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January 27, 1966     The Ohio County Times News
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January 27, 1966

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T 4 ,.,o.,o. TIMES Your Picture Newspaper Hartford, Kentucky, January 27, 1966 LEtters To THE EDItor Editor: Ohio County Tims Hartford, Kentucky Dear Sir: I am a recipient of your paper weekly, and am always anxious to get it weekly. However, I am writing in regard to the cur- rent undertaking of a walkout of our teachers. I think it is pitiful when the professional people charged with forming the minds and the very in- tellect of our young peole have no more concern or regarti for their trust. It seems; nowaday that every- time the moon changes our teachers are wanting more of the cake. Not too long ago the state voted a 3c sales tax which was to pay a veterans bonus, but it seems the teachers got most of the cake at that tim, and something is contin- uously going on for more money in the name of education. I think it's a crime and a violation of the pro- fessional code for this "walkout" suppose our doctors, nurses and med- ical people walked out of the county hospital. I am sure money wise they would be justified, but what would be the end result? The teach- era of this county have a contract to honor and if they do not how can they expect their pupils to honor and obey the same. The teachers are not the only ones underpaid. If they are, and if they walk out I think the school board should re- voke their contracts and let them stay out. I hope this information gets to the right people. Sincerely, Kirby t3. Crowe He that hath right, fears; he that hath wrong, hopes. -John Ray. We are not satisfied to be right unless we can prove others to be quite wrong. -William Hazlitt. The Case Of The Creeping Killer Is your life - and perhaps the lives of your loved ones - endanger- ed by carbon monoxide from your car's exhaust system? It is possl- ble, because carbon monoxide, called the "creeping killer," is coIorless, tasteless, non-irritating and almost ordorless. It can kill within rain- utes, depending upon the concen- tration breathed into your lungs. Each year, more than 350 persons are victims of this deadly gas. This includes motorists who warm up their cars with the garage door closed, auto mechancis who repair cars In closed garages, and persons who sit in parked cars and leave the motor running. Statistics cannot prove how many one-vehicle accidents are cuased by the driver "falling asleep" because of carbon monoxide in the vehicle. The drivers usually don't live to give a reason. The symptons of carbon monoxide poisoning are: tightness across the forehead, headache, weariness, weak- ness, dizziness, nausea, loss of mus- cular control and increased pulse and respiration. If you're driving at night and the darkness seems blacker than usual, the glare of the lights brighter, carbon monoxide may well be the reason. The only cures are to have plenty of fresh air and to have your muf- fler and exhaust pipe checked fre- quently. Never drive in a completely shut car. Remember, carbon monoxide ts the "creeping killer." There is always a right and wrong way, and the wrong way always seems the more reasonable. -George Moore. Right is the opposite of wrong; and wrong consists in inflicting in- juries on other people. -Robert Briffault. straight 00"t;t SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT By Tom Anderson It was at a conservative rally spon- sored by the great nationally cir- culated conservative newspaper "Human Events." The year was i960, I believe. Senator Goldwater had finished his speech and the floor was opened for questions and answer s. "Senator Goldwater," asked a man down front, "What do you think about the Council on Foreign Relations?" "I never heard of it," replied the Senator from Arizona. A murmur went through the aud- ience. The questioner said, "Sen- ator, I guess you didn't understand my question. What do you think about the Council on Foreign Re- lations?" Goldwater flushed and stammered. "I don't know what you're talking about." Cries of Nol No! were heard as the well-informed audience reacted in utter disbelief. Several people. remarked to me later: "The guy's a liar or phonyI" "No," I replied, "he's an honest man. He just doesn't know roach. He hasn't done his homework. We 'super-patriots' expect our legisla- tors to know everything we know about the collectivist c o n s p i r a c y. Goldwater is a typical, conservative businessman. He's been in Washing- ton only a few years. He probably spends most of his working time attending committee meetings and lis- tening to Arizona visitors who are trying to get advantage at the fed- eral trough. Then he goes home at night and plays with his gadgets or turns on the boob tube. It is an established fact that he can read. But he doesn't." Senator Goldwater has recently been prevailed upon to declare---and in a so-called conservative magazine-- that Robert Welch is a nut. Perhaps Goldwater needs to be reminded that today's mighty oak is just yesterday's little nut which i i I t BANK BY MA'IL THAT'S HOW00 OUR BANK IS AS NEAR AS YOUR MAIL BOX .... WE ARE "A MODERN BANK" AND EQUIPPED TO HANDLE ALL OF YOUR BANKING BUSINESS BY MAIL OR TELEPHONE! PAID ON TIME CERTIFICATES ..'0/ JR I The Hartford Bank / THE BANK THAT DOES MORE THINGS FOR MORE PEOPLE MORE OFTEN -'--- In """ ""''0" "-" "'" ""'""" (ilm})t ..., ,.....o,., .,,.. i Im | n i DR.W..LARO t.A j.p. CAS,,mtrR I I I U vie= m,.m,o.,.'r '._v.' OR.WILl.ARID tAKE i i J.P. CADEIBilER CECIL P. TAYLOR VICle I)RglIOltNT ROLLY TICHENOR HAYWARD IPtNKS [ANI. R JOHNION i =;..,.. UA|TFO | |,l [NT illY .-. "'" FULLY GUhXhNTEED BANKING HOURS: |a.n. te |all! Phne||l-$|Bl stood its ground. During the so- called Presidential campaign you well remember that a poll of psychia- trists in a newspaper survey con- cluded that Goldwater needed pay- chiatrlc help. I've never known a psychiatrist who didn't need psy- chiatric help. But regardless, many people questioned putting a man in the room with the button who didn't have all his buttons. Actually, Gold- water is a man of greater emotional stability than is Lyndon Johnson. To change the subject, but only slightly, an old school friend of mine, now President of a large corpora- tion, thinks I've lost my buttons in this country. He has informed me confidentially that the Catholics are a greater menace to our country than the Communists. He asked in a conversation recent- ly: "Who is Gus Hail?" Gus Hall, as I am sure all of the readers of this newspaper know, is head American Comrat. The point of this story is, dear reader, that anyone who doesn't know who Gus Hall is would naturally think I have lost my marbles, or that to say the least, they need rearranging. And certainly anybody who never heard of the Council on Foreign Relations would be inclined to think Robert Welch is loco. One of the world's foremost au- thortties on the atheistic, crim-nal conspiracy called Communism, Rob- ert Welch is a near-genius who in- tered college at twelve, plays chess blindfolded with the masters, and had read Ridpath's seven volume "His- tory of the World" when he was sev- en. I doubt that Barry Goldwater and some other Welch critics have read that many books in their lives. .,,. i PARAGRAPHS Most girls have a skin they love to retouch. -Times, Thompson, Ga. It's too bad that the future gen- erations can't be here to help us spend their money. -Tribune, Chicago. Worst joke: "Are you doing any- thing for your cold?" "Well, I sneeze when ever it wants me to." -Leader, Hopkinton. Opportunity merely knocks; temp- tation kicks down the door. -The Hoist, San Diego, Calif. Sure, there are splinters on the ladder of success, but you'll never notice them unless you are sliding down. -New Era, Talbotton, Ga. It is error alone which needs the support of government. stand by itself. -Thorn as .Jefferson. Truth can A hair perhaps divides and true. -Edward Fitzgerald. the false SHAREHOLDERS HAVE ANNUAL MEETING (continued from page one) flexibility, Ronda Chlnn, of Hartford and Winston Hicks, of Beaver Dam were added to the six directors al- ready serving. They were elected for two-year terms each. Re-elected for three-year terms were J. P. Casebier, and D. G. Young, of Beaver Dam) and Charles R. Ellis, of Hartford. The terms of the other three directors--Percy H. Landrum and Forrest P. Bell, of Hartford, and Charles B. Vinson of Beaver Dam--expire later. The directors elected Percy H. Landrum president to succeed J.P. Casebier, who had served for the past two years. Landrum) who was president for two terms in 1958- 59, has sei:ved the association as a vice president for the last two years. Charles B. Vtnson was re-elected vice president and Charles R. Ellis was added as a vice president. Mrs. Lilltan May was advanced from teller to assistant secretary-treas- urer and bookkeeper. All other officers and employees were re- elected to their old positions, as follows: Forrest P. Bell, attorney; Owen Westerfield, secretary - treasurer, and bookkeeper, and Mrs. Eva M. Tomblinson, assistant secretary-tre- asurer and bookkeeper. TELEPHONE OFFICIAL (continued from page one) Alice is an ultra nigh trequency radio relay employing 8g stations with huge antennas, at Intervals of 200 miles. These 60 feet high, 100 ton "over-the-horizon" an:ennas resem- ble outdoor movie screens or huge saacers. In front of the antenna, a feed horn sprays a radio signal con- taining scores of separate telephone conversations and telegraph messag- es against the curved face of the antenna, which beam: it toward the horizon like a huge searchlight. Wtth the completion of "White Alice" the Alaskans became the heaviest users of the telephone in the world, and in 1969 color telephones and the dial system were installed in Eskimo villages within the A.rttc circle. Co-hostesses were Mesdames Clarence I. Schroader, Eddie Albln, and Jo 'Ann- Westerfieid. ACCESSORIES EXTRA There had been a motor wreck. One of the drivers climbed out in a fit of temper and strode up to a man standing on the sidewalk think- ing him to be the other driver. "Say, where the devil's your tail light?" he roared. The Innocent bystander looked up at him. "Wot do you think I am-- a bloomtn' lightning bug?" Just Imagine! When You 9HOP IN Ohio Countp You Do. More for Yourself Join your community at its favorite place to shop... Hometown stores. The best merchandise, the best buys, the friendliest service begin at homei When you shop at home, you find bargains and values that can't be topped anywhere.., they're just for you, the Hometown cus- tomer! Join in the convenience, community pride and profits that follow for. all. Shop Hometown merchantsl Wondering Where the Best Values Are? ...... , See far Yoursdf... See Hometown Merck00ts .._..o.,= TIMES 108 West Center Street Post Office Drawer 5 HARTFORD, KENTUCKY Published every Thursday Andy Anderson, trading The Ohio County Times Entered as Second Class matter at the Post Office in Hartford, Kentucky AN DY ANDERSON Editor and Publisher I.W. Green Associate Editor STAFF: Marie Maddox Mary Ruth Heavrin Ann Coffman Sherilyn Bailot Jackie Sheffield PHONE: 298-7100 SUBSCRIPTION RATES: Ohio.and adjoining counties $2.00 per year Commonwealth of $3.00 per year Elsewhere in the USA $4.00 per year Sales Tax included Associate Member: Kentucky Press Associatlo. Teachers To as t sirabl, } or hol could Comply With )r UPunde: e cost Walkout Members of the Ohio County lan cation Association voted over-w Liml :ed ingly Monday night to complyl[eet )er th, professional Protest Day sqe t eef: uled by ,he Kentucky Edu! thou l Association, President Earl RUistr announced. The vote was le 1 during a special meeting het, po the Ohio County High School. an Sh The O.C.E.A. Executive Comlailrv ni' met Tuesday afternoon to plan a! Vent gram for the professional pNbrs, S day. It was noted that the prO$lai entitled "Things you and The PNr Ba Should,, Know About Your S :o System will be held in the c0hg. house on February 3, at 9:03 i The program scheduled, wlll  -- gallon sist of eight different pnases, cording to Russell, and will ?s.$.14 follows; 1. Why.we are,here,, Russell, 2. Things w,. all know about our schools, W P a r k, 3. Why we are conce: 4. K.E.A. Legislative effort to T( Alva Bennett, 5. Our Tax Sy Harold Heflin, 6. Where is lncN ed local effort possible7 7. ments, by individuals, 8. Sumn i Shelby Forsythe.  DAI pur T Natural forces within us aro true healers of disease. , -Hlppocr,.";. ! ity cost tel ods m