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January 4, 1973     The Ohio County Times News
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January 4, 1973

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in the community from a wide variety I Polyester Double Kllit I Material a i Wh00e I, e00,o 00595' V millions of persons watching in small biologists have come up with the she apparently gets in not last word, but the first one, I know a little lady who g first, the last and 99 per cent of denominations will be gathered together to watch a television special entitled "Faith in Action". This is the official launch telecast of co-operative continent-wide Christian evangelism thrust known as Key 73. The Ohio County Ministerial Association is working to implement home groups to a massive Bible distribution that aims at placing a portion of scripture in every home in North America. The Launch Television Special, "Faith in Action", is a news- magazine style documentary about startling revelation that women really are different from men. I never would have guessed itl According to a recent report, women are not only built differently, they also think talk, react, feel and see things differently. Boy, you can say that again. the middle. Women, the report sta| strongly influential in the money They can take credil over 80 per cent of consumer in this country. You know why? It's because a lot of them li' ume 8 - I $1 99 ayard  itlocally, nine relatively recent converts to It should be pointed out here that all charitable rule of "what's Y .......... Key 73 is a voluntary movement of active Christian involvement They of the hard facts and figures in this mine and what's mine is rr 'NL more than 150 Christian come from a wide variety of unavoidable plug for the women's ROSK ] 1"* Eoop;  denominations and evangelistic backgrounds and cuitural situations liberation movement were dug out bYcanada who have voted to starts with the I like this stry abut thei r " eeoc coococo eee eeoc groups in the United States and in the United States and Canada. a woman. This explains why the the good old days. cooperate report "supposed" fact A colonel issued the !,.. a campaign While these Christians from various that there "is no difference in the directive to executive offic _ A The Oome 6% SIZE A together in massive V of Gom   I during the year 1973. denominational affiliations see the "Tomorrow evening li re Following the joint theme, "Calling proximately 2000 hours, t Our Continent to Christ," the par- ticipating denominations have - planned a number of high-visibility E Much of the CO n o m y docurr ata , fi] waysi wh hth Continued From Page I is app ..d the COUl -.d' tht: I o.,, e, mg : WHY aj z...  most families, event of growing V C.,.p,h,.h l 1 APt t PAY IH.. V It has been on an upward curve, participating chuz i ,!;.ook, ill/ e: MORE? Pkg. more than compensating for the broadt:ast industr, I v. ,ion,, Reg. 49 rising cost of living due to tax hikes, munications first." I ******************************************************Reg" SI.69 e e bigger grocery and rent bills and i  9S  zooming medical costs. Nearly a milliOlcontinent are Men Nationally, according to the Bureau the I 30 .. D . of Labor Statistics the cost ofliving gathered togethe] ress Shirts I has gone up 33 percent since1965, but with specially weekly wages have climbed by 44 pigmentation and V rp_._. rlp.k : Two for ! percent, watch the special, ( ' """ " $5 98 i Figures forOhioCountyshowthat the success of the l personal income in the area, after thrust, and comn I .  deduction for taxes, went from Christian outreach ID bl ".......................... ISDOSa e I $24,678,000 to $39,210,000 in the five groups have alreac years, here in Ohio County. V -- J" : "t''lr V Compared to this increase, 59 The Key 73 mo I D" " I e y percent, the rise in the United States broades oI Rive la ers . was 48 percent and, in the East South history of North - P : Dress Shirts Central States, 50 percent. I "e i I g , With more money at their com- $1.67 Two for $3.00 mand, consumers are spending more Aeeeeeeeeeoeeeeeeeeeeeooeoeeeeeeeeeeeoeeeooeeee freely now than they have for some | Op " "gh t time. They are, by the same token, en till 9 P M Weeknl ts 00avi.g00e0000. * As a result, merchants are ringing t 1 o t up recrd sales" Tbe big pickup has -6 P M Sundays o in automobiles, furniture, ap- living out of their Christian lives in different ways, they are unified in Comet will be visible in the t their commitment that the universal event which occurs only once! mandate of the Christian faith is to years. Have the men fall express God's love to other persons, battalion area in fatigues al interest in the explain this rare pheno documentary film is the variety of them. In case of rain we v ways in which this universal mandate able to see anything, so ass is applied in their lives, men in the theatre and I wi Coupled with the telecast will be an film of this." interest to both Executive officer to the participating churches and to the commander: "By order of the Colonel, t broadcast industry as a mass corn- at 2000 hours Halley's C appear above the battalion a Nearly a million Christians across rains, fall the men out in expected to be then march them to the theat together in home groups-- the rare phenomenon will tal something which occurs onl prepared im- plementation and study guides--to years." Company command watch the special, discuss it, pray for lieutenant: the success of the Key 73 evangelism By order of the colonel, it commit to their own Christian outreach during 1973. Some at 200 hours tomorrow ev$ groups have already been organized phenomenal Halley's Col! appear in the theatre. In ca in the batalion area, the movement is the give another order, one whid broadest cooperative program in the every 76 years. American Sergeant to the squad: Christianity. Continent-wide par- "When it rains tomorro ticipation includes most Protestant denominations in the United States hours, the phenomenal 7[ and Canada plus many adjudicatories General Halley, accompani colonel, will drive his com of the Roman Catholic Church and many evangelistic associations such the battalion area thea as The Billy Graham Association, fatigues." Campus Crusade for Christ, and The So long, and be somebody...even if you Iv won't appreciate it. American Bible Society. Nearly 95 pliances, floor coverings and other percent of all Christians are related   O      O  durable goods, to Key 73 through their Reg Price - Sale Price Reg. Price - Sale Price .98 .74 10.98 8.25 1.19-- .89 I o.LADIES.+., ! 11.98 9.00 1.59 1.19 d,, glo,, 12.98  9.75 pant wits scarf sets ['rob' 1 1.79 1.34 blouses .eaters 13.98 10.50 1.98 00.4a GIRLS 004.98 001.25 dresses slacks 12.00 2.29 1.72  15.98 coats gowns 2.49- 1.87 Ulo.s. pajama, 16.98 12.75 2.79 2.10 BOYS ! 17.98 13.50 coats sweaters 2.98 2.24 pant+ caps 18.95 14.21 shirts 3.50 2.63 MEN [ 19.95 14.95 3.98 3.00  +o. coats coats i 21.95 16.45 pants hats shirts caps 4098 3.75 sweaters oo.s i 22.95 17.25 4.49 ..... ii 6.50 4.88 _,-,,,,,,=,--,-,, 24.95 18.75 i Cards j 7.98 6.00  Half Price  27.95 20.95 - - 9.98- 7.50 39.95- 29.80 36.95- 27.65 denominations. The Launch Television Special, "Faith in Action", has been preceded by a continent-wide Noon Prayer Call in which 100 million Christians across North America have been urged and organized to pray daily at noon that many will be led to Christ through the Key 73 evangelism movement. "Faith in Action" will be shown on Channel 13 on Saturday evening at 6:30. The program will be repeated on Satur- day, January 7, at 5:00 p.m. Taylor's Department Stores Ohio County's Department Stores Mid-Town Plaza Downtown Beaver Dam Open 9 am. to 8 pm. - Phone 274-3322 Open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m - Phone 274-3321 brainpower of men and women. That little statement could open a round of arguments that would make the Vietnam peace talks look like a friendly Bible school discussion. I'll bet you didn't know that the average woman's body is 35 per cent muscle and that the average muscle content in a man's body is 51 per cent. Fifty-four per cent of a woman's weight is strength and 87 per cent of his is strength. All of this brings us to the point about which sex can squeeze the hardest. The average man, the report claims, can squeeze 81 pounds while a average woman squeezes only 48 pounds. I knew a woman who could squeeze 168 pounds and she did it every time her old man came home splattered with spirits. A woman's heart, which is about two ounces smaller, beats 80 times a minute while a man's is beating 72. If both live average life spans, she'll tick off 300 million more heartbeats than he will. All of these years I've been won- dering why some women are such bad drivers and the simple answer has been handed to me in black and white. The bones in men's arms form a fairly straight line, but, the bones in a woman's arm are attached to the bones of the upper arms at an angle, making them sort of "knock- elbowed". This, for instance, makes it difficult for them to turn the steering wheel of a car rapidly. Also, I've atwaa omed wh m wife has such a fondness for eating, and here's the answer. Women are more likely than men to want a bite to eat with their coffee break time. This all comes about because a women, in relation to her size, has a larger stomach than does a man. That's all I'II say about this par- ticular part of t.he report. I will, however, nave something to say about the next part. Although a man's vocal cords are longer and thicker than a woman's, Ambulaa Continued From Page I [rs. Am ident  mident Ist Corn I titutior day ni rs. Am in the I husba mary, 1 im Hig I h the b. elev cutive ie took er dut resigna ' 28 of !ave Br istant rd of di Iigginbo mty, ca ition o ;ionai B he 40-) schoc ring t} ean Wa r two lain en Itucky ed B iversity !tucky. nmero listrati ligginb0 eight eld an, tnty. TI tied b iness 1 other : requirements are applical e also 1976. The communicationrthan o- - requirement is applieableram i, implemmtion of me regi0.ior-to munication network in tnL.. ]nbotP River region. The vario  F__ n lurman will make applicatio  - r, mnnng ( equipment for the pa ti..o emergency servme opera - . -J In aria Some of the rather  . i  USSea, requirements are still be r4_ . r rmaJor and will, I am sure, be settl ir- own of a workable system that ,... . ! , - ni' l rus, the patient in neea ot m ,,is. - Main added that both+,ro amc -,, wn, River Area Development IY s,m,,n] the Health Planning st--- ' vitally interested in the deVq e a-  C "(] ; within the area of emergen :_ th cO ,c an services, and that e ineo., developed an interim p Ihe K'e] services in the Green Rive 'e worl the request of the State DeP ance C, Health. ked and One director, who as io, , .... ..,, they will not alter the direc/m fl  to,end service. ,,++ "" By ending our service are giving the county or terested in provding  ' service eight months to  e Ready to serve the farm, home ex( callec and industry of Ohio County with the finest in fuels and lubricants Adrian Peak, manager MARATHON FUELS, IN 298-7283 ti co ( a : office this Oting