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January 9, 1969     The Ohio County Times News
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January 9, 1969

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Waymon DeBruler of Ohio County to Irene Kocur of Hammond, Indiana, a certain tract or parcel of land situated on the head- waters of the west fork of Adams Fork Creek con- taining 34 acres more or less. Forest Rice and Varnie Rice, his wife, of Fords- ville tO Irene Kocur, a certain tract or parcel of land situated on the head- waters of the west fork of Adams Fork Creek con- taining 34 acres more or less. Irene Kocur and Steve Kocur, her husband, of Hammond, Indiana to Drex- el Phillips, Lincoln Midkiff and Hoover J, Haynes, Trustees of the Fordsville Lions Club, of Fordsville, a certain tract or parcel of land situated on the head waters of the west fork of Adams Fork Creek con- taining 34 acres more or less. Mary Wade of Hartford, first party, and Lenor Wade, second party, to Paige Iglehart and Mary W. Hopson, Jr. of Hartford, a certain real estate together with the improvements thereon and appurtenances thereunto lying and being in Hartford located on the north side of Highway No. 71 (now U. S. 231) in the Kirk Addition to the City of Hartford being lots no. 25, 26, 27 and 28. William L. Danks and Ima S. Dunks, his wife, of Bea- ver Dam, to Carmel D. Cook as trustee and not as an individual of Hartford, Lot. No. 1, a house and certain plot of ground in the town of Beaver Dam with all of the improve- ments thereon. Lot No. 2 a certain tract or parcel of land together with all mprovements thereon in the town of Beaver Dam. Carmel D. Cook, trustee and not as an individual to William L. Danks and Ima S. Danks, husband and wife, of Beaver Dam, Lot No. 1 a house and certain plot of ground in the town of Bea- ver Dam with all the im- provements thereon. Lot No. 2 a certain tract or parcel of land together with all improvements thereon in the town of Beaver Dam. Thomas D. Funk and Joyce Funk, husband and wife, of Hatfield, Indiana, first party, to Burton Fiel- don and Vera Fieldon, hus- band and wife, of Hartford, second party, Robert H. Coppage and Juanita Fae Coppage, husband and wife, of Hartford, third party, and John F. James and Marjorie L. James, hus- band and wife, of Hartford, a certain tract or parcel of land lying and being on U. S. Highway 231, con- taining 2.9 acres accord- ing to survey by Kell Car- son June, 1967. Guston Peele and Cyn- thia Peele, his wife, first party, and Wren C. Sharer and Mary R. Sharer, his wife, all of Owensboro, real estate located and lying between Fordsville and Dundee on the Old Hart- ford and Fordsville Road, containing approximately 127 acres more or less. Roy Hamilton and Vera- dean Hamilton, husband and wife, of Route 2, Hartford, to Robert J. Everly and Brenda Ann Everly, hus- band and wife, of Island, a tract of land in Ohio County containing fifty (50) acres more or less. Maymee Embry, widow of L. L. Embry, deceased, of Hartford, to Carrel C. King and Helen M. King, hus- band and wife, of Rosine, a lot being situated and lo- cated on the south side of State Highway 62. Leonard Taylor andNor- ma Taylor, his wife, of Beaver Dam, to Elvis Wes- terfield, and Larry C. Wes- terfield, of Hartford, Tract No. 1 containing 39 acres more or less. Tract No. 2 a certain tract or parcel of land adjoining Tract No. 1 containin 110 acres more or less. Tract No. 3 a tract or parcel of land on the waters of Lewis Creek and adjoining Tract No. 2 containing 23 acres more or less. NO FREEDOM: Q. My friend has no freedom at all just because she's a girl. Her parents work. After school she can't leave her yard. We both live in projects. Her mother won't let her sleep at my house she thinks my project is bad. Honest, there's never any trouble in my project or hers either. My friend is scared to speak up, so I decided to ask you what she can do to get more freedom. She is 12. Her sister is 15 and has the same problem. -- M. in Stratford, Connecticut. A. It is human for you to be sad and upset because your friend is permanently grounded. But it is also human fox" her parents to be concerned about her safety. Parents who have to work and be away a lot need to be very careful about the young ones who are left alone at home. Your friend may, as you believe, need more freedom than she has, and you are thoughtful to want to help her. But try to realize that this is a matter for her parents, not you, to deal with. You can help most by visiting your friend, by belnB cheerful around her, and by making friends with her parents as well as with her. Maybe when they know you better and see that you are a real friend, they'll let her visit you, or even spend the night with you. MIXED-UP SKIN: Q. The skin on my face is a combination of dry, oily, and very oily patches, My cheeks are dry. My forehead and chin are moder- ately oily. My nose and ears are very oily. I've tried every kind of soap from oatmeal to medicated. Still the same mixed-up skin. Is there an answer? -- R. W. in Tulsa. A. Some lotions are compounded to cope with several skin types on one face. I am sending you the name of one. Use it every time you wash your face. If it does not help, consult a dermatologist. He can give you diet and treatment advice, and may be able to solve your problem permanently. RETURN MATCH? Q. My ex-girl friend is moving back from Virginia. She wrote and said she wants to go back steady with me. I like her and want to. But I have another glrl friend now. I like her, too, but not as much as my old steady. How can [ tell my new girl it's over with us without hurting her?--M, in North Carolina, A. You can't. But you can tell her in a way to hurt her as little as possible. Let's not, however, get in too big a hurry. Don't do anything until your ex returns. Then quietly go visit her. You may find things are not the same aB they were. People do change, you know. If this halt happened you can go your way and she can go hers. You may, of course, find that you and she are as fond of each other as ever. If you do, tell your new girl friend the truth at once. This will hurt her far less than if she happened to find out by seeing you and the "original" out together. LIKE DIRT: Q. This boy liked me until I treated him like dirt. I'm sorry now. I like him a lot. If he would go back with me I'd treat him better. I'm thinking of having my girl friend tell him this. -- Sorry in California. A. A boy doesn't like to be treated like dirt. If you are truly sorry for what you did, tell the boy yourself. This is not a job for a messenger. If he forgives you, maybe you can be friends again. If he doesn't, remember next time. When a girl wants to move on, she should never treat a boy like dirt to get her message across. She should be honest with him and try to keep him as her friend. No one ever has too many friends. No one ever knows when he may want to resume an old friendship. (Mail your personal questions, SUlrlrestions, ommenM and answers to otlteN' questions to Jean Adams, P.O. BOX 140, Hou,ton, Tezu TTOOI. Be sure to 4mdeae a stamped, self.lddreesed envelope.) (Copyrirht, 1968, by United Feature Syndicate, Inc.) / ,j i .... IHI , . + " ll -x 19,a +' tm,,,a'e +"to+ '+-,, Q. When will I be gettidg my income tax forms? A. The tax forms will be available at local IRS offices as well as many post offices and banks soon after the first of the year. Most taxpayers will receive copies of the forms and instructions in the mail. If you receive a 1040 tax form in the mail, you may have a form that is printed in two colors. This is to draw attention to certain parts of the form that were troublesome to taxpayers last year. Color is not used on the 1040-A Forms or the 1040 Forms that may be picked up at IRS offices and other locations. Q. How did you get involved with the administration of Federal gun laws? A. IRS has administered Federal gun laws since 1934 when the National Firearms Act was enacted. The basl of this law, which imposed taxes on the transfer and making of firearm,q, was the taxing authority given the Federal government by the Constitution. As IRS is responsible for collecting other Federal taxes, it was given the responsibility of administering the gun law. Q. Business has been good the past few months and my income is considerably above what I declared on my estimate. Should I make a change on my next quarterly payment? A. Yes, you can file an amended estimated tax return when the next quarterly payment is due January 15, 1969. Make the change right on the notice you receive, You do not have to pay the fourth installment if you file your 1968 tax return by January 31, 1969, and Iay the balance due at that time. Q. I make several business trips a year for my com- pany and get reimbursed for what I spend. How do l handle this for tax. purposes? A. The general rule is that these reimbursements must be included in income. However, you donot have to report them on your tax return if you account for your expenBe8 to your company. If your reimbursements exceed your expenses, then th excess must be reported as income on your return. If your allowable expenses exceed your reimbursements, report the reimbursements as income but also deduct the expenses. Q. Are'year-end dividends on stock reported the year declared or the year received? A. Report them in the year they are constructively received. If you received a dividend or had it credited to your account in 1968 it must be reported on your 1968 return. Q. My wife is working part-time at a local department store this Christmas. If she files her own tax return will I still be able to claim her exemption on our return? A. No, you may not. When a husband or wife files a separate return the other must file separately too and neither is permitted to claim exemptions, expenses or deductions of the other. If your wife's income is small it would probably be to your advantage to file a joint return. Compute your tax both ways to see which is best for you,