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January 27, 1972     The Ohio County Times News
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January 27, 1972

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"' "' TIMES vwcemc, mcmf HARTFORD, KENTUCKY, JANUARY 27, 1972 8 Editorial "I AM A MINISKIRT" "l A'm A Miniskirt" "I Am A Miniskirt" I want to make it clear that I am a Christian miniskirt. That is, I go to church every Sunday. What's more, I attend an evangelical church. Of course, I am not the only Christian miniskirt in town. There are many others who go to my church. Through we represent a variety of colors and patterns, there is one thing we all have in common. We all have a way of revealing attractive thighs, especially when the legs are crossed. They tell me that's the most com- fortable way to sit. Unless I am misreading the situation, we seem to make our wearers a bit self-conscious. At least the girl who wears me is always tugging at my hem. Though I am not an expert on human nature, this appears to indicate some kind of a complex. I have also noted that we miniskirts have the ability to attract a good deal of masculine attention, even in church. At first I took pride in the fact that men were fascinated by my pattern and color design. However, just this morning, I heard the preacher say that this was not really what the young men (some not so young) were looking at. Though I was all ears when he started to preach, "The Appeal of a Miniskirt," I was embarrassed before he was through. tie claimed that the miniskirt does not appeal to the aesthetic. According to him, there are dozens of other dresses more beautiful than I am. His blanket statement that miniskirts do not make an aesthetic, academic, economic, moral or spiritual con- tribution to their wearers left me with a feeling that Iwasn't such a great Christian after all. lie said the only appealing thing about me was my appeal to the flesh. Then he spoke for ten minutes on the carnality of human nature. He VIEWPOINT publicly accused me of contributing to the lust of the flesh. I felt a hard tug on my hem when he said that! You.could have heard a pin drop when he quoted the following statement from Kerry Elliot: "To flaunt sexuality in public is a betrayal of your femininity, not an endorsement. It is like playing the tuba on the subway to prove that you're a musician. "It isn't honest to expose a man to the aroma of steak and apple pie...and then accuse him of being a glutton because he licks his lips." I think everyone got the point. I really blushed when he began asking questions about what we miniskirts did when out in the work-a- day world. He wondered what we thought our testimony amounted to in the presence of men who couldn't care less about feminine purity. He said it doesn't take much to trigger a man's thoughts. That's why Jesus said, "He. that looketh on a woman to lust after her hath already committed adultery with her in his heart." The preacher claimecl there is nothing about a miniskirt that would suggest to the man on the street that the wearer's body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. He said that the Spirit- indwelt body should be adorned in modest apparel (1 Tim. 2:9, 19). Furthermore, he had secured some statistics from somewhere that proves there is a vital relationship between miniskirts and the increase of crimes against women in America. I began to feel as though I was abetting the crime wave. l suppose it is the truth that hurts. That's why Ihurriedout of church this morning. I saw several other miniskirts slinking out, too. I guess what we really need is to be converted into something modest. -- Youth's Living Ideals JESSE HELMS One In Four Punished We were reading the other night a detailed study of the crime situation in Washington. D.C., and it is clear that the dismal condition of the court system in the Nation's Capital is a prime contributor to the alarming increase in criminal activity there. During the first eight months of this year. more than 1,400 criminals, awaiting trial, committed additional felonies while enjoying freedom given them by the courts. It has become common practice in the Washington court system not even to require bonds to be posted by persons charged with serious crimes. At least eight men. already facing trial for armed robbery or burglary, were rearrested on murder charges. In each case. the men are charged with killing victims whom they were attempting to rob The study also discloses that the courts are ignoring absolutely a flood of parole and probation violations. In other words, it is the hey-day of the criminal in Washington. D.C. The homicide rate in Washington is now twice that of New York City, which of course has the reputation of being the most violent city in the country. But when it comes to killings and violence. New York can't hold a bloody candle to our Nation's Capital. A city official in Washington conceded last week that "Murder is an epidemic here." -. The statistics show that a murderer in Washington has a 70 percent chance of getting away with his crime. During the past eight years, 1.361 people have been murdered. A total of 1,230 people were arrested and charged in these murders, but only 444 of them were convicted. Murders last year totaled four times the number ten years ago. Rapes have quadrupled, and other violent crimes increased 14 times their number ten years ago. The way the courts are now being operated in Washington, only one out of four criminals is ever punished. The other three are released to commit other crimes--many defendants have awaited trial for as lortg as three years. And by that time, witnesses have disappeared and evidence has evaporated. The Washington Police Force has been increased from 3,000 officers to a new total of 5,000. Still the crime continues. Last month, two young women were raped in the restrooms of their office building just one block from the White House. In October, an economist employed by the Com- mission on Population Growth was murdered 20 feet from his desk in the New Executive Office Building. Six young Washington girls have been murdered this year, and their bodies dumped on a side street. The situation is so grave; in fact, that the District of Columbia Health Department now says that a Washington resident between the ages of 15 and 44 faces a greater probability of being murdered than of dying from any other cause. Perhaps this tells us something about "justice." "Justice" for the criminal has become an injustice to law-abiding society. So much em- phasis has been placed on the "rights" of the murderer, the rapist and the thief that the victims of such criminals have lost their right to live in safety--indeed to live at all. It may be time--it may be long past time--to ask if the scales of justice in Washington, D.C., and throughout America, have not been allowed to become tragically out of balance. We are well on our way to the country's being taken over by the criminal element. Watch It, Little Red Riding Hood! PAUL HARVEY NEWS IS YOUR CONGRESSMAN AWOL? by Paul Harvey A lady is about to place-kick a hornet's nest in Congress. Sen. Margaret Chase Smith reports too many members of Congress AWOL too much. We wouldn't let a soldier leave his battle station without a peck of trouble. Industry would not tolerate for one month the degree of absenteeism you see on the Hill year after year. While your senator and congressman are home for campaigning you might ask them if they want a full-time job. When a senator goes after senators it violates an unwritten "gentlemen's agreement" but this senator is not gentleman. She's Margaret Chase Smith. And her personal voting record is sufficiently exemplary so that she can dare challenge theirs. And she is asking for a constitutional amendment to remove from office any member of Congress who fails to vote at least 60 percent of the time. You read a digest and tally of roll call votes in the United States Congress and you'll see on almost every issue--most of which decide the law under which you and I will live--there are enough absentees to have shifted the decision from yea to nay or from nay to yea. Sen. Smith says the absences right now are caused by fellows running around running for President or junketing overseas or moonlighting at other jobs or just goofing off. "She calls it a disgrace. She says the Senate is being used--or abused--as a springboard for selfish interests, "whether such interests be commercializing their position and title with the acquisition of high-price lecture fees or running for other office." She sees too many empty desks in the Senate because too many members "are bent on squeezing out every bit of . Senate-paid world travel and entertainment they can." Mrs. Smith says her 23 years in the Senate have revealed that august body of lawmakers to be, in fact, "prima donnas, intensely self-oriented." Now-- If you want to zero in on a particular senator or congressman, the quickest way to total his absences from the floor is to ask the party of his opponent. The outs keep up on the ins, and if your elected lawmaker has been letting other people write our laws more than half the time, you deserve an explanation or he deserves a full-time vacation. I doubt Sen. Smith's proposal for a constitutional amendment will get any further than some committee pigeonhole. Over the years I've seen too many similar proposals stillborn. But I'm one who believes the republic has been upgraded and will continue to be--in spite of the drunks, the mercenaries and the goldbricks--mostly because some rightly indignant women are forever persistently prod- ding us to be better than we are. MARILYN MANION Prisoner In Peking Last week in this column you read the words of George Watt, an engineer from England who was imprisoned in Red China for three years. Many of the things he had to say about the terrible treatment given American prisoners may have made you shudder a bit. Here are more details of life in Mao-land: "In China, people are completely terrified at being the least con- spicuous, to make decisions, to accept responsibilities. I will give you an example. I would sometimes say to a Chinese engineer, 'Look, when will you start this section of the project?" He would give me an evasive answer like, 'on another occasion.' He is afraid to say 'a week, a month,' in- stead, he says 'a period of time.' They were terrified to appear conspicuous or to give definite answers. "I was in Lanchow, supervising the erection of a synthetic fiber plant. I had been in Lanchow about ten months and I received permission from the local security bureau to leave the area--this is necessary not only for foreign nationals but even the Chinese themselves. I received permission to leave and proceeded to Peking. "There had been a lull in the street fighting and I had obtained per- mission for my wife and two children to join me in China. This coincided with the annual school holidays and they were returning with me to Peking. Our arrival coincided exactly with the time when the Red Guards violated international law and at- tacked the British Mission. They burned the Mission. They seized British girls by the ankles and dragged them through the streets. They had done this to other foreign embassies. Someone had to go every week. Unfortunately, I arrived when the British Week occurred. "That evening the Red Guards placed me under arrest. They kept my wife and me in an old building and threatened us with violence. I didn't have any doubt but that they would\\; carry out their threat because I had seen them executing little children and old men and women. "Finally, after some Western diplomats intervened, the Chinese agreed to allow my wife and children to leave China. "After three weeks, I was returned to Lanchow. I was interrogated in the usual manner by the Communist police. You see the scars on my body. Eventually, after undergoing in- terrogation for six months, I signed false confessions that I was an Im- perialist spy. They usually extract confessions under duress. That is part and parcel of the Communist system: "I was taken to an open air trial. A More and more the "conservative" Chief Justice appointed by the "conservative" Richard Nixon sounds more and more like his name should be Earl Warren Burger in- stead of Warren Earl Burger. The Supreme Court potentate suggested recently that inmates be given voice in prison policies and an opportunity to "learn their way" to freedom. Someone long ago observed that Washington is the only insane asylum in the country which is run by the inmates. And now inmate Burger proposes inmate influence in prison policies. As for "learning their way to freedom," perhaps His Honor has failed to obkerve that there is little connection between education and honesty. Some of the greatest criminals are the best educated. You have to be educated to be able to commit many criines. We have become a nation in which a high percentage of the people worship at the fount of education. Education, they think, is the answer to all problems. But it's not. Take Senator J. "William Fulbright, if you can. No man ever dipped deeper into the fountain of knowledge and came up drier than the Arkansas Egghead. No criminal should ever learn his way to freedom--unless he learned the Bible and became a Born Again Christian. But perhaps it is now a federal crime to teach Christianity in our prisons. As far as I know, Burger has not denied that he said: "...The per- centage of illiteracy among inmates is staggering. Figures on literacy alone are enough to make one wish that every sentence imposed could include a provision that would grant release when the prisoner had learned to read and write, to do simple arithmetic and then develop some basic skill that is palatable in the market place of the outside world." It is hard to believe that any person who would make the above statement could be allowed to run free. On the Burger basis, Leopold and Loeb, Winnie Ruth Judd, Jessie James, John Dillinger, A1 Capone, Benedict Arnold, Alger Hiss, Billy Sol Estes, Bobby Baker, and thousands of other culprits--all highly educated--should never have been convicted. And Charles Manson and his fellow satanic demons should all be released to offer their talents in the market place. Manson could have a fabulous career in Hollywood. Or in politics. Where could one find more educated criminals than in politics? How To Averag Comfortable For a long time the polls have claimed that the majority of the American people have been for getting out of Vietnam now. The catch is that the pollsters with customary diabolical cunning invariably loaded the questions. The choice they gave was continuing our no-win efforts in Vietnam, stepping up our efforts, or getting out. The people were not given the only logical choice which could explain our ever going into Vietnam in the first place: to win. We could have won ten years ago, and any month since, with virtually no casualties, by bombing the Ho Chi Minh Trail and the Haiphong Harbor. Of course, we might have sunk a few British ships, and our Russian "friends" might have been upset. We haven't won in Vietnam because we didn't want to. We prefer to help the enemy. I, too, am for getting out com- pletely, if the only other alternative is the treason our leaders have been perpetrating against our country. Claiming that a majority is against the war in Vietnam, given the choices of stalemate versus .getting out, is like saying that if a man stands with his left foot on a hot stove and his right foot in a bucket of ice water, he is, on the average, comfortfible. Definitions Communism: Queuetopia The New Morality: The old im- morality Wiretapping: two kids kissing Spendthrift: One who like a drunken sailor or Congressman Effigy: Something are hung in Minority Bloc: A something else first and second Middle-of-the-roaders: Pontius Pilate who lack and morality to take a let the mob vote--the thing to do---on whether Christ. ) Money: A pill which one happy but can quiet Rocking chair: Symbol Frontier; motion without 30-years-old: Too grandfather and too Dishonesty: The bust Coexistence: Like the dog; the rope with the Dieting: When you get not being fed up Welfare Rolls: Your Anatomy: What it looks better on a girl Economist: One who tomorrow why what he yesterday didn't happen Racist: An epithet describe almost all honest about their cynic John F. euphemistically called " Who Should Once upon a time, I people who receive ment checks should not be l vote. Many readers Rightly. I failed to sa meant government recipients of "welfare," groups are inclinedto from the "haves," into pockets. Both, in "non-producers," ment, like charity, not create. I did not mean Social Security recipients, of them paid in more ever get back. Nor did I, mean veterans injured in there are doubtless which should be exce this is the wrong is, however, that more demagogic politicians votes of the ' welfarers, and ployees" by stealing "haves," the producers. more our "democracy" is mob rule. No tyranny tyrannical than the mob. Kill it Quick Before it Multi Senator Howard mediocre moderate from nessee, wants the preserve for posterity stories labeled "news" networks. Junior Baker fact that although the Congress keeps on file daily edition of newspapers in the United such record is being kept television tlews. This, he "is an anachronism of conceivable pro appalled that file their own news May I suggest, networks probably destroyed? What generations think when Castro and Mao "the George Washin countries? What historians say when that our government broadcasting networks acknowledge enemy and Russia as the snake? Faker Baker's plan new programs "for poses" reminds me of definition of history: "A told to children." female judge pronounced a sentence of three years imprisonment. Then she ran up to me and spit in my face. This was followed by a severe beating. I lost consciousness. Then I was taken to the so-called Ideological Remoulding Centre. It is a political prison for people who do not believe in Communism. That is where they have their minds conditioned. There are long sessions of compulsory reading of Communist theory. If you don't appear to respond, they will reduce the food, which is already very bad, and there are beatings." George Watt was eventually released from prison, and he returned to the West. The Committee of One Million invited him to appear before Senator Fulbright,s Foreign Relations Committee. happened when he got "Apparently, didn't want to hear ditions under which being held in Chinese thought perhaps that he speak to me officially; could have appoinP committee, but he didn't want to hear conditions under which are being held. I trust this will not be the policy. "But I cannot Americans. I hope Nixon goes to Peking just be a smiling visit, of those American