i [ FLEET SURGEON TO great computer-operated Billfacesadifficultdecision g9 -- PHAROAH, by Sheldon printing machinesoftoday, involving his two best --, Jacobson. A novel telling 4-6 friends and his respon- how a Phoenician fleet CtIRIS, by Carol Huff. sibility as a student body )) sailed around Africa and At a new school Chris finds a president. 5-9 how the doctor Asa ben loyal friend, and learns how SECRETS IN STONES, Abdiel wrestled with his to solve his problems with by Rose Wyler. A simple 'dffb/L_. God. hope and confidence. 5-7 clear text accompanied by  THE JOURNEY OF A DOG AND A HALF, by photographs explains how to ' : , AUGUST KING. by John Barbara Willard. A large, uniock some of the secrets in OKAy/, CHUCK, ' ALL SET g T I Ehle. The journey August friendly adopted dog causes stones by careful ob- k, HOKE( AE ... HOLd 00 [dE P'LA ' LELL, h'0O AN0 I L01LL [E CENTEr5.,. LIND AN CI410EIEI bSILL IE LOIN65.. King makes along a several problems in his new servation and simple safe :.<:.,.., . ___ ....  [K,.$ I E'LL FACE-0FF HEIE IN T,E AIPPLE., j- -m y---- mountain road requires only home. 2-5 experiments. 2-4 two or threedays, but in that FLIGHT TO THE SOME KINGS AND  m_ ._f t , , _: :, , time he makes a journey LONESOME PLACE, by QUEENS. byR. J. Unstead. f '-'- - - -c: ( -  _ within himself. A story of Alexander Key. The ad- A delightful look at the lives  - classic simplicity! ventures of a boy of men and women whose IN THE HIGHLANDS mathematical genius with a slightest whim make MEMORIAL, by Joanna finds himself the target of VERONICA AND THE ' I tll Ostrow. A novel of quality unknown murderers. 4-7 BIRTHDAY PRESENT, by t  !! '[ I! that gives an excellent GHOSTS, by William Roger Duvoisin. Veromca .  picture of the Scottish Mayne. An anthology of and a small kitten become Highlands and its vanishing stories, poems, and factual friends and as a result two : b0141CH ONE le //']'HE 0ALIE I TlE ONE \\; "-- culture, accounts of ghosts, goblins, farms are totally disrupted. KENTUCKY'S BLACK spooks, trolls, haunts, PreS-2 THE OALIE ? J [ EARIN TH0E PAO... J HERITAGE. The roIe of the poltergeists and the like. 7- CIRCLES, by Mindel and i i  i '- "_ "-,_ J   ,:.i Black people in the history u Harry Sitomer. Young i ['f'-'- "J// /---- of Kentucky from pioneer PTHE GOLDEN BOOK OF mathematicians will be , -- C  days to the present. POEMS FOR THE VERY delighted with this fun-filled ,, - - , .  NEEDLEPOINT FOR YOUNG. A charming book book. 1-4 -  * -- EVERYONE, by Mary that will be used often. PreS- CREATING WITH Picken and Doris White. 3 BURLAP, by M.J.   This fully illustrated book THE GOOD GREEN- Fressard. Over 15 projects contains not only all the WOOD, by Eric Rhodin. An ranging from picture [ Ill   il[I   / I  / tilt ! ! ! /[/ '1 ,   useful information you need unusual, tense, and moving frames through duffel bags to get started in needlepoint, story of great appeal to to toys--are described. All -2z ........ but also a great deal about young people. 7-9 are created by painting, needlepoint in our heritage. GREAT STORIES FROM pasting or stitching designs :][7k ([ IA /N-FIL),F[.-O.. THE NEW FACE OF HISTORY. Fourteen great onto burlap. 7-up SCIENCE, by Fred Hoyle. A stories from history, DRAG RACING, by Julie collection of essays written illustrated excitingly and Morgan. An introduction to , over the past decade on realistically. 7-up a popular sport. 5-up various aspects of the GREEN-UP, by Marty ]L: I . relationships among Kelly. Gallant Nokee, a A FATHER LIKE THAT, science, technology and crippled runt buffalo is the by Charlotte Zolotow. A society, heroine of this story and an boy's dream of the ideal ONE CROW, TWO CROW, essential part of the natural father. PreS-2 ! by Virginia Chase. A novel history of America. 4-7 F R A C T I O N S A R E 5 set on Maines's lonely THE HOUSE AT PARTS OFTHINGS, by J. "barrens," this is a story, WORLD'S END by Monica Richard Dennis. Another :'PN---'" PI / -' stark, gentle and free of Dickens. Country living and attractive picture book in , sentimentality, a child's world of dreams the Young Math Series. 1-4 THE SHADOW GUEST, and realities combine in an FRIEDRICH, by Hans yE-r l'; GO I.A INo00, J ( :io//(! L'[; HIDE,  suspense thriller which INDIANS, by Claude young boy in Germany 95 i LITI'L//7"1 Y KE He OM/N6.[ by Hillary Waugh. A classic appealing story. 7-9 Peter Richter. The story of a H --, . ON A Jl ) ANP WATCH HI / ___,/C_,GEf./N..VIVj?jj | ._<., i 1 .,EAC.FIONt.,/ focuses on an American Appell. An interesting during that horrifying time .1, ;j,( ,..TH(E T([I \\; (',. /'-''(  architect and his wife who volume about the Indians of that belongs ,o history. 5-7 smi , C-, ,;..    are living in London when America. 9-up el Dist. VAc-ATION Tr} L)b) G O B B L E, G R O W L, their world begins to fall [y.. [11 f%"-'' L'  GRUNT, by Peter Spier. A : /,,.-' /;qL'('xU_r. .(N, 'AIP'A(' o(--)I/C- o )Z_ apart. LAUGHING CAMERA charming presentation of all /) I ((. -- - ' "_ "_' "> WHAT COMPUTERS FOR CHILDREN, byHanns the many kinds of animals 5 ) CANNOT DO, by Ira Reich. A series of engaging and the sounds they make. Wilson and Marthann photographs that will PreS-2 nsmi.. /h' %///'L Wilson. Instraight forward fascinate young people. 3-up THE GRANDMA IN THE fashion, the authors define MISS BIANCA IN THE APPLE TREE, by Mira the limitations of the ANTARCTIC, by Margery Lobe. The author explores in H HE: J I, ' p , , /__ " computer and, in doing so, Sharp. Miss Bianca and explain why the fear of a Bernard brave the perils of a quietly uncomplicated ' " way a child's desire for the , , GO JUmP IN., 7"H [ computer takeover is un-the icy Antarctic in the companionship of an older ' () ON A y justified, latest tale i the annals of person. 4-6  WINGARDEN, by Elsie the Mouse Prisoners Aid IF ALL THE SEAS // [[LE J TH Lee. For Cloe Wingate, the Society. WERE ONE SEA, by Janina "' : TH:'' [VACATION last descendant of the TAKINGALL. [:)OWN.. [7-[NGIN THE {ITO Lk)cGIN9 FLY() [__)1 original owner of this pre- NICHOLAS, by Marlie nurseryDmanska'rhymeAis boldlyfaVriteand NOW , -- o , Revolutionary house, the Brande. Nicholas was lonely exotically illustrated. PreS- : -  legend ofWingate becamea for a friend so he "made 3 k stark and terrifying magic" and he had a new ,/ nightmare of reality, friend! PreS-3 THE JEZEBEL WOLF, /(f by F. N. Monjo. Mr. Monjo re-creates the incredible   i WHENTHE LEI6H WA& PILED PULL OF TRAW OR HA"/;ANO HOTBRICK' gTtQl AtR wolf hunt that took Israel HOT .OAP&TONEJ AND Ar OF HOT &AND WERE PI.A.ED DOWN THE ENTER Putnam and his neighbors FOR VOUR X)N-TO-E-TINOLIN, TOE AND'I'HE AiR WA .PARKLIN6;ANO 1 WIND on a grueling 10 mile chase 1,  ,. m CUT LIKE HARP KNiVE AND TUN LIKE WHIP.5_AND"/OU DROVE FOR MILE; of endurance. 1-4 GUTTIN WIFTL.f ALONO ROAD ON WHITE NIOHT UNDER LAZIN TAR... Lgm byLOBOGiadysAND BREWSTER,Yessayan Cretan. It's hard for any 'YOUR NOE only pet to see a fuss made TRYIN TO FIND AN over another animal, and UNFROZEN POT ON,OUR Lobo looks with con- MUFFL.ER?HEHoHEHoHM 1)2G siderable disfavor on the J RECKON IT $ NIOH cat Brewster. The story is ONTO THtR'T'q simply told and humorous. ZERO "1"ONIHT / PreS , THE LORAX, by Dr. Seuss. Dr. Seuss has written another appealing volume, this time focusing on the problem of the polluted environment. PreS-2 MAMMALS OF THE SEA, by Alvin & Virginia Silverstein. This unusual WHAT book brings together in one THE GAl.6 volume the fascinating story WERE of those mammals , who WEARIN6 spend all or most of their WHEN 11.1E lives in the sea. 4-6 ROARIN THE MAN FROM THE TWENTIES SEA, by J. S. Andrews. An R were ROARING intriguing historical novel involving early Ireland and the men who made their fi ,w;# L . living from the perilous sea. ' "" "/''SCl.Z 1172 bY United FUture 7-9 DROVE UNDER A COLD MOON UNTIL OU WERE LAD TO REACH THE FARMHOUSE WHERE FOR HOUR FIRE HAD MR. GUMPY'S OUTING, / by John Burningham. Mr. BURNINO AND 6TOVE LOWED REDHOT WHEN ',/OU ENTERED;ANOA HEAVENLY SMELL HUNO IN THE AIR--COMPOONDEDOF -,4[ s " Gumpy plans a simple boat FRIED CHICKEN;FRE6HL/BAKED If..UIT& AND PX KIND Of: PICKLE,OR IT MIGHT HAVE BEEN $PARERI BAKED trip down the river and AG'Y DRESSINg,OR MEAT PIE-ONE FOR EA;H PERSON-OR KED BEAN CRUTED OVER WITH MOLAE. ,,-. AND O.TON BREAD STEAMIN IN IT6 BIO,ROUND PAN,OR. ,OMWELL. WE DONI " EEM A TO TODAY I takes a number of unusual friends PreS-1