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January 4, 1973     The Ohio County Times News
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January 4, 1973

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THE 0HId COUNTY TIMES, HARTFORD, KENTUCKY, JANUARY 4, 1973 9 Tom Anderson&apos;s Straight Talk eeeeeeoeeeeeeeeeeeoeeeeeeeeeeoeeeoobeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeea The communists may destroy Christianity. But some day Christianity will destroy Com- munism. The victory will be ours. Jesus said the gates of Hell cannot prevail against His church. And "His church," He said, is simply "where two or more are gathered together in My name..." The Communists know that their main enemy is not the Pentagon, but Christianity. Since a violent revolution wiping out Christians can't be accomplished yet, their best ap- proach is to water down ChriStianity until the next generation of lukewarm "Christians" figures it is not worth dying for. If it's not worth living for, how could it be worth dying for? If Jesus was just a "good guy," not virgin-born, not divine; if He did not die for you and rise from the dead to go and prepare a place for you--why should you die for Him? What's the best way for the Com- munists to soften up Christians? By infiltrating the theological seminaries, the universities, and the church hierarchy--which they've done. The brainwashing has already progressed to the point that a high percentage of "Christian" pastors and priests don't believe in the divinity of Christ. The "gospel" they preach is watered-down Christiniity, do-goodism, equality, "peace," social gospel; make Heaven-on earth by accumulating lots of brownie points. It's foolish and unavailing for us to debate whether to save souls first or save the country first. We do both first! The more souls we lead to Christ, the more dedicated patriots we'll have. And the more citizens we educate to become dedicated patriots, the more souls we'll lead to Christ. Since this is an extremely complex subject, "let me make myself crystal clear," as our chief Pharisee is wont to say (when he means something else). I do not subscribe to the viewpoint that all it takes is to educate, and that an enlightened people will do right. I believe that an enlightened people, without God, will do wrong. "The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked" (Jet. 17:9). Neither do I believe that a born-again Christian should quit the fight and concentrate ..................................... ......`.............................................................g`::......................`....:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.<nlv on vraving and preaching Christ. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: -- -- -:  , ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ............. "''"'" ............  ............ :::::::: Born-again Chnshans should know ii!i ................. !!iiiiithat they are neither called on to :!..:.':: PAUL I'IAKVtT NI:W:} " ':':':': :::i:.":i ' ::::::::amass brownie points nor to pray iii.":" i!ii!i!iaway their sins. And certainly they iii!ii i!i!should do more than just sit and pray. :i:i:!:i THE GREENING OF AMERICA ii!i!!!As Beaumont said "Faith and works by Paul Harvey 1972 is behind us. You've read the tally sheet. It was a very good year. It is not necessary here to reread the economic barometers. You've read them--as have Mr. Dow and Mr. Jones. Yet many refuse to enjoy our bountiful harvest. When the stock market is setting records they invariably depress themselves and others with reminders of 1929. Psychologists explain this self-suppressant by saying it derives from a iiiiiii! are like the light and heat of a candle; iiii:i!they cannot be separated." Brownie i::ii!ii!points don't count in Heaven, and ::!ii!ii!born-again believers' sins are ':':':':: " ' n >.'_.:::::already forgiven. That s the reaso Christ died: to wash away our sins. So what should a born-again believer do? He should work, not to get saved, but because he is saved! A living, saving faith produces works. "By their fruits ye shall know them." And the fruit comes after the roots, after the pollentation, after the flowering. Incidentally, there is an off-season for nearly every flower, except the blooming idiot--the atheist. "I would not give much for your religion." said Charles Spurgeon, "unless it can be seen. Lamps do not talk, but they do shine." So "conservatives" are like the fellow in the little country church who was bitterly opposed to the pastor's suggestion that the church purchase a chandelier. "But why are you so against it?" the pastor asked him "Well, first," said the man, "Nobody can play it if we get it. An, third, what we really need is more light." Archimedes, the mathematical genius of ancient Syracuse, gave himself completely to his studies. When the Romans besieged his city, hewas so engrossed in his studies that he was oblivious to the deadly struggle going on all about him. When the Romans breached the wall and entered the city, he took no note of it. When fighting broke out in his own street, he paid no attention. Even when a soldier broke into his house and ran him through with a sword he , never looked up from a mathematical problem that held his interest. He was a charter member of "the silent majority." But he was certainly educated. Education without action is futile It is unrewarding to be the best educated person in the concentration camp. It is a mixed blessing to be the best Christian ever tortured. Religionists believe in do-gooding their way to Heaven--like the Pharisees. Christians know that you neither work your way to Heaven nor get there through the intercessions of a third party, but get there only through faith in Jesus Christ. "For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God; not of works, lest any man should boast" (Eph. 2:8-9). It is not enough to "educate." Some of the "best educated" people are totally lacking in character. You have to be educated to be able to commit many crimes. One-fourth of Hitler's concentration camp guards held doctorate degrees. "Education" without morality is dangerous. Will a highly educate person, lacking in character, stand and be counted for what's right; for God, family and country. No. He's probably either neutral or on the other side. So, if Christians are not willing to go to bat for freedom--who will? Many educated yellow bellies proclaim that there is no use because the ballgame is over. eases their consciences and them socially acceptable. wouldn't get in the ballgame in the first quarter. ignorant and innocent but guilty. They sell their by inch for temporary personal ! and profit. When freedom is silence is not golden; it's Which reminds me of a Mark Twain: The subject of and Hell was heatedly dinner party by all except lady bluntly asked him: you silent? I want your Twain gravely replied: must excuse me. I am silent of necessity. I have friends in places." The average person is irritated by hearing attacked or by seeing it Some people blame the the church on nationalism that being "obsessed" with munism causes Christians to the church. Not true. The church has declined mainly deserved to; and it because it was not doing its preaching Christ. (Watch for th( this next week.) U.S. Is Facing perversion of the Christian ethic which tends to convince us early that iili any enjoyment must be paid for. So if we are careful not to "enjoy" as much, we won't have to "pay" as ::: much. The extreme manifestation of that inhibition is manic depression, self- torment, an acute mental illness. As a professional observer of, the passing parade for 40 years, I recall no period in national or world history when our wants were less... Our economy is booming and, for the most part, the world's is. The erosion of our dollar is under control. Science has handed us the moon, has given each of us the prospect of ;[:[ more pain-free years of life itself. The environment which was being poisoned is being purified. Welfare abuses which threatened to bankrupt us are coming under control. As is even crime. It is not yet a warless world but we are nearer that objective than at any Energy Crisis ! This nation is needlessly facing an energy shortage. This fact is em- phasized by Dr. Wilson Laird, and natural gas from wells .... At the present time companies are awaiting director of exploration for the leasing bids for additional American Petroleum Institute. He acreage in the Gulf of Mexico.. time in our nation's lifetime. A (' (  6' notes that reserves of oil and natural Dr. Laird offered a . gas are "becoming critically low", recommendations that would Where every generat?.p.Qf young Reople is idealistic, today's is iii  "/) but that the U.S. is nevertheless not steer the country away from : ...... . . ". ............... running ot of oil and gas What is of, an energy shortage. He ( militantly idealistic. fi __wag,,rept'psent tlopinionated, iiiiiii :.",,:,: ......  " t6a ai Ji ,,,,,JJ- _e" ,e),J i,'l .,, is. ex ploratory drilling, expediting the movement, of. : restless, intolerant, imi/dct,"en-it-like-it-ig ybung people whom Christ iii!i!ii: ....  .   q  X y . r oil from Alaska, the creahon chose as HisvflrS't DiLe ' ...... : iiii!iiii .'-- "-  _, Dr. Laird states that, "We have, climate that will encourag' !i!!iii Yet for all our shining prospects in a nation less divided and more ii!iiiiii ,:  . -.  still in the ground, almost four times vestment and. exploration in d !ii!i!ii prosperous than ever before, many Americans are afraid to let them- !iiiii!i / ' ;, ,-A_ "00 k' the amount of oll and gas that we have and the building of a balance !..":'ii selves enjoy. :!iiii // z  i '). {' . . -, \\;4 t produced throughout our history. But proach to energy-res( iiiiii So ingrained is our instinct for pessimism that most anybody you ask iiii.".:ii v U v !  .- AbA  ))l we have been living off our available development that will  ii:':":'i for directions will tell you to "go down to the first red light and turn i!!i!i !  .,   -reserves for some time now, and they recognition to economic, !iii!iright. , .... iiiiiii , _ !Q / \\; / F "  are becoming critically low." He , vironmental and nationff iii!i!!i Orhe llsay, Goto!,h, e first stoplight and t,u. ,, iiiii!ii fi  "  , ., ( r " f. /',. =\\; : \\; further observed that only 2 percent goals. Achieving these things iiiiiiii That light says go as often as it says stop , that light is green as !iiiiiii ]1 II  " '  +\\; =__.,e'pt  .. of the Continental Shelf surrounding take a great deal oi common se iii!i!:: much as it s red--but we are pessimists, i!iiiiii 0 l    " 'l" " J ' j  ..  the US. has been touched by ex- is time the American people and iii!ii That is the sum of this accounting of o,ur progress and our prospects, ii!iii  ,,.. . , _ '_ . _ ,, ploratory drilling--yet, "We representatives in Co g] zop, xou re Breaking My Heart! currentl et I rcentof ::!i!i!ii The world s hurts are healing. Our nation s horizon is the brightest ever. i!':'.'!!i y g 7 pe our total oil elsewhere show some of it. iil: Go straight ahead to the green light and keep going! i! iii:.: Have the Happiest New Year ever! ii!!i! :'' .... " .................................... Industry Ha Only 12 Mo Years :,: :,,: .v.......v...........v.v_.......v.v...........'.v. ................................................... :.:..'..4::.:,.' ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Physicians' Fees Show Only Slight Hike U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics figures indicate that during the first full year of the Economic Stabilization Program, physicians' fees rose only 2.29 percent--a sharp reduction from the previous 12-month period. No doubt these figures will be received as good news by the general public. In the short view, they are Misinformed Too many of the nation's youth envision the businessman as an in- dividual who spends his time grub- bing around for more and more of those delicious profits, oblivious to the needs of mankind. Although this picture is tragically out-of-date, one out of five high school seniors "think our free enterprise system is so bad it needs to be completely overhauled," according to a White House Con- ference survey cited by Mr. Louis W. Menk, chairman of Burlington Northern Inc. He said, "Obviously our young people are seriously un- derinformed. I think the American free enterprise system, as effective as it has been, should expand its public information efforts immediately and begin a nationwide program designed to open communications with the great mass of American high school youth." Profits have never been the only goal of the dedicated entrepreneur. But the trick is to instill un- derstanding among those of the younger generation of how private enterprise satisfies the most fun- damental desires of man. good news, but in the long view a number of factors with regard to price and wage controls having to do with medical care as well as everything else we eat, wear or use must be kept in mind. The longer controls are imposed, the greater the economic malad- justments that ensue. In the case of most goods and services, these maladjustments eventually lead to black markets and shortages. When prices are no longer permitted to reflect true costs, a manufacturer, for instance, eventually has the choice of cheapening his product or discon- tinuing production. Doctors, of course, cannot cheapen their product nor discontinue production, and yet they are compelled to live within the hard economic rules of the profit and loss statement the same as everyone else. Thus, price and Wage control can confront the doctor--as well as his patient--with an impossible dilemma, and there is really no way of measuring the tragedy of this dilemma. It can mean the slowing of medical progress through the sheer inability of the medical man to take advantage of the latest in new equipment. Long-imposed controls may not mean lower medical stan- dards, but they most assuredly can help to slow the march toward higher standards. The apparent success of the stabilization program in holding down physicians' fees is not an unmixed blessing. Thoughtful citizens, lay and professional alike, aust remain aware that inflation exacts its toll in many insidious ways that controls can never reach. Twelve years is but a moment in the affaii's of a nation--and in the plan- ning and development of major in- dustrial undertakings. Yet, a West Coast natural gas company executive has stated that the gas industry has only twelve years of proven gas reserves remaining, based on the present rate of consumption. This should cause even the most sanguine to consider seriously the recom- mendations made by gas industry leders to correct what, at best, must be called a precarious energy sitution. Calling the areas off the Louisiana and Texas coast the most economical and accessible source for new natural gas supplies, a top spokesman for the gas industry has stressed the im- portance of. expediting leases on 620,000 acres of federally-controlled offshore lands in the Gulf of Mexico. He added that, "none of the possible sources for new gas will contribute to the solution of our...serious supply problem with the speed, reliability, or economy of the prompt development of our potential domestic supplies" The potential gas supplies in the off- shore areas of the-lower 48 states amount to 238 trillion cubic feet, more 'than 10 times the amount of gas consumed in the country in 1971 and nearly equal to the proved reserves of 247 trillion cubic feet in the lower 48 states. And as the spokesman points out, "Two this potential is in the offshore  of Louisiana and Texas." National interest is obstacles holding up a panded search for new oil and reserves. The choice is no academic--it is immediate urgent--as urgent as welfare of your children a twelve years from now. Marilyn Manion Price : Cleaning up the If crime ranks Number One as domestic problems go, drug addiction must be Super-one. Amongst the various "causes" of criminal behaviour (poverty, society, et al), drug addiction is one of the most believable. The addict is in need of an expensive fix will stop at nothing to obtain the wherewithal for relief. Of course, there is a school of thought which holds that legalization--indeed, outright free distribution---of hard drugs would stop that sort of crime. No longer in need of money to support his habit, the addict wouldn't have to rob, maul or murder. The thought of a drug- addicted populace, however, is mind- boggling. There must be a better way--such as stopping the flow of drugs into the country. Which brings us to such questions as, where do they come from and why? Mr. A.HS. Candlin, a defense and strategic studies analyst who is currently writing a book in the in- ternational traffic in drugs-- appeared on a Manion Forum radio broadcast recently, and had this to sa "4 firmly believe that the Chinese Communists are using drugs as a weapon of war against their enemies. They have always been concerned with narcotics and started planting opium a soon as they got up to Yenan after the Long March. , "Their object at the time was to raise ,money and to gain influence among their opponents who were, of course, in some cases Nationlists. They were using drugs, in a way, as an artilleryman uses a barrage to soften up the target areas that he's going to attack. Traffic in these drugs is a means of gathering influence over leaders and countries that you're opposing. "Chou En-lai was talking to Nasser, the Egyptian head of state, some years ago, in 1956, I believe, and he said to him that he intended to use opium as a weapon of warfare against the Americans in Vietnam. He didn't specifically say that Chinese opium was going to be used. He said that they would be growing opium especially for that purpose, and that the Americans were likel, to be to taking it. "China has always lroduced opium. As for the present, I think money was their original motive when they started their expansionist policies in the opium field after World War II when they came into power. But, after the time when they were not quite so pressed for hard cash to pay the rations for their equipment, they turned their thoughts to the political and military aspects of the opium traffic. "At the present time there is a policy of reconciliation with the Red Chinese, which is a pretty delicate operation, and anybody who is sponsoring a move of that sort would .try to keep out of the way of highly controversial subjects. A case in point is that of Tibet. Not very long ago the United States Information Agency produced a film on Tibet which had the flight of the Dalai O Lama and so forth. We know perfectly well that this film is being suppressed. The same sort of suppressing reaction seems to be taking place in connection with S. money and sacrifices on part. One of the hardest hit dustry, for the price high. Some plants have been close, others have been relocate their operations. brought tragic consequences in of lost jobs and tax revenues to communities. In some cases action could prevent economic upset. To cite history--a manufacturer afford to build a private treatment plant, and local refused to authorize a bond pay for a municipal system that he could have plant up to. Thus the town in ( lost an $800,000-a-year Crying for a clean refusing to put up money to, such a goal possible makes no', Clean up will cost $287 billio 1970's, according to the Environmental Quality, or nually for every man, child in the U.S. already putting their their responsibilities lie. citizens are going to have to: same